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Raven Ref sheet  by TestToBePossessed14 Raven Ref sheet  by TestToBePossessed14
About damn time I did this.

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Name: Raven
Age: 23
Species: winged wolf thing
Gender: male

Personality- shy, skittish, anxious. Only seems brave when Ivy is around. He's very nice to those in need, but is too scared to defend himself. Relies on Ivy heavily for support. Where he is, Ivy normally isn't far away. Can sometimes have sudden bursts of protective bravery.

Back story- his mother never wanted him to happen. She loved her 'boyfriend' very much, but never wanted children. When Raven was born, he was never given a name and was only fed enough to keep him alive. When he was just 2 weeks old, his mother handed him over to an illegal lab that someone had told her about, and left him under the condition that Raven would not be killed. They treated him very poorly, locking him in small rooms or cages without even so much as a blanket. They tested all kinds of things on him, but never in lethal doses. He would try to fight the doctors and as a response, they latched his mouth shut with a strip of metal and cut off his claws. He had to be fed through tubed. He would have died if Ivy hadn't found out about the lab. She was hired to destroy the lab and in the process of doing so, she discovered Raven, barely alive, in a small cage. She got him free and took him to her house to be recovered. Her friends came around to help him recover. He eventually regained his health and fell in love with Ivy for what she did for him.

Likes: reading, listening to music, being around his friends, being with Ivy ❤, helping those in need, and making others happy.

Dislikes: being alone, violence, loud noises, strangers, seeing others suffer, and needles.
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This dude is probably one of my most developed characters. His design is basic, but still good in my opinion. Well hope you like him.

YOU MAY NOT USE THIS CHARACTER OR ART WITH OUT MY PERMISSION!!! Though fan art is always good as long as you credit me and ask before drawing.

I DO NOT allow sharing or reposting of any of my art in any way. If you are caught doing this you will be blocked, reported and, burned.
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December 29, 2017
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