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Little Did We Know (read description) by TestToBePossessed14 Little Did We Know (read description) by TestToBePossessed14
I walked slowly down the cobblestone path, entertaining myself by following a trail of bloody paw prints, most likely made by an injured wolf. The blood is dry and flaky so the wolf shouldn't be anywhere near, but I can definitely smell something wolf like in the air. The smell is fresh with a hint of blood. Maybe the wolf collapsed or perhaps he could be following me. Sniffing the air, I find that the smell is coming from the woods to the left of the trail.

When I turn off the path and into the tangle of brambles, bushes and trees, I hear a loud rustling sound like something trying to run away. I fallow the sound fearfully and see a large, dark shadow darling through the trees. Running to where the sound came from, I find a clearing, stained red and black with blood.

...But not any normal blood. A good majority of the blood is thick and black like ink. Clearly, the creature isn't your normal anthro.

Reluctantly, I start chasing after the shadow through the trees, rushing to close the distance it put between us. What the thing is, it needs help. It's badly injured and is scared. I hate to see anything injured or hurt. Luckily for me, I have medical supplies in my bag.

Just about one hundred yards in front of me, I see the thing stumble and fall to the ground hard. I slow my pace and carefully approach the injured creature lying on the ground, struggling to get back up onto his feet. The fallen creature seems to see me and lets out a fearful whimper. "Please don't hurt me," says a low, male voice, raspy with fear. I step closer to get a better look at the creature, but he scrambles to his feet and darts into the shadows. Why is he hiding from me?

Suddenly, I see he isn't hiding from me, but from the warm sunlight spilling into the small clearing he had fallen in. Carefully, I make my way to the shady spot under a large maple tree and see someone huddled up against the trunk. He stares up at me with piercing blue eyes that are full of fear. "Please d-don't hurt me," he repeats quietly. As he speaks I see long, sharp fangs protruding from his mouth. That explains the black blood and why he was hiding from the sunlight...He's a vampire.

Upon closer inspection, I see the vampire has a peppering of burns where the sun had scorched his sensitive skin. He's also covered in deep scratches and bite marks that ooze black blood. I take a step forward, but the vampire reaches out a hand to prevent me from coming any closer. "Relax...I'm not going to hurt you. Infact... I want to help you." I sat, raising my hands to show that I mean no harm. The vampire relaxes enough to let me approach.

I chanel my magic into my hands so that my fingers glow a warm green. Carefully, I trail my fingers over the vampire's wounds and watch the flesh zip itself back together. At first the vampire is tense and fearful, but he soon relaxes and lets me finish my work.

"What's your name?" I ask as the vampire gets back up on his feet, using the tree trunk for support. Only now can I get a good look at him. He has grey fur of two shades and dark blue stripes on his back, arms and face. He has a muscular build with longish black hair...

"My name is... Travouse," he answers, breaking my train of thought. He looks up at me with those piercing blue eyes and then looks down at his freshly healed wounds, his eyebrows raising in surprise. "Th-thank you miss for all of your help, but I can't stay much longer...It's almost noon," Travouse says, squinting up at the sky. "Um...Do you happen to know of any places that I can wait out the day?" He asks, looking back at me.

"I know of a large drainage tunnel that you can hide in. It smells a little, but it's very lovely in there. I love to hang onto there on sunny days or when is the raining," I answer, doing my best to hide my disappointment. I love vampires and something about this one seems oddly attractive. Something about his muscular build or that slight British accent. "Come on, I'll take you. It's not that far away," I say, reaching out my hand.

We get to the tunnel and are greeted by a breathtaking sight. The walls of the tunnel drape with Moss and vines, made wet by the mist coming from the small, rushing stream that makes its way through the tunnel. The water of the stream is crystal clear and little blue and red fish swim in it.

Travouse steps into the clearing just as the sun shines through the clouds in a blinding beam of light. The sunlight hits Travouse's sensitive skin and makes it blister and burn like a strip of bacon on a frying pan. He lets out a loud hiss and dashed into the tunnel's dark insides, leaving me standing at the edge of the woods. "I'll be back to check on you. State safe!" I say as I turn and make my way to back to the trail.
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