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Hopeless hysteria by TestToBePossessed14 Hopeless hysteria by TestToBePossessed14
New character concept. This is Scar (or at least that's what everybody calls him. nobody really knows his real name.) 

He's very secretive. hardly anyone knows anything about his life story. All people know is that his tribal village was taken over by a large gang. They captured and imprisoned everyone, then planned to kill each and every last one of them. When Scar's family was being sent to the firing line, Scar managed to break free and fly away (yes, he used to have wings). The gang eventually killed everybody Scar had ever knew and they managed to capture him again. They shot his, stabbed, slashed him with swords and cut off his wings. He somehow survived and escaped to a nearby village that the gang couldn't take over. He stayed there to recover and come up with a plan for revenge. About a year later he broke into the gangs base and planted hundreds of bombs and explosives. The base was destroyed and the gang was nearly wiped out, but Scar knew what he did would never do anything to fix what had already happened. 

A few years later he had made a special army in a sense, that was meant to restore peace and harmony to the world. The group does rescue missions and runs almost purely off of donations from the public. They work to help those in need and control those who have too much power. They have their own army of highly skilled soldiers that are used to protect the innocent and destroy the corrupted. The group also has many fine art groups, like bands and dancing groups and artists, and some of the most skilled mechanics, technicians, and medics in the world.

    Scar's patterns are based off of those on a peregrine falcon. i was really trying to work on making more complex characters. I also experimented with my shading and lighting. Hope you like it. 

   YOU MAY NOT USE THIS CHARACTER OR ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! though fan art is always good as long
as you credit me ask before drawing.

i DO NOT allow sharing or reposting of any of my art in any way. If you are caught doing this, you will blocked, reported and burned. 
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December 23, 2017
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