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Diner's over- gift for Autlaw by TestToBePossessed14 Diner's over- gift for Autlaw by TestToBePossessed14

odd that the first piece of traditional art that i posted on my account would not only be a comic, but fanart as well. this is a drawing of Autlaw's character, Shinri, eating dinner with two of my characters until he couldn't take pyro's constant blabbering anymore, swept the table clean and then made the two brothers clean it up.
my two charecter are the red one (Pyro) and the brown one (Deathead).

about the drawing...i came up with the idea of Shinri sweeping stuff of tables and shelves with his tail, but then Autlaw helped out with the final idea (thank you for that)
i didn't feel like making up two characters right on the spot so i just decided to put Shinri with two of mine instead.
hope you like it Autlaw and sorry it took two years to finally show you how much i love your art and characters. ;u;
Autlaw Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Hahaha oh myy, this turned out PRICELESS <3 !!!

I read through it a couple of times, and every time I re-read everything it made me grin even more xD I simply love how much personality you made them all have here !! The conversation and all those expressions, it really brings the characters to life xD !

I think my favourite panel is the one where Shinri sweeps all the plates and food form the table XD but the second panel is a close second, my goodness I can’t get over how priceless his expression looks there xD !

Also, I seriously admire the fact you drew him in his most difficult form, in all those panels :, D I can imagine it must have been a bit of a hassle as his design is pretty detailed in this form XD But you captured his hair and body spot on ! And his personality, PERFECT XD


And well people, that’s how Shinri puts his long tail to use harharr XD

And that smug look on his face in the last panel where he says ‘you’re annoying’.. HAHA XD Poor Pyro and Deathhead gotta clean up after all ;u;.. Shinri.. he can be such an ass (,:

This little comic really made my day XD !! Don’t worry about messing up or anything, I think it looks awesome and it’s drawn traditionally! Even more awesome.. since I don’t see so many traditional pieces anymore these days ;u; !!!

Thanks so much for all your kind words and support on both youtube and here on deviantart as well !
Again, such a priceless comic <3.. I freaking love it !!!  cloudohjoyplz by Ziggy-Pasta

TestToBePossessed14 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Sees giant comment* oh my....I...I just know what to say....My hands are shaking a little.
Thanks for all the compliments. Its a real ego boost. Shinri actually wasn't that difficult to draw, believe it or not. I've been in love with the guy for almost two years now, so his look sort of came naturally to me.  I tried making fan-art of him so many times, but every time I tried, I just felt it wasn't good enough. And even now it still feels like I didn't put my best effort into it. This comic was more comedic than anything else. Gosh, I didn't even shade it!

But enough of that! XD I tried my best to make Shinri look as good as possible. Hell, if you look closely you can see that he's the only character with detailed paws. I even went as far as to mess up on my own little baby, Deathead, his fingers are supposed to be brown and I didn't do that. ;~;

My favorite panel defiantly has to be the second one as well, even though I messed up om the eye...oops. my favorite part of the comic all together has to be if you look at the table throughout the comic, you'll see that it gradually keeps getting shorter and shorter. And of course there's the disappearing chair. XD

I'm still really glad you like this though. I had some concern posting this, because I had showed this to one of my friends at school who loves to draw a lot, and she wasn't really sure what was going on in it. But you seem to know so that's great.

I'm still at a loss for words... Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  
Autlaw Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha so sorry for my enormous comments xD I have a tough time restraining myself when it comes to gifts ;u;
Not sure if I mentioned it before but I really admire it if people take time out of their lives to do something for me ;u; Especially if it's something dedicated to my characters. It means a ton to get such support <3

And especially if they're drawn very in-character, to me it's good feedback telling me I am able to show my characters as they are, and people interpret them the way I intend them to be. If that makes sense haha XD

YES I NOTICED ♥ About what you mentioned about the detail, you captured him so well ;u;.. like I said it's admirable since he can be very complicated to draw in this form xD
Nah don't worry about the eye though, I'm not one to scrutinize xD I"m happy easily and since I draw my characters different almost every time I do draw them... it would make me a hypocrite xD

Haha of course I know what's going on ! We talked about it in the comments a while ago, and I think even if I wouldn't have known I would still recognize the situation xD It's so Shinri.. so him.. HAHA.

Same to you though! Even though the holidays are over, I hope you enjoyed them ;u; !
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