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All of my OC's as chibis  by TestToBePossessed14 All of my OC's as chibis  by TestToBePossessed14
These are all of the characters I've ever made in my life, not including sub-characters or the characters that I'm selling. The number is how to find them in the list below and how old they are, 1 being the first one I ever made and 12 being the most recent.

1. Hunter- the first character I've ever made. He's just a charismatic little teenage wolf who can control earth. This is actually the first time I've ever drawn him.

2. Derek- a cat/dog hybrid. He loves cats, foxes, and humans. He can control lightning and is only the size of your average house cat. Also he's Ivy's little pet-on-to-go.

3. Darkshade- grumpy fire elemental who has a master plan of cleansing the world of any and all dark creatures. He has no and many friends. And he really hates to hurt people who he likes. He'll stop eating and leaving his den for days or even weeks.

4. Nameless- a four-tailed thing who hates and loves everyone. He's and alcoholic ass. He's also both male and female at the same time. Oh and he's super gay. Aaaaaand he's convinced he's the last of his kind, but really there's an entire world full of his kind.

5. Motom- he's a potion maker hybrid and one of only six left in existence. He's nomadic and easily annoyed by any living thing that stays around him for too long.

6. Starlight- he's a light elemental who has very bad depression and sulks a lot. He has an evil brother who controls darkness and they have been fighting many wars ever since they were born.

7. Deathead- a son of a God who's mother and people never loved him. He soon became the new God of darkness when his dad killed himself in a fit of insanity.

8. Axavior(fuck I messed up on him!)- he's a northern bone-beast who wears the scull of a dragon thingy on his and back as armor. He's SUPOSSED to have exposed bones in his back and front legs. Breaking one of the exposed bones in his front legs is the only way to kill him. He comes in two halves a physical half and a spiritual half.

9. Kadumo- is a pure desert devil-tail which is extremely rare to find anywhere. He's called "the Saber-toothed king" by his people and will gladly fuck you if you'll let him (Don't...he needs to keep his species pure)

10. Ivy- I think you know enough about ivy.

11. Rayin- drug addict who's 150% convinced Wonderland is real (so am i).
He makes Nameless seem straight by comparison. He'll rape any man he likes and then he'll steal their hat when he's done.

12. Valentine (no not the one from the shadowhunters books)- he's just a very depressed little demon hybrid. He's that stereotypical emo guy that hates life. He's also gay but hates to admit it. He's like Alec from the shadowhunters books. (Oh the fucking irony)

Hope you like them. I love each and every one of them.

GrapeHatz Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
These little floofs are too cute
TestToBePossessed14 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww thanks. I'm glad you like them! ;u;
GrapeHatz Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I love them I would love to maybe do some fan art for you some time ;)
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