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Sarah had always fancied a boy in her class called Jack. He was popular with the girls but Sarah felt sure that if he got to know her he'd fall for her personality. Sarah was a big girl but she felt sexy with it. Sometimes Jack would look her way and it made her feel good, she liked to think he was imagining her naked. She often imagined Jack naked but for some reason it made her big belly rumble but she didn't know why. But she did know that she had to get Jack on his own so he could see what a great girl she was. One day she saw her chance, the teacher had asked Jack and Sarah to get some stationary from the cupboard. Sarah followed Jack down the corridor toward the cupboard but all the time her belly began to rumble more and more. Jack entered the cupboard and Sarah followed him in and without him knowing locked the door behind her and swallowed the key. She was going to say something but her belly let up the most enormous noise. Jack turned and looked at her "Are you hungry?" he asked. Sarah was embarrassed but realised that she was now very hungry.
"I'm starving Jack but I was hoping to get you along and see if you wanted to date me" Sarah said slightly embarrassed "but I reaaly need something to eat, my belly is demanding it" Jack went to open the door but couldn't "I'm sorry Jack, I ate the key so I could get you to myself" "Well what are you going to do now, there's nothing to eat in here and we're trapped" said Jack "unless you're going to eat me" he laughed off headedly.  It was like a light had just switched on in Sarah's head. She licked her lips and looked at Jack's slim body. She knew now what she had to do. Her belly rumbled even more as if it was cheering her on. Jack felt the vibrations and starred at the massive gut in front of him. He was taken by surprise when Sarah picked him up. "What are you doing" he asked as she bought his head up to her lips but instead of the kiss he was expecting her mouth parted and his head disappeared between her jaws.
"Oh god please no!! He screamed but it was no good, Sarah began to swallow him down. Plop! Into her massive belly he fell. "What did you do? Let me out!" he shouted "Don't be silly, I ate you you're part of me now" Sarah said as she rubbed her lovely full tummy with pride. "But you can't!" Jack began to cry "Now now, don't be selfish, a girl has to eat doesn't she? I'm going to have a little knap now whilst you digest in there, thank you you were very tasty" When Sarah awoke she leaned on the door which broke easily against her weight. She made a promise to herself to enjoy eating more people in future.
Sarah has a crush on a boy in her class, and wants to keep him inside her - literally

Made in 2011
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