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She wanted to try the machine out on herself, so while everyone was out for the day, she snuck back in, and started to quickly work away. This was something she had always dreamt of, but could never admit to anyone else. Luckily, all it took was some simple parameters to change herself and then change back once she got her fill.

Unfortunately while she knew a lot about how the machine worked, she didn't quite know what every single value meant. In her haste to get it started, she mistakenly added a few too many extra values before hopping in.

With a *DING* the start of the changes began and she distractedly stared at her legs as they fused and became a mermaids tail. A pressure built up in her hips as they flared out and created a magnificent curve. Then her breasts felt the same and she gasped at how good it felt as they also expanded and tightened up her shirt. She was quite pleased with the results.

*DING!* went the machine and pulled her attention back. She didn't remember the machine doing that when it had finished a change. She paused for a moment too long before she could feel the machine spring back to work and the slight sensations she had enjoyed before started to mount much higher, as well as a new one within her belly as it started to push it's way outward.

She could only get a moment of clarity from the sensations after the machine had finished, now realising that she must have accidentally told it reapply the changes. She wasn't sure what else she had messed up, but the swollen belly was telling her, it seems to be trying to make more of her in ways other then just curves. She struggled to move, to get out of the machine, but her previously modest increments had now ballooned out to a much more weighty and difficult to manoeuvre form.

It was hard to move, but she had to get out, in case the machine was still... *DING!*


I realised I haven't draw a mermaid in a long while. I guess this is technically several to offset that lacking. :)

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