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Rounding Error



A mysterious person uses a device to stop time and starts to mess around with peoples bodies with it, starting with this girl. First as a test making her hips wider, and then started to expand her bust. But the device errors out, and keeps expanding her breasts as well as all the clothes in the area, making them rounder and rounder. Only way to stop it is to turn it off and on again, but that will also unpause time...

So to be honest, I messed this one up, got eager for a perspective thing and then realised I ran out of time. So, uh, timestop. Would have sequenced the hips properly as well, but as mentioned, out of time so just made due. Also did the initial draw in the usual full size resolution I usually do for singles, so it's a bit big. :)

Wanted to get a draw done though, so, uh, here it is. Enjoy? :)

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They should wait for it to run its course. Surely it’ll stop eventually lol