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Milk On The Mind



Someone demonstrating an infinite pouring jug of milk and an '''infinite''' capacity mug to contain it, knowing full well what it actually did. Which while technically can be infinitely filled, is slow enough to 'infinitely' store whats poured into it that it'll eventually start to overflow. And any overflow will start to go to the closest useable container. Or... containers. :)

In this case, the sensation is very powerful, enough to make most people that feel it unresponsive while it happens, stuck on a euphoric feeling as the power of the artifacts fill and expand their selected destinations. For this woman, she is on the edge of being stunlocked by the milk and trying push to respond to make it stop. Because unfortunately for her, before they had started to pour they made a simple statement, "Saaaay when!"

Never know when'll happen. :)

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Absolutely devlish plot, love the execution!