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AI Sketch To Catgirl V2


Description anyways, after V1 I got a way to get a more consistent looking version of the renders and made an entire second set, then took them into photoshop to fix a lot of the other problems, match the background and just general stuff to get it all presentable. In getting it working it got a darker look to it, and still some stuff was unfix-ably changed between each part, but for the most part, it's a lot more presentable. :)

The original idea was simply girl at 'wishing' well/fountain gets tfed into a busty catgirl. So just two parts. And then I went, could be bustier. And then she was. :)

Thats about it really, enjoy. :)

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Created using AI tools, Mature
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I love that the bust growth came without fat ass and thighs. That seems difficult. She could look happier about getting her wish fulfilled.