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AI Cute Hair TG Batch



Had a bunch of recent AI sequence stuff I was trying out with my newer stuff just kinda sitting there doing nothing, so I decided to just put it up on DA. Mainly trying to make a sequence that was basically The Tomboy but multiple panels instead, and it... didn't work exactly as intended? I did commit to having one eye covered by hair as a look for these since... I really like how cute it makes them look. Also a ton of freckles and glasses for the same reason. I don't really intend to share these usually, so I just sorta pick my favourite physicals and stick to them. :)

These are all unedited as well, so you get to see a lot of the stuff I usually redraw/edit out. Fun.

Anyways, you can see instead of the intended open coat with underwear under it, it just decided, hot lingerie babes. Which... fair enough I guess. The two side by side ones at the top was about as close as I could get to the drawing, which mainly happened because it was just the two parts. I have to say, the belly on that last one at the top, real nice looking. :)

After those it's mostly just random stuff, some sequences using random clothes, an attempt to make a bunny girl tg that ended up as a single wide image of a bunny cat tf tg for some reason? And the last ones are just singles that I liked the look of. That last one with the huge bust overhanging and the way the tie is hanging off of the front of them is something I really would like to draw myself sometime. :D

I had even more stuff I was thinking of sharing but the image was already getting quick big, so this'll do for now. Mostly just a filler post to make use of some of the stuff I've played around with. I think later in the week I'll draw something up since looking at these got me inspired for IDEAS. :)

For now though, enjoy.

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What prompts do you use to actually get functional tg sequences?