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Been like ten years since I last said anything, but I figure I might as well give a proper warning that someone has basically mass reported everything in my gallery, most of the stuff in my gallery is 10-15 years old and since the originals have been gone for ten years plus (which is what the last journal post was about funny enough), that means everything removed are gone forever. I also know it's a direct attack because 90% of my gallery has no tags, because most of it got ruined by DA when they changed posting formats, so it's unsearchable. So they came to me, specifically. For some reason. And so they'll just get deleted by admins. So yeah, anything no ones cared to save is likely just gone forever within the next while. There are no backups of any kind, the originals are very long gone and I've never seen anyone that made any full backups of my DA. So there's that. Have fun, I guess. :)
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Still not doing requests. On to other news, the hard drive with all my stuff on it failed.  And all the backups of all those files are also dead.  And in those files was every possible thing I have ever drawn, original PSDs and so on.  There's a small chance I can get them back, but for the moment I have none of my files anymore.  I already have stuff reinstalled and running on another hard drive (this one), including luckily all my drawing tools which were on a separate drive, so I can draw.  Just...  I don't have anything else. If the recovery fails down the road, then that's basically it for all my originals.  This DA will be the last pl
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Hey, I'm drawing stuff.  Does this mean I'm back?  No, just trying to draw a bit more often and getting back into trying to get a half hour to draw when I can.  :) Does this mean I'm drawing requests again? Read title of journal.  Very simple, something I assumed YEARS of not drawing stuff for people would get across but I guess they just don't take a hint, so now I have to take them to the side and talk to them like children.  Stop being begging, it's just sad. Other then that, uh, I'm working?  At work?  ...and...  uh...  I play video games.  :) There we go, that should do for another...  lets see... TWO YEARS!?  D:
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OMG Test-0! I remember you from a million years ago!

Oh hey, been a while. :)

Haven't really been on the process for a very long time and I took a bunch of years away time from DA as well, so I did kinda just disappear for a a bit. Have been active more recently here at least. How goes? :)

I'm glad you still make content, I used to look at your art years ago and I guess I just haven't run into your work since lol

Yeah, I actually was gone for quite a long time, so missing my posts would be expected. I only came back a little over a year ago. It was quite the break. :)

Also I think DA did something during the time since I was on before and the time I came back, since all my old stuff doesn't seem to have tags anymore, so might not even be searchable. Which might also apply to why. :)

Still around for commissions?

Unfortunately commissions have been closed off for a long time now. Still not consistent enough to open them back up either. Basically just showing up every little bit to poke the account and that's about it at the moment. :)

Well thanks for the reply! Well hopefully things go well or better in the future! Keep up the amazing work!