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Oh hai Danny by tesstriestoart Oh hai Danny by tesstriestoart
School started again which i HATE but my break was absolute hell so im kinda glad to be not on break???
In summary, my dad never came on christmas, accidentally poisoned fish trying to prevent fish disease, turns out i had toxic algae in tank, more fish die, got the fish disease i was trying to prevent anyway, put new fish in the tank hours before finding out i had said fish disease and now the fish will end up with disease. :) It's been great. I found a baby fish in the tank tho and was able to rescue it and put it in an emergency tank so it wouldn't get eaten. Since it's been the only one, I've decided to give it the incredibly original name of Nemo. Hopefully it will grow up to join the other fish in the tank.

Anywayy this was the only thing i could actually produce over the break ^^* i had a really hard time doing anything in this but it turned out alright
He isn't supposed to be a creepy asshole but he certainly looks it here lol

Purrose are a species by Psy-Yuki 
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January 10, 2017
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