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Awex by tesstriestoart Awex by tesstriestoart
Alex comes in two flavors when I draw him: Teenage Boy or Man Hardened By War.
I think corduroy jackets are neat. Would love to have one some day.

Wow I managed to conjure enough time and motivation to... draw something? woah! I've been in this slump since Spring Break because I've been uber busy and have been having a really shitty time. 
I've been listening to ABBA all weekend since they're coming out with a new album and my favorite teacher, the love of my life, said he hates Dancing Queen and that was honestly so viscerally upsetting to hear because it's such a bop??? Like he hates Dancing Queen but unironically LOVES Hamster Dance like.... he made me listen to him sing it and I had to sit there and try to fucking blow up on the spot. I'm gonna yet at him on Monday I'm so pressed about this. Like his other TA gets super pressed about him ribbing on Twilight and I thought like "man, he hasn't pushed my soft spot" but boy howdy has he done it now. Who knew I had such strong feelings about this song.

When I Kissed The Teacher is entirely my love for him and boy do I wish I could do that.
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April 28, 2018
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