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At the Lamp-post

"... it was a lamp-post. And she stood looking at it, wondering why there was a lamp-post in the middle of a wood ..." C.S. Lewis - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

So this is a guick drawing of Lucy standing next to the lamp-post.
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Hi- Our high school will be performing the play The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this May 2018. We are looking to sell some souvenirs, for fundraising purposes, at our show and I was hoping to use this image to create a bookmark. We would be printing and making around 50 of them. Would you consider giving us permission to use your artwork? Thank you! Cherie'
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Hi Cherie, what great that you want to use my drawing to raise money. Of course you can use it, I hope the download quality is good enough. Otherwise feel free to reach out to me. Can you maybe send me some images of the bookmarks (or the play)? I would love to see how it turned out. I bet that I'll the play will be wonderful and I wish you good luck! 
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Hi. I write stories on a website called Wattpad, (website to write your own stories), and I was wondering if I could use this picture for my story (cover) called "Backstreet".

I'll give you full credit, write your devianart name and put the link straight to your account.

All I need is your permission to use the photo and I'm good to go.

Thank you. (My Wattpad is Laura_Is_Arual)
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Hi! Thank you for considering using my drawing for your story! Of course you can use the photo, is the quality of DeviantArt high enough? Otherwise I'll upload or sent you a bigger file. Can you give me a link to your story once it's finished? I would love to read it.
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Hello. I have already made the cover [look to my recent update on here] and I have the prologue out and will probably make it into a short story. Some of the content may be a bit graphic as well... backstreets are notorious for... what we considered "bad". 
The quality is just fine as I originally found it while looking for a picture of a lamp-post (my old cover had a lamp-post with a girl in it) on google.
The cover will be uploaded to DeviantArt with full credit given, if it gets shown on any other social media I will provide credit to your amazing art.

Sincerely, Laura. 
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Very good! I love how drawed it!
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Heel erg bedankt :D
Het was eigenlijk een snelle schets :p
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Graag gedaan horz ;) Hahaha ik vind het dan een hele goede schets ;)
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Bedankt :) Het lijkt me ook wel gaaf om zo iets te gaan schilderen. Wordt nog wel een probleem, ik ben nog niet zo goed met een kwast xD
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Ja dat zou heel gaaf zijn! :D Zelf heb ik ook geen talent met kwasten dus ik weet hoe je je voelt :XD:
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Haha ik ben dus gelukkig niet de enigste. Nouja ik moet nog instaat zijn om een marsmannetje te schilderen XD
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Dat lukt je vast wel! ^^ Ik kan een sneeuwvlokjes schilderen (gewoon witte stipjes! :D) Wat een talent heb ik toch! :la: :P
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Super :) Zeker talent vol :D
Naja als je kijkt naar wat sommige mensen kunst vinden en vooral wat die mensen denken te krijgen voor een kindertekening. xD
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