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Streptospondylus is a Theropod that lived during the Jurassic Period.
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OK. First off, wow. This is a brilliant piece of artwork, and does supreme justice to a species known from just two vertebrae.
Second, my rendition of ol' Strepty (which isn't up yet) probably draws more inspiration than necessary from yours. If you would like, I can credit you as an inspiration, or just change mine a bit.
Again, wow.
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For such an under-publicized theropod group (heck, this pic was my first clue this particular species existed!), megalosaurs are an interesting bunch-their skull proportions & dental arrays strike me as a damn sight more businesslike than allosaurs in the same weight class. Plus, apparently we have their lineage to thank for the likes of Baryonyx and Spinosaurus itself. Definitely a genus worthy of more portrayals-especially with the quality on display here. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanx Grisador ;-)