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Inside the ear

Inner ear illustration
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why is this in anthro?
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Hi NalaFontaine (ur work is extra-great by the way)
Hum... I didn't find "anatomy" or "science" or something related to scientific illustrations :-( ... (it's my first day on deviantART).
What does "Anthro" stands 4 ?
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first of all to help you out, during the category selection, there is a small description that accompanies the table, I think it's in the lower portion, it changes as you go through the sub-cats. So I would guess that you had been just too eager and hurried to notice that. Had you, you would have seen the comment on Anthropomorphics. These are non-human characters with human traits like personality or other features.
It's really worth the time to read up the descriptions and look thoroughly through the different categories, getting to know them. Usually, browsing helps with getting a better picture, but that could be mislead by other miscategorized deviations.

No, I had a look around and I don't see anything that is under anatomy or science, but my best approximation for you in this case would be Digital/drawing/illustration/technical
this can be fixed easily without having to resubmit. With the deviation open (any that would need to be edited) there is the blue edit button next to Delete It takes you to your submission page where you can adjust anything like description and file and just about all aspects of the deviation.
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Thank you very much for your advice :-)