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Tess Castella - Clumsychip
Artist | Student | Varied
I was told by my secondary school art teacher to abandon art. I was too bad at it.

I didn't though. I kept at it until a friend of mine actually gave me the push I needed to throw myself into this world. Now I'm crazy enough to think I can make a living with me doodles! Anyway. I hope my drawings can speak for themselves.

I really want to use my skills for something good, one day. But after 7 years of being self-taught and illustrating 3 children's books without proper training beforehand, I decided to go to art school. Now I am also dealing with transitioning, gender-wise, so my personal projects will have to wait a while.

But join me! On a journey to self-improvement! All are welcome!

You can also follow my work on instagram, vero and tumblr, except my username is CLUMSYCHIP on those platforms.


I thought I should apologise for having (yet again) been a terrible person with regular updates. Life, as always, got in the way. But that is becoming a very regular, very monotonous thing that I keep saying. =) So I think I'm going to stop as, by now, you all know the drill.

One of the reasons I sometimes lose focus on my art projects... is the sheer amount of AMAZING things in the world.

Like seriously.

Maybe I get amazed very quickly but there are so many, truly, great games, films, TV series, books, comics, youtube channels etc out there that balancing 'creative input' and 'creative output'.... is a little difficult at times.

So instead of apologising... let me share with you some of the works of art from the pool of things I get really frickin' passionate about. 


Battlestar Galactica.

Yes. I know. It's really quite old. But I am talking about the 2004 version and it is fracking beautiful. (And there won't be spoilers)

At its most basic Battlestar Galactica is about the human race going extinct when the Cylons (robots built by humanity that then rebelled) decide to persecute the last remaining members of humanity after a surprise attack on the colonies. The 50 000 humans left are all part of a fleet searching for a new home, their long lost 13th colony.... a planet called earth. 

But that's mostly just background info.

What the show is really about is the multitude of realistic and engaging characters that make up the Battlestar Galactica's fleet. When the main problem an episode has to solve is a water shortage in outer space.... that doesn't leave a lot of room for action. So the characters have to take over. And boy do they do that well! Between characters suffering from overwhelming guilt at having helped humanity's extinction to a president having to struggle with issues of making abortions illegal or dooming the human species to extinction.... you never get bored. There is a whole plethora of interesting characters that have interesting relationships with other interesting characters in a uniquely realistic manner.

You can't help but love all these characters who have to deal with issues such as the survival of humanity or fighting Cylons ... but they also have to deal with issues like raising their child, identity crises, being in love with two people at once, workers' rights, having cancer, having to fill their father's shoes, mutiny, or having their best friend betray their trust. To name just a few.

And hey - so far this is the only show that has me literally punching the air and shouting 'YES!' under my breath all alone in my room as Starbuck completes a particularly gripping mission to save the fleet! (that is a level of engagement that is truly hard to find)

The regular structure for episodes in a TV Series is as follows: A norm is disturbed by something - the characters go through crazy adventures in order to solve whatever messed up their norm - The norm is reinstated and life goes on until the next episode. Battlestar Galactica galactica takes this concept and throws it out of the airlock. The 'norm' in this show is never truly achieved. Though the characters try, they never manage to keep the fleet perfectly afloat and the society functioning as it should, as it could. The 'norm' is unattainable but always sought after and that is what drives the show forward.

I believe that this video by Ishay Roslin BSG perfectly highlights what I love most about the show:


But it isn't all depression and angst - believe it or not - it's kind of sweet and funny like people have to be in these situations in order to stay sane! There are 4 seasons and a few webseries, films or spinoffs that are all as good as the main series, so there is bound to be an abundance of comedy, drama, action, and even some mystery thrown in there as well.

On top of the content, the show is technically great as well! When you can have a 3-4 minute dialog composed entirely of extreme close up shots of the actors' faces and have that be the climax of the episode... you know you have hit cinematic gold. And yes - the special effects are a little outdated but that seems to only add to the style and atmosphere of the world. One more aspect I must praise Battlestar Galactica on is its diversity. Especially for a 2004 TV Series. In all its depiction of humanity as a doomed species, we, as the human race, did manage to eradicate racism, sexism, and homophobia in this universe! And I must say that this is refreshing to see.

And before I smother everyone in my praise for this masterpiece... I will cut it short. I hope you discovered something new, or re-discovered a past joy - If you have already seen this show, I want to know what your opinion is!

I want to know what your opinion is regardless in fact, so just comment  below =)

Good day or night!


  • Reading: Heroes of Olympus
  • Watching: Battlestar Galactica :P
  • Playing: Mass Effect 3


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Kapalsky Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Tes illustrations sont vraiment communicatives, c'est du grand boulot tout ça!
TessCas Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Student General Artist
Merci beaucoup! Je répond très en retard mais je vais enfin recomencer a poster!
ZeTrystan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Gotta love your gallery. It's super interesting, and I really like that you make a lot of different things!

Classe classe! ;)
TessCas Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Student General Artist
Merci beaucoup! ;P lots of new different things are on their way now i started art school, so im glad to have you onboard
ZeTrystan Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Can't wait... d'en voir plus! :D (haha, franglais power)

Est-ce que tu es sur FB/Tumblr aussi? Il y a plus de chance que je vois tes projets apparaitre comme ça (DA est saturé).
TessCas Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Student General Artist
haha! oui - j'suis sur tumblr: :D
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AllyN-One Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Tess! I want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:la:
I wish you all the best, lots of presents and delicious cake!
TessCas Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you so much Buck! :hug:
alternativejunkie Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Hey Tess! Thanks so much for the fave :D Sorry it took me this long to message, been out of dA for a bit. Have a nice day! :floating:
TessCas Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Student General Artist
No worries, so am I =P Have a nice day too!
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