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When you're submitting something, you can just comment below- no need to respond to a comment thread. Please allow up to 2 days for things to be processed.


Pouflons are done in the pouflons group, not tessarium! If you are looking to get a pouflon changed or processed please go here!

✦ Hatchlings ✦

1. Getting your hatchling MYO approved
Hatchling Design Guide

(If you are here from an MYO event like Trabble Trouble, skip to 2. Growing a hatchling!)

Making a hatchling official
1. Submit your hatchling design (not grown) to the New Hatchling Folder, and in its deviation description, include a link to the moderator comment where you exchanged for/obtained the MYO.
2. Once it's been accepted into in the folder, it's approved!

2. Growing a hatchling
✦ If you're growing a hatchling from the out of the pond event please mention that in your comment!
✦ When you grow a hatchling you'll earn the hatchling badge - if you've already earned it, you can just ignore that.
✦ If you are handing in hatchling prompts for any of the badges in this pic please use Art + Prompt Turn-in!
Hatchling Badges by marshmu

To grow your hatchling, comment below with....
1. A link to your hatchling design (must be in the new hatchling folder)
2. The completed hatchling prompt submissions
3. Image of your grown hatchling for the masterlist, following the design rules in the Hatchling Guide

Growing adopted hatchlings
✦ Hatchlings adopted from official designers come with a masterlist entry & can be automatically grown up. You can still do the growth prompts for them but it's not required.
✦ If you are making changes to their design make sure to follow the rules in the Growing Your Hatchling section of theHatchling Guide.
✦ These have common features, unless they are exhibiting a special feature as a hatchling, or you're adding a spell or potion.

To update their art & grow them up...
1. Comment below with the masterlist entry, your new image, and tag tessarydex requesting an art update.
2. Tessarydex will reply that it's been updated.

✦ Regular MYO's ✦

Submitting a regular (non-hatchling) MYO for approval.
✦ You must have an existing MYO ticket on the masterlist.
✦ Standard MYO slots include common features only unless you're adding a spell or potion.
Minimum design requirement:
- designs cannot be one color - must have minimum 2 colors on the body (can be different shades of one color)
- must have at least 2 kinds of markings, scars or gradients on body (must have one extra kind of marking in addition to underbelly & cheek markings)

Comment below with...
1. The MYO entry on the masterlist
2. The art you would like to upload to it
3. If applicable, the "Earned" comment for any feature spells or potions you're using on your MYO.

✦ Changing a character's design✦

Small changes are allowed without needing a spell- ie changing a character's nail color, changing a white to a cream, etc. Anything larger will need a change spell from the Exchange shop.
1. Request a masterlist art update - link both the character's entry, and the new art
2. Note what changes you have made to the designand provide links to where you earned the design change spell to make those changes.
3. A mod will request the change from the masterlist, will reply to the spell Earned comment with which spells have been used so they can't be double-used. Make sure to remove the spell from your journal.

✦ Adding a trait to an existing character ✦

If you are adding a new trait to an existing character and are updating the art, comment below with:
1. A Request for the masterlist art to be updated - link both the character's entry, and the new art
2. A list of the traits being added & links to where you earned them
3. A mod will reply to the Earned comment with which traits have been used so they can't be double-used. Make sure to remove the trait potion/spell etc from your journal.

Enchanted traits & affinities are listed in the description of the character's masterlist entry but common-uncommon-rare are not.

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