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Former Journal name: Art & Prompt turn-in

Claim TC on General Art

General Art is any Art featuring tessarium characters that was not made for prompts/quests/events etc. You can Earn TC on new general art you submit to the group! They can be your characters, someone else's characters, or the mascots. This can be art you made for yourself, gift art, or commissions you've done. To claim the TC, link your submissions with the total TC you're claiming in a comment below.

What you Can't Claim TC on
✦ You cannot claim TC on things twice - so you can't claim on event or raffle art!
✦ No TC is earned on the first drawing of a hatchling & its adult form since these are a part of the minimum requirements to get a hatchling/adult.
✦ On-base art: you can claim the first art you've made on your own base but not any recolors on the same base. You can only claim TC on new drawings.
✦  You can't claim TC on art you've made on someone else's base.

:star: Weekly Bonus
The weekly badge bonus is listed on the front page! this will list which badge gives you a TC bonus, how much it gives, and when it starts and ends. Please note you are claiming the +_TC weekly badge bonus so our mods know to award it to you!

Earning Amounts

The art can have sketchy lines or finished lines as long as they're colored. You can submit drawings together ie. on a sketch page, or in individual deviations.
✦ There is now no limit to how much TC you can claim on general art per month.
✦ Bust/head: 1TC
✦ Hatchling fullbody 1TC (any hatchling in art counts for 1TC)
✦ Colored fullbody: 2TC
✦ Colored Scene: fullbody or mostly-fullbody character with bg: Earn 10TC
(+2TC for each additional character in the scene- hatchlings are worth 1tc, cappi worth 2tc)
✦ Limit of 30TC per individual art piece submission (you can submit multiple in a comment)
✦Animation - See below
Background Requirements
✦ Something is considered a Background if it's a fully drawn or painted environments/scene with at least 3 different elements (ie meadow scene with grass, clouds, & flowers)
✦ Backgrounds are NOT: A single flat color | A gradient | An abstract pattern that does not make up a scene
Animation Bonuses
Animation bonus is added onto general or prompt art that is also animated.
Simple animations: +4TC
✦ 4-11 individually drawn frames (holds & repeats don't count)
Complex animations: +8TC
✦ 12+ individually drawn frames (holds & repeats don't count)
✦ A scene with multiple moving elements that adds up to 15 frames (ie. 5 looping frames on character, 3 looping frames on waterfall, 4 looping frames on clouds moving by)

Prompt turn-in

Turn in your Prompt submissions here to earn your badge & TC. You can comment below (no need to reply to a mod comment!)

© 2019 - 2021 Tessarium
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Hey everyone! All group functions are now being hosted on the new Ranebopets Website!
For more information on signing up to the site GO HERE!

Please check out these guides if you're confused on how to submit Prompts or general art claims!
How to Submit prompts
How to submit Claims (general art)
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Mods are currently moving all the banks and inventories onsite. Please wait until the site has been completed (ETA april 3rd) so you can submit prompts and TC claims onsite!
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Just remembered this is closed at the moment, sorry.
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I'm dumb and forgot about this for the Hattoween badge, Tess told me to put the claim here. 
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Hattowen Badge by tessarydex  + Hattoween badge
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Did my hatchling growup prompt and 3 thumbnails! (in descrip) Claiming 15 TC and hatchling badge.
[Tes] Pirch's Discovery (growup prompt #2) by CalCinder
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Great work!
You've earned 15 TC!
+15 TC has been added to your acct!

You've also earned the Hatchling Badge!
This badge has been added to your acct!

And since you didn't have a bank acct previously made, I've added one for you:
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did more mascot art for badges and tc! claiming 18 tc :D
[Tessarium] lyra,,, a bab,,,, by TDrawsFandoms   [Tessarium] Chirr !! by TDrawsFandoms   [Tessarium] ori !!! by TDrawsFandoms   [Tessarium] sweetheart by TDrawsFandoms   [Tessarium] the cutest mascot imo ?????? by TDrawsFandoms  
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Great work!
You've earned 18 TC!
+18 TC has been added to your acct!

You've earned the following Mascot Badge:
(These badges have been added to your acct!)
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I did my hatchling growth prompt! Claiming 10 TC!
Hatchling Growth Prompt #2 - Yuffy the Trabble by Cassy484
And I think I get a Hatchling badge? C:
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+10 TC added to your account!
Hatchling Badge by tessarydex  + Hatchling Badge!
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awesome, thank you!
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claiming a couple mascot badges here! :D a lil confused about whether or not i get tc for them, and i'm not sure if i sent them to the right folder...
 but here we are!:

[Tessarium] have a Melon, won't you? by TDrawsFandoms   [Tessarium] Stay Mello !! by TDrawsFandoms  
if i do get tc for them, it's 2 each, right? so 4 altogether
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+4 TC added to your account!
Mello Badge by tessarydex Melon Badge by tessarydex  + Mello and Melon badges!
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Sprim Sprung prompt (Hopefully I'm not too late?)
Sprim arrives by Historia-KQ
Claiming 14 TC (12 + 2 for the extra character)
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+14TC added to your account!
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Claiming TC for:
Cherry Berry by ShadowmonStudios  
I think this is 10 TC?
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+10TC added to your account!
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Claiming TC for:
[Gift] Not quite Clovergrams by AlleyWolf
2TC each = 4TC
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Great work!
You've earned 4 TC!
+4 TC has been added to your acct!
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Claiming TC for: 

Hatchling Season journal (Old, 2TC)
Chirr voxel turnaround (Not sure if this counts for the Chirr badge - I don't mind either way!)
Commissioned voxel turnaround
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Hmm I'm not sure if I can do claims for the journal.
I say this because I don't know if it was already auto-claimed during that event (so long as you shared it in the event journal at the time).
Please do leave that journal up however, while I go ahead and check in with tess.

I'll do the claims for the other two for now though and get back to you as soon as I hear back from tess c:

Ah I understand that the other two pieces are animated, with the way that they spin. Does that use frames, and do you know how many frames it uses?
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For the journal - I'm only claiming it because it doesn't seem to be in my inventory (When I checked I only had 7TC for the commission)

As for the turnarounds, they use 48 frames each, but they were auto-generated by the program (MagicaVoxel).
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