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Dammit Blaire, you did it. You did all of the diabeetus.

John Carpenter owns this Thing, I just drew fanart.
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"Yeah, fuck you too!"

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check ur blood sugar as often as possible
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You know if he didn't decide to eat Garry and Nauls, he wouldn't have Diabeetus.
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This is what happens when you don't check your diabeetus regularly.
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"Hello, Mac. Let me talk to you about Diabeetus."
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MacReady: yeah!? Fuck you too! *threw dynamite to Blaire-Thing*
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That there's a Wilford Brimley impression. My pancreas doesn't work.…
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Nah... More like-

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Blair-Thing: "Hello, Mr.MacReady. My name is Doctor Blair and I'm here to talk to you for a few minutes about diabeetus."
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This is what happens when you leave your diabeetus unchecked. :(
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Awesome picture. And the title made me laugh. Funniest word ever.
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The creature kind of looks like its posing for the camera.
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The Thing is one amazing movie and and you titled this piece so appropriately! :heart:
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Classic final scene from the 1982 movie.
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I never thought I'd find something called "Diabeetus" by searching "John Carpenter"! :D Then again, I've only seen "Prince of Darkness" and "They Live".
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That some bad diabeetus. 8|
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Someone's blood sugar is a tad low, methinks.
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Oh man. I saw the thumb for this and I was like, oh, awesome! And then I read the title and started cracking up so bad.

Great pic!
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Haha, thank you!
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