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Sunflower Explosion.
The Underwater Lights.
Hera, black german shepherd pup.
Hello Chicken Leg.
Tree practice.
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hey hey :D
I just registered on tumblr! Let's follow each other ;p
Fart and sneeze at the same time - achievement unlocked by my friend this night xD I promised him I'll write about it in my post)) Right now I'm bored, can't decide to draw or not to draw artworks for the art trade fair. Deadline of submitting art is november 10, so I can make some watercolor+ink and felt-tip pen miniatures and sell them, but at the same time I don't know exactly the rules, I don't want to stay there all day selling, cause I hate interaction with people xD If I can just give them my artworks, and then take my earned money, that's perfect. Well, my lazy ass can simply call their manager and ask, but I just looove arguing wit
Perfect match.
Yay,  I bought a new lighter  I like it because it's summer themed and also it fits perfectly to my notebook ^^ I'm not a heavy smoker, mayby 1 per month in average, I just like the feeling of having cigarettes and a lighter xD weird xD So yesterday my friend made me a bunch of cigarettes with cherry flavoured tobacco and I'm so happy. They smell delicious *O*    


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ddpepsi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the llama! :happybounce: 
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Thanks for the llama. ;p
I love your drawings haha. They're really good.
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Radiation-Stress|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Llama! That's a nice, diverse gallery you've got there!
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theARCHERstyls|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was blocked by honaw6 but i still wanted to reply to your argument.
This has nothing to do with skill or creativity!
He is using the same guy over and over again just becuase it is his fetish or something.
His techniques are so bad and the scenery is just sad and fake!
Sanic the Derphog SANIC RUBY Funny Shrek Icon GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
Just like the porn people are posting on DA!
I hope he knows children are on this too.
And not everyone is here to experience a guy getting stabbed with his dick slapping around!
Think about it!!!
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well, he's just making the art his own way and its kinda fun, I don't get why you're so butthurt about him expressing himself. And its marked as mature content btw, so what would kids have to do with it? :D 
actually I replied to your comment because its the first negative comment I've seen on DA ever. If you don't like his art, just don't look at it, that's all. 
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theARCHERstyls|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't act like im the first negative comment on DA.
Every photographer or painter has to explain the meaning behind their workds because the critiques can't find the main theme.
People see a million other things in the same painting.
I'm only searching for an explanation (on a bit rude and challenging manner) and by blocking me he just shows me that there wasnt a lot meaning behind it.
It's was just the persons fetish and if he had a gallery full of it he could atleast give me one good argument why he made it.
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I'm not lying, it was really the first negative comment I saw here :D 
Nobody has to explain anything to you. I'm not arguing with you about aesthetics, I'm not saying he's the best artist I've ever seen, but that creepy naked stuff he posts IS art, doesn't matter if you like it or not. 
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