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Welcome, awake and aware people.
Are you interested in Maths, Science, great Inventions and the fascinating world of Tesla?
Then join us and share with other deviants your knowledge and experiences with science.

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Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 05 cover COLOR by mistermuck
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 03 cover by mistermuck
Stefan-Boltzman Law  - set up by lollylopmr
Light and Dark - Sodium Lamp by lollylopmr
Tesla Theories
Nikola Tesla's articles
Tesla Plasma Balls
Plasma Globe by Areka-Johnson
Explosion by Areka-Johnson
Colorful Electricity by Areka-Johnson
Tesla Coil
Tesla Coils at Duckon 16 by EudaemonicPlague
Plexiglas Tesla Coil by uitvinderalex
Inductance by BlackGryph0n
Battle of the Elements by BlackGryph0n
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla and his pigeon by Haters-Gonna-Hate13
Nikola Tesla by Habjan81
Tesla by mistermuck
Nikola Tesla sketch by mistermuck
Digital Work
Herald preview panel by mistermuck
Tesla Motors by DecoEchoes
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 02 cover by mistermuck
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 01 cover by mistermuck
Traditional Work
Tesla Commission by mistermuck
'Herald' preview panel - Lovecraft and Tesla by mistermuck
'Herald' preview panel - Tesla and Twain by mistermuck
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 02 cover PROCESS by mistermuck
Fan Fiction
Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla issue 04 cover COLOR by mistermuck
The Other Retina Nebula by LightofShelley
String Theory by LightofShelley
Tesla fractal by LightofShelley
machinery by LightofShelley
LHC at CERN by HugoCampos
Archimedes by JeremyMallin


Nikola Tesla by MarjorieCarmona Nikola Tesla :iconmarjoriecarmona:MarjorieCarmona 178 22 Tesla Coil 1 by DerekTall Tesla Coil 1 :iconderektall:DerekTall 1 1 Plasma Fire by DerekTall Plasma Fire :iconderektall:DerekTall 16 10 Plasma by Brianetta Plasma :iconbrianetta:Brianetta 6 2 Forged Visions Nikola Tesla by ForgedVisions Forged Visions Nikola Tesla :iconforgedvisions:ForgedVisions 2 4 Two Tesla Plasma by roaldfre Two Tesla Plasma :iconroaldfre:roaldfre 2 1 Schrodinger Zombie Cat Shirt by Namingway Schrodinger Zombie Cat Shirt :iconnamingway:Namingway 29 9 Tesla Magnifier 2010 by teslaextreme Tesla Magnifier 2010 :iconteslaextreme:teslaextreme 57 26 Caras Fisicos by LordGusst Caras Fisicos :iconlordgusst:LordGusst 12 33 Worlds Largest Tesla Coil by Thamyris71 Worlds Largest Tesla Coil :iconthamyris71:Thamyris71 47 17 Joan's Sparks - Animation by teslaextreme Joan's Sparks - Animation :iconteslaextreme:teslaextreme 12 4 sphere 02 by st3tostock sphere 02 :iconst3tostock:st3tostock 1 5 sphere 01 by st3tostock sphere 01 :iconst3tostock:st3tostock 2 0 Yellow and Purple Sparks by teslaextreme Yellow and Purple Sparks :iconteslaextreme:teslaextreme 7 10 Spark of imagination by teslaextreme Spark of imagination :iconteslaextreme:teslaextreme 13 2 Electrical Discharge by teslaextreme Electrical Discharge :iconteslaextreme:teslaextreme 7 6

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tesla physics,quantum physics,all subjects of physics...but especially tesla physics
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July 10, 1856 was the day Nikola Tesla was born.  Have an electrifying day everyone!
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randomkeystone Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2016
   Tesla claimed that "...the future..." would be his. This has proven true in too many ways to list. Your observations regarding the "Cell(lular) Tower are yet another fine example of his vision. I have often considered Dr. Tesla a man so far ahead of his time that he may have been in some uncanny way actually been "from the future".
   I ask: Do those who "create" the future become an integral part of it?
p.s. Just for the record; I myself consider "Time-travel" into the Past impossible at any level. "Time-travel" into the Future is of course what all things do; even if at different rates.
Graeystone Featured By Owner Edited Dec 3, 2016
Did Tesla envision the Cell(ular) Tower?

According to History Channel Documentary, when Tesla was building one his towers, he began to wonder if music and words could be transmitted over vast distances without any wires. . .he also wondered if the same could be done with photographs and moving pictures(movies)!

In other words what Tesla envisioned back then is what we call the Cell Tower today along with Wireless Internet!
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016
As my all too numerous posts have conveyed; I am quite reluctant to accept the existence of either "Blacks Holes" OR the associated "Gravitational Waves" they imply. However; there is hope that I may make a "come-back" of sorts. That is; the "Gravastar". Explore this for yourself...
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
Latest Cinema with a "Tesla" theme: "The American Side".
Not Bad...   The Conspiracists will approve...
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016
Nathan B. Stubblefield...   A contender?
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016
So...   Gravitational Waves officially detected.   Black Holes?   The Higgs Boson?   Neutrinos?   Gluons?
Over the years I have resisted accepting the existence of all these objects and many more...
Perhaps my personal Model of the Cosmos needs rework...?
However; I have NO LHC, LIGO or Genius level Mathematics capacity with which to challenge the claims of those in High Places that do. Still; I am NOT fool enough to oppose Dr. Einstein outright when it comes to most, if not all of his claims. Next: A True UFT or GUT?
For now; I stand corrected...   And yet...?
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
I recently received the book: "TESLA - The Wizard of Electricity" as a gift and found it to be a good and well illustrated reference.
And just when I thought I had my head around the Tesla - Marconi controversy, I stumbled across an Inventor by the Name of Nathan B. Stubblefield. Did Radio (or ANY type of electronic communication) spring from the collective conscious of People as Destiny?
My abstract regarding Gravity (always a work in progress) remains available for review...
ReclusiveChicken Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Adding this to my feeds! I need to go back into engineering (I've forgotten almost everything I know).
randomkeystone Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015
It came as no surprise to me that "Gravity waves" were NOT detected (yet?). Question: Am I the only one that posts on this group site regularly?
LaserraptorCoderman Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"I the only one that posts on this group site regularly?"

Guess so...
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