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I knew a man, once.
He had no name, only the name we gave him.
I would often wonder if he had a name, or even a parent, as I watched him make his slow way down the street through our insulated little town every day. The same path, never looking up, only looking weary. No one knew where he came from, or where he went. Yet we all knew what he was.
He had never bothered anyone, never even spoken. I suspected, secretly, that if he ever did speak, his voice would be as rusty as the old gate down the back of Nan’s farm. To our little town, he was just another part of the scenery; a phenomenon so ancient it didn’t need explaining. Nan said he’d been walking ever since she could remember, and ever since her Nan could remember. We all just assumed he’d been there forever, just like the sun. He never changed either, though often as I watched him walk, I’d think that maybe his back was a little more hunched today than it had been last
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GASP! by TeskaAraen GASP! :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 9 15 In The Night by TeskaAraen In The Night :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 4 4 Making Dreams Come True by TeskaAraen Making Dreams Come True :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 4 3 Rapunzel-1 by TeskaAraen Rapunzel-1 :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 3 2
Essay upon the Death of Creativity into Intellectual Slavery:
For Carl Solomon
BITTERNESS she bit out, yes it was bitterness, bitterness from the start as they were thrown from the garden, the garden where the fruit was sweet, so sweet (as sweet as poison, my dear, my dear, sweet as the poison that dripped from the fangs of the creature so near)
A Poem
and tasted it sweet, but it was not voiced,
oh no, oh no,
for she is a woman,
oh no, oh no, save the child,
the child she chose,
for birth is death,
death of the prose.
Bitterness she BIT, as he plunged into her, she bit the BIT she knew must guide her, like a horse the slaughter, for she is a woman (oh no, oh no), as is the daughter, and the man is insider, inside her, in cider, the words are in-side-her, but so is he, decider, inside her (so she BIT the bit, the metal tang she cannot chew through, For to Err is human (so they say(they mean women(insider.))))
Ultrasound. Breathing Practice. Blood Tests
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Argument #1
The first time you argue with Jericho, you are holding a postage stamp.
'He's dead, Jericho. You can't send a dead man a letter. '
'Time was invented by humans,' Jericho replies, watching the stamp in your hand, 'and history is no more than a literary genre. Don't you know any postmodern theory?'
'Of course I know postmodern theory,' you reply, feeling stung. 'But do you honestly believe any of that? Are you going to try and convince me that the watch on my wrist is a mere illusion? Anyway, you're missing the point. Allen Ginsburg has been dead for thirty years, and it's been even longer since he was last in Rockland. The only reply you're going to get is in your dreams. It's a waste of a postage stamp.'
Now Jericho raises his eyebrows. 'You are so short-sighted. Now, waste or not, that's my postage stamp you're holding and I want it back so I can post this letter.'
You hand him the postage stamp, grudgingly. He licks it and places it on the letter. You catch
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Grown Ups
My Best Friend was a Vampire,
And I was a werewolf.
We'd make up beautiful lies together,
To roam our minds trying to be better than the other.
We'd say we had gifts.
But every gift was used to hurt like the thorn of a rose.
We never managed to communicate,
So we'd blame it on our species.
Now we've grown up
Into little girls.
Our relationship was founded on fantasy,
Because reality is worse.
What happened to the things we'd write to each other?
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ROAR by TeskaAraen ROAR :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 11 9 Allons-y! by TeskaAraen Allons-y! :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 20 9 Don't Blink, Kids. by TeskaAraen Don't Blink, Kids. :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 5 2
Hope the First
Take four letters,
And make them a cliché.
Repeat them, defeat them
Yes, it's okay.
Take four letters,
And forget what they mean.
Once lettered, forever fettered,
The idea's obscene.
Take four letters,
Remember their song.
Hope blooms, on summer's fumes,
Let it last, all year long.
:iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 3 1
Hope the Second
Give me a poem about hope
For hope seems to be the last thing we have these days.
I go into a cafe and let the scents and sounds assault me.
I think the smell of coffee is hope,
But perhaps we use it to cover up our lack of it.
Perhaps coffee is a brewed cup of despair?
Or a pot of it.
The failing artist's refuge.
Add a dollop of cream.
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Teska's Diary by TeskaAraen Teska's Diary :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 0 5 Tsubasa: Fate Intertwined by TeskaAraen Tsubasa: Fate Intertwined :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 10 7 Tsubasa: Don't Forget Me by TeskaAraen Tsubasa: Don't Forget Me :iconteskaaraen:TeskaAraen 2 0


Hmm, this is quite an interesting artwork that really jumped out at me from amongst the masses. I like the read wool and how vibrant th...

For starters, I love the idea. You chose a lot of good pictures with fantastic resolution that really give an impression of quality. Yo...


So I've been invited to be a cosplayer model for budding artists at SMASH! convention this year to be sketched. I was thinking of making a new cosplay but then my great-grandfather passed away and the sudden trip to New Zealand for the funeral that we're taking has pretty much stolen my remaining time to make anything new, unless it is quite basic. I would wear one of my more recently made costumes, but they're all quite western and SMASH! is predominantly anime/manga-centred. So I thought I'd get some opinions!

1. Make a new cosplay anyway (throw me a suggestion?)
2. Wear a new cosplay even though it's Western (Eowyn (LotR), Captain America, a random peasant (Sign: Make a deal with me?), a pirate, a green fairy...)
3. Wear an old anime cosplay (Pandora Hearts-Alice, Project Diva-Luka, DOGS- Luki, Chii-Tsubasa)
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TeskaAraen Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're welcome! I saw you and your awesome friends at Supanova- you were great! Such a fantastic idea and you all suited the characters so well! Can't wait to see some more cosplays in the future :)
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Thank you for the fav :hug:
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You're welcome. I really enjoy reading all the tutorials you post for beginner cosplayers.
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Thank you. I'm glad you like them.
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