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Just so I can use these for commissions and other stuff like that.

Dog Dance (gif animation) by gksrhkdtmd

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Hello there person reading this! I'm TescoEdge but you can call me Pacific. I'm just a happy teen with anxiety who loves animals (especially horses), HTTYD, Wings of Fire and art. Have a look at my work and don't be afraid to talk if you need someone to listen! You're always welcome! Have a great day!

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YES!!! They released a trailer for Spider-man: Far From Home!!!

I already know it's gonna be so good! And probably gonna add it to favorite movies list when it comes out!

Tom Holland is by far my fav Spider-man. He is completely different from the rest in a good way and portrays the character of Peter Parker so well!

He also made me laugh so much in Homecoming and he probably will in Far From Home too. He is also the sweetest Spider-man, his voice, character, and awkwardness is adorable and something I don't think we've seen yet in any other Spider-man.

also, I knew something was gonna happen between MJ and Peter. It was obvious even in the first movie, it's no coincidence the creators made her initials the same as Mary Jane.

I'm just really excited! So many good movies coming in 2019! 
Guys! I found this super cool and cute website! Check it out!…
I have no clue what to draw... so I'll take requests if you guys want! 

even if you have an OC you want to be drawn, but it has to be an animal XD
I feel like this would be the theme song for Arrow and Archie.

also, what is a good ship name for them? XD

Archarrow? Arrowchie? or maybe something silly like Ketchup and Mustard? XD guess it's hard to make a ship name when you create two OC's that both have names beginning with Ar. 
I really want to see The Upside now!

It looks like such a beautiful movie and heartfelt at the same time. I never heard of The Intouchables until now, it also looks amazing but I'm glad they're making a remake here in the US.
"some A & B" in the title stands for Archie and Beetlebug but it was too long to fit in the title.

and also mind you, when Arrow meets Snaplash it's only a short time after Vikings and dragons were at peace thanks to Hiccup :D

Arrow came from a very small, low populated Island. Which was also a hotspot for dragons to come and attack the village because there were so few Vikings. A lot of the residents there were always upset or angry for no reason, including Arrow's parents. Arrow's parents were tough and mean and usually ignored her half the time. One day when one of the dragon attacks happened her parents never returned and she had to live on her own. She had to do this for months until the next dragon attack would change her life forever.

A few months after her parents died another dragon attack happened even after the Vikings and dragons were supposed to be at peace now. But the dragons were all the same species this time. Changewings. Out of fear, Arrow ran away as far as she could from her village towards some woods. Due to it being dark outside she fell right into a huge ditch, not seeing it, and wasn't able to get out on her own. 

She sat the for a while when she heard a loud roar coming closer to her and saw an entangled Changewing was heading right for her and crash-landed in the ditch. Arrow tried to run but had really know where to go. The Changewing was knocked out as far as she could tell and had a badly injured wing and leg. 

She wanted to run from the dragon but something in her, seeing it all tangled in rope and injured, made her want to help it. She had a very small knife on her and started cutting the ropes with it (which took forever since it was so small) and waited for it to wake up, which was only an hour or two later. 

When it woke up, it tried to escape the ditch but couldn't and eventually notice a frightened Arrow trying to hide. It started to walk towards her growling and looking like it wanted to kill her and it almost did. It pinned her down knocking off her helmet and was ready to kill her when Arrow started crying and begging it not to kill her and mentioning how she saved him. At that moment the Changewing let go and Arrow slowly sat up in amazement making sure she was still alive. As she put her helmet back on she studied the dragon walk away and lay on the other side of the ditch.

They were stuck there for 6 days together and eventually learned to like each other by the end. And Arrow tamed the Changewing she would eventually call Snaplash.

*fast forward a little bit, they became best friends blah blah and lived alone together constantly traveling and stuff blah blah blah*

A few years later Arrow and Snaplash settled on Berk where they would stay forever with the alpha dragon, Toothless. And became very attached to the place.

a few weeks later when taking a midnight flight out to sea a little, Arrow and Snaplash found an abandoned ship, or so it seemed. They searched the ship for a little bit and Snaplash eventually found a boy about the same age as Arrow begging them not to kill him and to let him go. Being very suspicious Arrow didn't listen and took him back to Berk questioning him. 

He eventually told them he ran away from home because all his family was killed in a raid by dragon hunters. And he was the last known survivor. Arrow let him stay with permission from the chief and became friends with him very easily. and then eventually both developed a crush on one another after a few weeks.

Archie then met a Snifflehunch that wouldn't leave him alone after giving it a fish. Arrow teased him saying he had a friend. And since Archie couldn't get rid of the dragon he kept her and named her Beetlebug or Beetle for short.

And all four of them became their own little team from then on and loved each other dearly.

Edit: this would be their theme song.
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ChillytheBear Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018  Student Artist
Happy New Years! You’re such a great friend!! I hope you get all you want and more!!!
TescoEdge Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy New Year!

Ty <3 same goes to you :D
ChillytheBear Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019  Student Artist
Thank you! <3
TheHannalyzer Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Spreading some love and happiness for 2019! Here's some guidelines:

1. Send this to 3 of your watchers.
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6. This doesn't only have to be on New Year's...let's keep this going for a while!

Your art is so cute! I love the vibrant colors you choose, and how you're always trying something new. Your passion for drawing dragons is really cool, and I know you'll only improve as time goes on! You're always sweet and fun to talk to, and I appreciate your kindness and friendship. Love Tards 
TescoEdge Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you Lyz! <3

I'll be sure to spread this around!
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