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Color Adjustment tutorial

While drawing the previous work I made this tutorial, (actualy I drew the picture for the tutorial).

This is how I match the colors of the character to the background.

Hope you like :ohnoes:
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wow, this is helpful on so many levels, you dont know how long ive been looking for a tutorial like this, thank you so much!
Also, why havent I found you before?!?
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I'm glad to be this helpful with this tutorial :)
I've been not active lately, maybe that's why.
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You're welcome :)
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Wait, so if my light source is let say... yellow, so my shadows should be purple and highlights should be yellow? @.@
What if my character has pink hair, green clothing, do the shadows still be purple and highlights be yellow?
I re-painted one of my art yesterday following your tutorial, but seems like the character still looks like she's "popping" out of my background.
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If the light source is yellow, then the shadows should be an opposite color to it - purple (you can use color circle for the opposite colors; If light is orange - shadows should be blue scale; if light is green - shadows should be red scale).

If your character has many different colors, paint them flat (like on step 3) then use color adjustment (step 4) to match them to the background palette. If the light source is yellow, move halftones and light swatches towards yellow/red scale. The shadows move towards magenta/blue. It will blend your character to the background more and make a good base to paint over.
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Hi, sorry for too many questions to be asked >.<
So for your "If your character has... paint them flat", do you mean merge the base colour layers together (if I paint skin, hair, clothes on a separate layer)?
And as for shadows, when on multiply mode, can I use the lightest blue/purple, then as the shadow gets darker, I just need to eyedrop the blue/purple I used and the multiply mode will enable the shadows to get darker right?
And also for overlay mode, the colour used in overlay mode is the colour of the lighting, not the colour of the base right?

Once again, sorry for so many questions asked >.<
I am still very new to digital painting, especially with background and character @.@
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Yes, you should have all your character colors on one layer because adjusting them will be easier to do at once. Of course while filling in flat colors you can use separate layers and then flatten them all, just as you said (use ctrl+E).

Yes, just remember the "multiply" layer make very light colors transparent/invisible, especialy these from the white area palette. Also, remember about light and shadow contrast, because shadows on sunny day are not as strong as those at the sunset. For shadows I reccomend to use colors from the middle of the color palette (not too gray, not too saaturated).

Yes, to blend your character to the background use colors from that area. Just don't use too saturated colors for the "overlay" option, it will make them even more saturated and too light.

I hope this will help, don't be affraid to ask even more ;D I know this is difficult at the beginning.
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Ok, thanks a lot for the reply! I'll try the digital colouring again when I am free :D
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Kolejny tutorial z którego chętnie skorzystam w najbliższej przyszłości, dziękuję bardzo za to, że w ogóle się bawisz w robienie tych tutoriali :heart:
Tervola's avatar
Sama się cieszę, jak widzę pomocny dla mnie tutorial, to wiem jak to jest ;) Nie ma za co i powodzenia w pracy!
Wyverra's avatar
Oj przyda się, bo teraz od ponad tygodnia nie ruszałam tabletu, bo mi cekolowali i malowali pokój i mam wrażenie, że zapomniałam zupełnie jak go używać xD
Dziś już próbowałam coś urodzić, ale tak bardzo nie wyszło, że zamknęłam bez zapisywania ^^;
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thank you very much! it's very useful for me <3
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Glad to hear it, you're welcome :aww:
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This was really helpfull thank you for sharing this because i'm still practice on my own PS CS so Thanks :hug:
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You're welcome :hug: Good luck on your practice.
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Thank you :aww: you have done my day with this tutorials because i waste to much time during some process in Photoshop that with some tools i can enjoyed with more time :hug:
Fayerin's avatar
i didn´t know about lock transparent pixels :la: this tool will give me so much time doing my works :la:
Thanks for the great advice
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You're welcome
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your tutorials are fantastic, they are made very well! Now I have a broken arm but as soon as I get back I swear I will test my skills with your tutorial!
Tervola's avatar
I'm so happy to hear it :hug: There are so many things to explain and I always think that I made it messy. Hope you get well fast and good luck with exercissing ;)
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Ooh, that's a very useful tutorial! Thanks for making it!
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Good to hear it, you're welcome :)
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