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Background Tutorial 1

Part 1 || part2

Here is requested tutorial for painting background. I tried to make it as clear as I could including all tiny steps. Hope you'll like it. If you don't understand something feel free to ask ;)

Other tutorials:
Base digital painting tutorial
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Color adjustment tutorial
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Thank you so much! This really helped me out with making my cave background :D
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I'm glad to hear it :hug:
i cant find that brush u said you use everytime. how to find find it? or is it only for tablet that can detect pressure
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It should be somewhere at the top of the basic set list that every photoshop has. It's right after the hard and soft ones. To make it work prooperly you have to use tablet.
finally got my tablet pen sensitivity working :happybounce: 
you don't know how much I appreciate your tutorials given I don't have any background in arts. You're technically my mentor right now:D (Big Grin) 
Here's my first work…
(lol 2 days to make)

need your critiques about this please (something is off, and I don't know what Nuu  )
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I like the colors in the picture and the strong contrast you made, it gives picture some mysterious mood. You blended colors really good as well. The only thing that is missing are shadows on the ground. If light comes from behind the creature then you should make some long shadows on the ground coming from the creature and the trees in the background as well. The picture will be completed then and it will add some more dynamics ;)
Keep it up!
yass thats why its weird!La la la la La la la la La la la laLa la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
   thank youu. I really appreciate it.
By the way do you mind if I send you links like this for you to critiques
I cant find any other website that has such a good sport user CURSE YOU!
I dont mind if you decline thoughLove , your tutorials helped me a lot. xoxo
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It will be better if you send me note with link to work, we can talk there :)
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Bardzo mnie zawsze inspirują prace, w których są takie kontrastujące kolory, ale jakoś nie mogę się przekonać do tego by w ten sposób rysować.
Ale teraz planuję rysować więcej, więc spróbuję i tego; na  pewno ten tutorial mi w tym pomoże! :D
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Samo zestawienie kolorów czasami bardziej działa, niż to co jest przedstawione w pracy. Też mi trochę zajęło, zanim odważyłam się na taką paletę.
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Very helpful! Thanks for posting it.
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You're welcome! :)
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Thank you very much for this tutorial! :)
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You're welcome! :aww:
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Lovely where can i download this plant brush? :)
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This is my custom brush I made so you can't download it D:
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Hey sorry for asking such a stupid question but what font did you use for this tutorial? Thanks :)
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The font is called "Orator Std" ;)
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Thanks so much!!
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I adore you! really adore you xD . . I'm trying this again. please see it when its done okay?
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Just let me know if you finish your practice :) No problem, thanks!
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It looks really good, the girl has very detailed coloring. All the parts of picture are matched very well :) Good work!
turbulance-vodka's avatar
why thank you :) . . I'd be really grateful if you comment there haha
please looks forward into my next practices :)
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