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Exactly what the title says :D

EDIT: I have changed the file so now the main pic of the work can be viewed as big as possible without scrolling up+down (sideways only). Which in my opinion is much better...

Most of the drawings in this artwork are on A4 paper, and the overall artwork is something like 88cm x 193cm.

Each of the drawings are done in ballpoint pen and at the very end I washed some of them with watercolour ink and stuck them on the backing which is stuck on a board which is stuck on a canvas frame >_>

I'm not very satisfied with the overall layout of it now, since originally it had a couple more feathers and leaves (you can see the flowing emu feathers on the cloth in the bottom-right pic which are not in the artwork) which were arranged more casually. In my opinion that made it look more like an artwork instead of some science project, everything integrated together and a messy sort of look.

My teacher, however, had a reversed opinion and got rid of the emu feathers, which she said detracted from the audience's attention of my drawings, arranged remaining feathers on horizontally/vertically to give the drawings more dominance and minimised overlapping of the drawings, creating exactly the effect I had envisioned before of a junior school project.

Wow I sound so negative in my comments...
I can say that I am pleased with this work. It's done, for starters – never need to go back to it. And it's covered in the drawings that I spent long hours on and love so much. (One I like so much that it's not even there; I was too overprotective <_< )

So overall I like this work. I might've liked it better if I just had individual drawings which I could hold in my hands, but the duty to create a large, impressive work to fit in with the rest of the state who create big artworks to impress the markers overruled my want, and the final, inevitable result was the best that I could have hoped for.

If you want to see details of any of the drawing and they aren't already up in my gallery please tell me in a post.

Thanks so much for watching me and being with me right through my artwork! ^_^ :heart:

Here's scans of the individual drawings uploaded already...

Turtle:iconblankspaceplz:Frog face:iconblankspaceplz:Wombat:iconblankspaceplz:Bilby:iconblankspaceplz:Frogmouth
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Hey, is this for high school or college? It's really cool!!!
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Thanks! It's for the end of high school.
NaMiKiTtIn's avatar
That's better than I am now!! And I'm a sophomore in college!!!
i'm busy trying to think up what to do for mine now..
what was your concept though?

your drawings i must say are freeking incredible!
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
Thanks :) concept... I didn't really have one, so to speak. Or I came up with one right at the end (after I'd completed the work).

It was basically about how all nature and the animals and us are connected and how each of those animals has a character of its own, just like us. Not very strong, but the teacher liked it/came up with it.

The only reason why my work is what it is is because I just did what I wanted and what I liked (drawing+animals).
Little-miss-sponge's avatar
Wow very interesting to see, as I have just started year 12 and I do Visual Arts. I like this alot, the individual drawings are great and I like how you have arranged it :)
Lovely concept too.
Have did you go in the hsc? You don't have to answer that if you don't want to.
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
Thanks very much :) VA's a good subject to have to keep that creative side of you going when all the other subjects are weighing you down :D Do you know what you want to do for your major work yet?
As for my hsc...I guess you could say it was so-so =P
Little-miss-sponge's avatar
I love visual arts, it's the only class I actually like doing the work for :P I'm thinking for my major work I'll do my own interpretations for all different Beatle's songs. Hopefully it will work out good :)
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
That's an cool idea. I'll be interested to see how it turns out. (Though with my class heaps of people had their concepts changed by April =P)
Little-miss-sponge's avatar
I've already changed it once, but you never know :P
Osa-Art-Farm's avatar
I am very envous of your drawing ability. These are very good.
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
Oh how random, I was checking out your gallery only yesterday o_o
Thank you very much! I've still got a long way to go though before I can do compositions on a page instead of single lonely subjects like these.
Osa-Art-Farm's avatar
Personally, I like the single lonely subjects. When they are done this nicely, you don't need much else. The interest you added with the washes is just right.
lil-crizzy's avatar
I think your drawing skills are excellent and I really like the message behind this artwork. My major artwork is so crappy but i'm just glad the HSC is all over now.
Anywayz i hope you get a high mark for this because i really like it :)
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
Thank you :)
Yep, HSC is over and i can do what i want now :w00t: - until i start uni >.>
Can i see your major work up anywhere?
Are you really in Madagascar? Do you have to do the hsc?
lil-crizzy's avatar
ill post it up asap
superlizard's avatar
whoa, the drawings are mad
Binnus's avatar
I love the drawings themselves, but the badger looks as if it was covered in blood..because of the reddy-brown watercolor paint.. maybe the colors are distorted.. ^^;
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
T_T No, unfortunately the colours aren't distorted. Not very much anyway. The background to the badger (and therefore the row of birds and grasshopper) turned out too dark in the end because, as I discovered during the last stages of this work, my ink washing skills suck. Both my parents and my teacher said they liked the dripping though...:hmm:
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Is that your HSC majour work? Omg, I am so screwed if I have to compete against you *cries* Yours is so well done!
Teru-teruMomiji's avatar
"Compete"..... In my opinion we're all just here to do our best and when we do no one else's work will matter, so don't get bogged down by the idea of competition :) (And these days, 'concept' matters more than technique in judging artworks. Which I am totally ready to agree is just sad...>_>)
But otherwise, thanks for the compliment. I'm glad the work was worth it :D
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