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Black Tower UK Gold Collection vol.1 [BTC&B,2009]

Black Tower UK Gold Collection vol.2 [BTC&B,2009]

Black Tower UK Gold Collection vol.3 [BTC&B,2010]

Black Tower UK Gold Collection vol.4 [BTC&B,2010]

Back From The Dead[BTC&B,2009/reprinted 2010]

The Collected Adventures Of Mark Tyme[BTC&B,2010]

The Collected Purple Hood[BTC&B,2009/reprinted 2010]

The Centaur Heroes vol.1[BTC&B,2009/reprinted 2010]

The Centaur Heroes vol.2[BTC&B,2010]


Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summer’s Night [Eros Comix,Seattle 1991-2009]

Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summer’s Night [My Excess,Edinburgh,2010]

Maeve[Eros Comix,Seattle,1997]

Maeve[My Excess,Edinburgh,2010]

Sizzlin’ Sisters[Eros Comix,Seattle,1997]

Sizzlin Sisters[My Excess,Edinburgh,2010]

The Darke Child[My Excess,Edinburgh,2010]

Editor/Production & Contributor

Tales Of Terror[Black Tower Comics & Books,2009/2010]

Black Tower Adventure[Black Tower Comics & Books,1984—]

Cruisers In The Clouds [prose][Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]

Editor/Production/Author & Artist

The Bat Triumphant![Black Tower Comics & Books,2009/reprinted 2010]

Krakos:Sands Of Terror[Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]

Merriwether:God’s Demon-Thumper[Black Tower Comics & Books [2009/2010]

Journey Of The ID:The Dr Morg Trilogy[Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]

The Iron Warrior:Jungle Terror[Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]


Some Things Strange & Sinister[Black Tower Comics & Books,2009/2010]

Some More Things Strange & Sinister [Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]

The Hooper Interviews[Black Tower Comics & Books,2010]

COMIC BITS ONLINE is the web version of the Comic Bits magazine Edited and run by Terry Hooper [aka:"The Prof","The Un-person"]. Terry,currently residing in The Library of The Weird & Unusual in the existential dimension known as “The Vale”, has over thirty years experience in the comic industry as script writer,artist,freelance Editor,publisher,comic packager and creators agent and much more.

Comic Book Writer,Artist,Editor & Publisher -Black Tower Cg and author of Some Things Strange And Sinister[2009].

On Leaving education in 1974 I went to work for H. Tanner & Son, a small printing firm based in Southmead,Bristol. When I moved to Manston,Kent,in 1977,I began working as a paste-up assistant to Philips Printers;this involved designing and then laying out/pasting up newsletters,commercial flyers,etc.,etc.. From 1980-84 I worked for Bennings Printers and Stationers,Keynsham,where I put together publications as well as advertising material until the company ceased trading in 1984.

During 1977 I also began writing articles on astronomy,meteorological phenomena,space exploration and other general subjects –something I have continued up until this date in the UK and Europe as well as United States. In the UK the main market has been the County Magazine trade.
During the mid to late 1970s,I was employed as a sales rep helping to promote toys such as The Micronauts,Atlantic Soldiers ,Action Force figures and sets and other products. This involved visiting retailers,setting up displays,propmotional material and so on. This led to my designing a series of toy soldier style sets for Hong Kong manufacturers such as “Dawn of Man” and “Space Frontier”. Privately,this led to taking part in Games Workshop events and even war-gaming.

From 1982-84 I took over the running of Comic Haus comic store in Detmold,Germany,which was failing badly in the market. I made the store a profit maker and was then put in charge of the Hameln Comic Haus,whose situation I turned around;both stores made such profits that the owner sold for a bigger profit!
Between 1984-1994 I worked freelance as a writer/artist/editor/agent in comics as well as comics journalism for MU Press,Blue Comet Press,Fantagraphic Books,Eros Comics,Dorne,Fleetway,IPC and others in the United States,UK and Europe. During this period I also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for agencies in Germany such as Boiselle-Lohmann and Baaske Agency –these going to magazines and publications around Europe. I also worked as a freelance editor in comics and publications ranging from wildlife,astronomy and science fiction magazines.

From 1984-2004 I was also self publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of subjects under the Black Tower banner.

I have also produced packages of work for companies in India,Hong Kong and China. I have also been working as an industry advisor for smaller companies in countries such as India,Canada,Singapore,China,Europe and the US.

I am also recognised as a British comics historian,having met and interviewed many of the creators who worked for comics here,and also traced the history of UK publishers.

I have a good knowledge of current UK,US and European comics as well as those being prepared for future release. Between 1978-1983 I worked at Silver Surfer Comics shop,Totterdown,Bristol.
As a talent spotter I helped various creators break into the comic industry such as John Royle,Jon Haward,Duncan Fegredo,Art Wetherell et al.

Lee Davis,as an introduction to an interview of myself in IMAGINEERS magazine,noted that I was “…a near legendary figure in the British comics industry”.

In the U.S. industry publication,AMAZING HEROES,Hal Hargitt described me as “…The hardest working man in comics!”.

Gerd Hamer,in a German comic magazine described me as “The father of European super heroes…”

Apart from writing and drawing comics I have,since 1986,been attempting to promote European comics and creators in the UK. My interest reflected in a collection of Russian,Chinese,Czech,Polish,Hungarian,German,Finnish,Belgian,Australian,New Zealand and,naturally,British and American comic books.

Outside of comics I have worked with companies such as Yorkshire Television and HTV to create ideas and programmes for TV,such as a Channel 4 “Carry On” Film weekend in 1999. I have also featured in documentaries or TV/Radio news programmes in my capacity as a veteran naturalist and Police Consultant.

Currently working on the comic and 3D animated series,The Paranormals as well as a series of short TV horror stories,Tales From The Grave. Other projects are currently optioned for TV.

I am also an historian specialising in Pre-Roman and Roman Britain,Celts and rediscovered ‘lost’ history.

On both wildlife and history I have published numerous papers between 1979-2004.

Between 1992-2004 I published an Annual Report On The British Comics Industry looking at trends and sales as well as predicting trends,carrying out comic buyer surveys and so on. These began with 75% accuracy but by 1997 were between 89-97% accurate on predictions and trends.


CBO, 203 Ashton Drive, Ashton Vale, Bristol BS3 2PY UK

Professional Recommendations

Paul H. Birch

Paul H. hired you as a Writer/Editor in 1991 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

“Terry Hooper-Scharf’s knowledge of the international comic book scene has been put to good use writing about the subject for a number of years, and I personally have appreciated his sharing his research on a number of occasions. He is also well versed in the independent comics scene, and has also written comics for publishers himself. Not that this is Terry’s only specialist field, I am aware that he has had worked published in periodicals regarding natural history, and cryptozoology: A man of diverse interests and able to communicate them to others.” July 30, 2012

Karen Wenborn
Managing Director at Classical Comics

I could write a lot of things such as intelligent,witty,connected and more but all I really need to say is that if you want to make your company a success -get Karen! April 21, 2009

Terry (Owner-Managing Editor at Black Tower CG ) was with another company when working with Karen at Classical Comics
Dave Gordon
Publisher/Artist at MyExcess

I have known Dave since the early 1990s when he worked with me as an artist on the best-selling Eros Comix graphic novel “Maeve”. I have worked with him since as well as kept an eye on his career within comics and illustration. Dave has been called “The Milo Manara of British comics” and produces unique top quality art from pin-up to graphic novels. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any publisher or business as someone to work with. July 31, 2012

Jeeyeon Kim
Managing Director at Seoul Graphics Literary Management

Having looked at Jeeyeon’s work and talked to her I can highly recommend her. She has a passion to bring Korean Manhwa to the English speaking market and her translations are excellent and the works she has chosen are both wonderful in style and fun to read. With Korean Manhwa declared to be the next “big thing” by US and UK industry pundits I’d say that Dr Kim is THE perfect person to approach. September 8, 2009

Endorsed by
Jon Haward

comic strip artist /designer
Dennis Ray

General Manager at Three D’s Comics

Looking glass

Looking glass

I know what you are thinking: "Looking Glass was the Fleetway character project, wasn't it?" If I'm going to be honest with myself I doubt you are thinking that -unless you've read past posts or are on the Face Book group? Anyway, Looking Glass was a project for Marvel UK that disappeared up some editor's bottom. I then used the title for this series, written in the early 1990s and guess what? I know who the artist is! I always insisted that artists do the simplest thing so they got credit and their pages could be easily identified (at one time I got between 30-70 art packages a week). Only two artists ever bothered. No name on this art but I have my synopsis with the artist's name -Simon Russell. I cannot remember whether it was Fantagraphics or another US Indie publisher but the series was grabbed and...guess what? Yep, the artist vanished without trace and left me in the lurch. I loved the art style and the characters came out even more eccentrically than I thought they could.

Finding Old Projects

Finding Old Projects

After last year's purge involving the burning of 35 years or more (actually going back to the 1970s) of papers and scripts I thought a lot of stuff was gone forever. However, as I looked for my notes on the Terry Bave interview (which I fear is now lost forever) I found some bits and pieces of projects I was working on back in the early 1990s. So get prepared for....uh...the Spanish Inquisition? First off a page from The Traveller which seemed to be a sci fi mystery but developed into a surrealistic journey through the Quantum Realm. I have no idea who the artist was because they jumped ship before completing the artwork. I have a few other pages elsewhere in another box so one day.... This series (initially 4-6 issues as I left that open to the publisher who knew what money they had and what could be published) was picked up by a company but the artist refused to answer letters and was not on the phone so..... The talking fish was a mystery but everyone seemed to think it
I do KNOW that there are some on DeviantArt who STEAL other creators images for t-shirt and other merchandise to sell: that is THEFT. "I'll download the illegally scanned comic and if I like it I might buy it"...you are taking part in theft -stealing...


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