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Everythings comin up Milhouse!

found an old drawing from my high school sketch book of a couple of these characters, I had to expand on an old idea
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Ooooo! This looks really cool! :D
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This is amazing. I can imagine Comic Book Guys is saying: This is undoutbly an incantation on the SINISTER TWELVE, an offs-shoots of Dr. Octopus 's super villain group the sinister six, originally organized by the Green Goblin. Although comprising of a few different members, Dr. Octopus no doughty sued Green Goblin in court for using the word sinister in his groups name. This was brought to head in Spiderman #857 Six vs Twelve (Even Numbers at ODDS). I'm also well aware that there are fourteen of us excluding what is being renditions as Spiderman, merger as he may be, by which I mean Black Cat and J. Johan Jameson. Black Cat is mearly Spiderman's romantic interest FEMME FATAL and sometimes ally who is deemed inappropriate for an incarnation of a sinister anything and Jameson is only Spiderman's enemy in terms of public opinion assaulting him not with superpowers or high tech weaponry but with his smear campaign positioned from his privately owned newspaper. As for your choose of super villains I must say it is inspired but you've un-wittily missed out on some iconic and less then iconic characters that this fine franchise has developed. I have comprised a rather long list of choices you might want to consider-hey what are you doing? Keep that eraser away. Hey thats my mouth! Hey! I demand you cease this incursion and reverse your pencil this instant! Ow! OW!. Your not drawing! Your just jabbing me with it! Ow! Oh my Rhino armour! It is useless against LEAD!

So any way here is my shorter list of some Simpsons characters that could be used as Spiderman super villains.

Lenny as Carnage
Krusty as the Chameleon
Jimbo, Kreny and Dolph as the Enforcers
Grampa as Silvermain
Smithers as Hammerhead
Selma as The Lizard
Bumblebee Guy as The Beetle
Dr Nick as The Jackal
Barney as Hydro Man
Carl as Vermin
Moleman as The Hobgoblin
Snake as the Burglar

Comic Book Guy: Ooh, using Snake as a regular criminal. Real original. By the way, each character is assigned to their corresponding Spiderman character with the same gender, so using Selma as the Lizard just because she has a Iguana does not count, period! Also you can not use Moleman because he has been designated to be the Lava Men from The Fantastic Four. You probably thought he would be their subterranean foe The Mole Man. Yet again another example of your short sightedness my ignorant friends......hey! Oww! Stop that! Pencils were made for creating not for killing! 

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i was thinking Swarm for bumblebee man
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And Maybe Doctor Hibbert as the Lizard instead? 
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So, I can tell who everyone but Wolfcastle is, is supposed to be Tombstone?
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yup it sure is 
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Stunning idea, and excellent execution!!
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Thank you very much 
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No problem. Just wondering, how long have you've been drawing? When did you start?
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Um...since I can remember. I went to Sheridan college for animation. Life drawing really helps a lot 
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I admire real artists such as yourself
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Thank you very much
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Pretty dang awesome.
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You're very welcome!
Where's Hank Scorpio? I'm having trouble finding him
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haha he had to go...someone ate part of his lunch 
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After looking into it though its a Non-profit site for someones surgery, and I have no problems with that
Terryv83's avatar it is not...thanks for the heads up 
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