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Wonder Woman Cosplay Pack For V4 and A4

By Terrymcg

Wonder Woman Cosplay Pack for V4 and A4

13 confirming clothing figures included:

2 capes, High heel boots, Boots, Suit, Logo, 2 Belts, Lasso, 2 bracers, stockings and pantyhouse.

6 Smart props :

Earring L, Earring R, Tiara, Sword, Axe, Shield

You can have this costume for 20 bucks :)…

Note: DazStudio doesn't support poser 100% Therefore DazStudio users will have to set up gold mats on their own.

Extra Pictures:

WW costume Aiko 4 by Terrymcg

Morphs sample by Terrymcg

Ww Meshes by Terrymcg

Ww Meshes Textured by Terrymcg

Lasso Trouble1 by Terrymcg

Lasso Trouble 2 by Terrymcg

Let me AXE you a question by Terrymcg

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hi what hair do you used in this promo?

I bought the costume, now where do I get the hair?

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Breaker of Chains!
Beautiful work here! :)
YankeeBlueJeans's avatar
Thanks again for all the great costumes. :D

Here's an image I made using the outfit: WW Costume Texture Test
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I'm glad you like the costumes.
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Love your outfits!
Quality work!!! Thank you soooooo much!

Wonder Woman Betty Pose by Chinsen3D  
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How did you manage to make the outfit fit so snugly over those morphs?
Chinsen3D's avatar
Because of the exteme shapes i always have to zbrush the outfits on the models...
I custom morphed them :) But man i LOVE your work! 
Terrymcg's avatar
Ahh, with Zbrush!
That explains it.
Great work.
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I used this outfit here… if you're interested.  I rendered it in Poser's SuperFly render engine. 
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Thanks for showing it to me. :)
FanArt3d's avatar
You're welcome.  Thanks for adding it to your favorites.
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wow excellent model terrymcg but i can't see the link
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Well, if you bought it, then check your email. It sometimes takes me a bit longer to send the download link. This process isn't automated (yet). My apologies. But everyone who buys these costumes will get a download link. Even if it sometimes takes a bit longer. :)
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Thank you for making this. I finally had the chance to work with it:

Wonder Woman

I'm enough of a masochist that I built my Princess Diana (my second attempt, for the record) using the Karen 7 base on Genesis 3 Female and rendered in Iray on Daz3D. I think it ended up okay. 
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Diana of Themyscira by poserfan
 of course, I tweaked the textures to my liking - and I think the bracelets are from one of your other packs.
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Used again here Terry.  Wonder Woman
Roy3D's avatar
Used here Terry Wonder Woman by Roys-Art
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Great work again! Thanks for showing it to me. :nod:
Roy3D's avatar
My pleasure Terry and thank you for the great outfit.  Nod 
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Just picked this up finally, Can't wait to use it!
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