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Wonder Woman

By Terrymcg
This is a costume I've been working on...slowly...It's for Vicky 4. The tiara isn't mine and I hate how bad those bracelets look. There's 2 different looks; This one here is closer to the TV series. The other one is closer to the comics of that era (I think). I still have to model the boots and make a better looking tiara, but once I'm done I think I will upload this one as a freebie. It's for V4 and Poser only. Sorry, I just can't be arsed to figure out Daz Studio. I'm lazy, damn it.
And as usual the UV maps suck and the morphs are a bit wonky...d'oh!

Anyway thanks for looking.
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and is the hottest
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I really love this costume, have you thought about making a paid and improved version of this costume, with more morphs, more details and more realistic?
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Yes. It is on my to-do-list as well. WOnder Woman TV costume pack. I just have to find the time, somehow.
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Did this ever get released or is it for sale?  It looks a bit like the one RichVill uses on his Wonder Woman
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It's available at Sharecg. :nod:
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Wonserful work
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Very nice likeness of lynda carter as wonderwoman.  The only thing id change is make her boobsbigger w more cleavage and make shorts more like a bikini.
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Incredible work. I love the v4 character as well, is she for sale any where?
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Thanks. No, she's not for sale.
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Very realistic job with the Lynda Carter realism. Love the TV series and any homage to it is worth viewing. Love the depth in here eyes and the facial detail is beautifully done. Nice glow with the lasso and outfit texturing. The tiara isn't bad, but just needs turned more to here left and closer to her head. Gorgeous pic, nonetheless:love:
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Yeah the Tiara is pretty bad. I was lazy and used someone elses tiara model.
Thank you very much for the comment.
I like Lynda Carters WW as well. I only saw the TV show a few years a go, as it never really aired in my country.
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Understood. I made sure to buy all 3 season on dvd to relive those "busty" days :giggle:
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Heh! I actually bought the DVD's becuase people are still talking about Lynda's WW, so I had to know what it was all about. And yeah, I understand now why people like her so much.
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Funny thing is is that my mom used to always comment on breasts and how voluptuous she was. At least they were natural:nod:
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Great work as usual. Thanks for sharing.
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I used it here:
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I like this retro suit - thank you
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