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Black Cat

By Terrymcg
I resisted the urge to do "Diamonds are girls best friend" -pun with the title. :lol:
Im just testing the Black Cat costume I've made for poser. It's soon ready for beta-testing.
I've had huge ammounts of problems with this costume and I've lost days of work many times.
I made a hair prop as well, but for what ever reason the material zones got lost, so the entire hair prop
became useless. ANyway this version here only works with Poser. As the fur is done with displacement maps.
I have another version with transmapped hair, but I really dislike it. I made this costume a very tight fit, so unfortunately that means that there will be some pokethourgh when doing extreme poses. So I'll have to make some extra morphs to deal with that.

Thanks for looking :)
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Very cool costume and scene!
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It looks great!  The reflection settings are pretty cool.
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Really excellent! Can't wait for you to finish it! :)
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Most users know that with a bodysuit like that poke through isn't too big a deal. You just hide the body under it. So I wouldn't sweat it on that problem. She looks fantastic and very true to the Black Cat that I grew up with in the 90's animated show. I have a free and easy solution for making the fur look exactly the same in Daz Studio. Are you Familiar with the Fuzzy Wuzzy Shader? I used it in this render: Vanilla Twilight. I have a link for the shader somewhere. I will have to find it again.

Overall I am very impressed with this piece. It came together very nicely and the work that you put into it shows. Well done B-)
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Thank you. I'm glad you like this. Yeah the shader would be a life-saver. I'm also making another version of this costume with trans-mapped hair, but I do prefer the displacement maps. Polygon count won't be too high.
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Thank you very much!
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Terry, I don't know if this will help with the fur.…

That product seems to do fur pretty well.  It is a bitch to render, though ;)
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Yeah it looks nice, but I simply can't buy it just to see how the fur works in his product. Money is tight right now.
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Is beautiful! Is a great render and costume Terry!
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you are welcome.
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