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Fifi Fuckdoll, all fucked up

This is the finished, inked lineart of an A3 sized graphic novel comic page of the outrageous and most gorgeous Fifi Fuckdoll admiring herself after completing her slutty transexual transformation into an uber busty, chainsmokin' hot gothic french maid, by my awesomely arch artisan JugganautBitch, and based on my deranged stories.

I wonder what he's going to draw next?

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mondonaj182's avatar
AWESOME! Instant fav, I like a disgusting latex wearing slut monkey with tattoos and smelling of cigarettes! lol
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
I take it we have the same taste in "classy," ladies' perfume then?
FFecchifan's avatar
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
Mr unstoppable J is awesomely talented, isn't he? And still only an art student and trainee tattoo artist. He's cuban, but has lived mostly in South Africa since a child. I constantly try, connive and plot to inspire him, and I literally can't wait to see what he draws next.

The sexy, malevolently grinning, pervily evil lookin' nurse in the background, now called Myria, already excitedly inspired her own batshit crazy erotic story, called "Insane in the Membrane." Zzzap!
FFecchifan's avatar
I can't disagree.
666zarike's avatar
Smexy :D
Really a3, that´s a big paper =)
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
I think it was a canvas, then he's used photoshop to add colour to the others so far.
Jugganaut4Life's avatar
haha... No actually it was a piece of A3 canson paper Terry and Yes I do color digitally on Photoshop.
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
I remembered you mentioning "A3," "canvas," and "digitally coloured."

As for my ever increasing list of ideas for an "earned," request, how about a filthy gorgeous, crimson clawed, kinky booted, butt naked pierced up smokin' hot pirate (Amy) Pond, about to lustfully pounce, AND Doctor Pimp with his hat and solid gold "TIME LORD," knuckledusters in the background? Awesome!
Dragonkingmark's avatar
whoa, this is amazing
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
I know! I wonder what he's plottin' now?

Did you like all my other awesome birthday prezzies?
Dragonkingmark's avatar
yeah, and i'm now 18 ^^ just turned on Monday
TerrylovesBoobs's avatar
A "YAY," I take it? Of course in my case, being 18, or indeed 29 makes no damn difference. Especially as no one can tell the difference!
Dragonkingmark's avatar
lol, well i am now considered an adult ^^
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