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Zatanna SKETCH

For details about materials and a look at how I made the sketch please visit my blog-
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How do you make your art so unique? 
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Ummm... good question.
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I am an aspiring artist and I am wondering how great artists get their characters to look awesome.
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Cute, cute, cute!
I'd tease you about how someone with such great art skillz can't even spell "you're" correctly, but since they ARE different parts of the brain and I can barely draw a recognizable stick figure, I suppose I shouldn't be a smartass. ;)
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That wascawy wabbit! :D

Great picture, Terry. :)

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That looks amazing. Nice job
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you're welcome! :)
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1st pet peeve: People who get the whole your/you're thing wrong. :no:
2nd pet peeve: Zatanna NOT bound and gagged.  She's dangerous!  :slow:
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admittedly, that annoyed me too. Like the drawing, though... just... grammar. agh.
Another sketch by you my man!
Now that's a magic trick!
Nice work as always!
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Ha! that's hilarious! And nicely done too.
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