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Growing the Perfect Bride

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Behold: my first attempt ever at drawing Dr. Rhoda Dendron.  I hope I didn't mess her up too badly.

I figured that I've been drawing a lot of Negaduck lately (he is my favorite villain), so I wanted to show some love to Bushroot this time. :heart:

Bushroot and Rhoda Dendron (c) Disney.
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They were such a sweet couple; if only things could have been different.
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Poor Bushy, he just to be love...right?
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This is beautiful and so amazing!
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I love how you had him name the growing bride to be Rhoda
Beautiful work
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You are very welcome :happybounce: 
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Oh no, this is super adorable.

You drew Rhoda perfectly, and same with poor Bushroot. Just look at him and his little potted plant. 
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Such a cute idea – and beautifully executed.
I especially like her pose, how she rests her head on his. :heart: I bet it makes a nice pillow.
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Aw, thank you! :aww: I'm glad you like it. :3
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Daaaw. I always felt so bad for Bushroot :(
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Same here.  Most of his "crimes" were really just him trying to find/create someone who would love him, or at least be a friend. :(
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Yeah, or for him to survive. And even when he tried to ruin christmas I felt bad for him. People treated him horribly, thats why he went on a rampage
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Poor Bushy. Maybe he'll find someone someday.

Nice work. :)
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I hope so. Thank you :)
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Awwww, This is so sad.....
He was always my favorite character because of his backstory.................................................
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Yeah, it's hard not to feel sorry for him.  He never had much interest in power or money -- he just wanted someone who'd love him, or at least be a real friend.

Poor guy just could never seems to catch a break. :(
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yeah, you are right................. 
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These two made such a good couple. ^^ Such an adorable picture here too; looks like Bushroot has fond memories of her. :) It's quite touching.
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Thank you :) I always felt so sorry for Bushroot that it made it hard sometimes for me to see him as a villain. ^^;  Even with his attempts to grow the perfect girl, I kind of see him still truly wishing to be with Rhoda.
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