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19th Century Fashion Timeline

By Terrizae
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I had a lot of fun making my Western Fashion Timeline terrizae.deviantart.com/art/We…, so I thought I would make one specific to my favorite century. :)   
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That's so fantastic!

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CShellShoreHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm the 2000th like!
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wow, i like this!
just my opinion, I think 19th century fashion is much more adorable than now.
for now, I think the Lolita fashion is similar and good.
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i love your fashion studies
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ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
I'll never understand why women weren't allowed to just wear pants back then. Those big gowns seem like immense fire hazards. 
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ShyBlackberryHobbyist Digital Artist
Everyone wore dresses/tunics in the beginning. Men started to wear trousers because it was more comfortable and less likely to get in the way of horse riding and, since horse riding was heavily associated with war, so did trousers and women didn't go to war. With time, it just became tradition
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Prettyprincess5678Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because back then they thought it wasn't lady like for women to wear pants at the time.
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ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
Still makes no sense to me. 
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AliceRitterHobbyist General Artist
it's amazing how much fashion can change in one century
OLIVER-YOUNGProfessional Traditional Artist
your works are beautiful and interesting 
I like  much the Renaissance époque ,
some time I transform the cloths for male characters 
from that époque to female . I think that is a little bit
more elegant and sensual a lady dressed as Romeo or Mercuzio .
Once I saw in Japan , a Shakespeare's play and unbelievible ,
all the male characters were played by ...ladies . ha ha !
Of course in real Renaissance style . 
I observed ( they played in english language )to them  a 
very subtile way to create the atmosphere and also a wonderful humor
But even if I draw , it is only my hobby . I am a musician .
I like much your works 
By the way , I red that you write also.
Me ,too , I would like to create a medieval play , a new medieval époque ,
something outside from time and space .
once more Congratulations 
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BonnieLilyHobbyist Digital Artist
1800s remainds me of "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. Great outfits.
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Gabreya1990Student General Artist
Great diagram.
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AmberAmethystHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for making such a lovely reference. The dresses of the 1840s through the 1870s are lovely.
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I love this one too!
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i'd love to see something similar for the 20-21 centuries:) go ahead make something futuristic too and please let me know if you do that:)
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you are amazing:)
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TerrizaeProfessional General Artist
Thanks! :)
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Lugia20711Hobbyist Writer
I love these dresses. I just wouldn't like wearing the stockings, corsets, bustles, and crinolines.

Great work!
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TerrizaeProfessional General Artist
Thanks! I feel the same- they're pretty to look at, but I'm glad I live in an era where t-shirts exist. ;)
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The 19th century simply fascinates me. Excellent timeline.
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TerrizaeProfessional General Artist
Thanks! :)
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MelodyGlowHobbyist Digital Artist
I want these dresses!
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AenthaHobbyist General Artist
I love this so much. ;w;
You did a wonderful job!
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