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The Mane Attraction: Pg 1.

By Terrichance
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Oh look, I'm doing it again.

I almost made this story into a written work instead, but I decided to give the drawn form a shot. The result is 16 pages of silliness that has a slight drizzling of 'butterscotch' in some places. A test run on Ponychan has told me that people on there liked it, so let's see if the people HERE like it too!

This comic was inspired by a certain picture [link] featuring Carrot, with her hair done up in an exceedingly alluring fashion. With all the comments on that picture about 'dat mane', it came to me. What if that mane really DID drive ponies wild? Hence the story you are about to discover. And all before Halloween too!

There are instances of non-consensual contact *mainly touching and nuzzling* made in this comic. If such things make you uncomfortable, then this may not be for you.

That aside, I hope you all enjoy!



Carrot Top lets her hair grow out a bit, and styles it accordingly. No big deal usually, right? Unless somehow, the result makes any pony who gazes at it, become relentlessly enamored with it and the pony it's attached to! Carrot now must find a way to shave her locks before she's smothered to death with affection from every pony in Ponyville!
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I've had it bookmarked for a while, finally decided to get around to adding it to my favourites.
The story works.
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Well... I have been thinking of coloring this comic.
I haven't been able to, due to not having a tablet ready for precision.
But now I have finally obtained one, I believe I might start work on this for practice.
Would you mind?
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Consider a colored version. Overall, the new mane is pretty.
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What does the third panel show?
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love love LOVE how carrot tops hair looks in this
great job!
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amazing. It flows like an episode of the show. If you ever find a fortune and can't think what to spend it on, you might consider producing pirate MLP episodes.
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I'm just going to go and mass-fav all of these pages right now...
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good job man!
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i really like her mane!
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I like where this is going!
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The description reminds me of a Fairy Odd Parents episode, Strange.
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First it's called a haircut, then a manecut, then she calls it hair
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Yes, more of this!
We need more Carrot Top!
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