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by sequ0ia

This really caught my eye when I was scrolling through a group you submitted this to. I've never written a critique before but I feel i...




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United States
Ahoy there! If you like Pokemon and other video games, then this is the place for you! I try to upload as much as I can but sometimes I get into a slump or I'm busy. Stay tuned, though!


Tap-Click Beach
Hey all! Here's something I've been working on for a while. Welcome to Tap-Click Beach! It's a place where all the local fauna are plugged into their social media accounts. There's the Tappy Blue Bird, who's beak has evolved into a big index finger, as to make smartphone tapping much easier! Under the waves are a school of Anonyfish, along with a Likelam and a Bottom-Phoner. Resting on the water's surface is a Trollduck, whose wide grin never means anything good. Finally, there's a Skreegull, a bird whose always angry because it knows that it's right about everything and everyone else is an idiot. So, that's Tap-Click Beach! Did I pull off the isometric view? Does the water look nice? What did you think of the fauna? Let me know in the comments!
Dream Demons - Birby-Birb
Another new demon! Ridiculous name aside, this was actually a pretty scary dream. Here's the story:

"I was chosen to be a astronaut on a recon mission to the recently colonized planet, Mars. Apparently, strange things were occurring on the dusty red planet, and it was up to me and my team to find out what. As we landed our rocket ship, I noticed that Mars looked pretty normal. There was nothing but red soil and rocks for as far as the eye could see. But then I remembered that Mars was supposed to have been colonized, and yet there was no sign of any machinery, buildings, or people. As I got off of the ship, I scanned the area. Nothing. After a brief talk with my crew, it was decided that I was to venture further into Mars' barren deserts and see if I could find any clues. I donned a special protective suit, in the case of a Martian sandstorm. I started to walk out into the wasteland, and I kept up the pace for about three hours. Finally, I stumbled across something that was so out of place that you could've called it 'alien' if not for the irony. An old, wooden church that was in a state of disrepair, with holes in the roof and a pair of crooked, unhinged doors. The church had a large sign hanging on the front with the words 'Birby-Birb' on it, written in faded pink letters. 'What on Earth happened here?' I wondered. And then, about 30 to 40 feet away, I saw what looked like a pink, curly stem. Was it a plant? Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to think, as the pink stem started moving towards me alarmingly fast. Then, the stem went under the ground and disappeared. All of a sudden, a massive pair of jaws emerged from beneath me and tore through part of my suit. I then saw what the stem was attached to: an alien creature that looked very similar to an earthly shark, at least in shape. The beast was covered in pink, feathery down and had the curly stem where its dorsal fin should have been. It used this strange organ as a feeler, to sense what was happening around it. It swam through the ground like water, displacing no soil as it moved. It almost seemed as if it were anchored in another dimension... Just as I was trying to get my bearings back, the oxygen in my suit was dangerously low, on account of the rip from the creature's teeth. As I lost consciousness, the last thing I saw was the strange alien life-form swimming slowly towards me."

Sorry for the really long story, but that's what happened (in the dream at least). Hope you like it!
"Karnotrice attacks and feeds on anything that moves, but its favorite meal is the flesh and bone of its own kind. The more it cannibalizes its kin, the stronger its dark powers become. Some researchers have found Karnotrice specimens over hundreds of years old, the foul birds' twisted magics corrupting their own bodies, and blighting the very earth they walk on."

More creature design, yay! Thought of this concept when I heard that some chickens can develop cannibalistic tendencies if not raised properly. Hope you like it!
Darkest Hunters - Deviljho Edition

“It has devoured man and beast alike. Now, it is time to give the devil its due.”
    -The Ancestor (probably)

Hey guys! This is what I've been working on for the past week: a cross between Monster Hunter and Darkest Dungeon, two of my favorite games! I admittedly pulled some assets from the files of Darkest Dungeon to put in the picture, but everything except the health bars and the torch were made by me. Hope you like it!



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Tumfuleri Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad to see another monster maniac here.
I love a lot your designs!
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Haha thanks! I'm glad you like them! :)
BunniCarot Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav. I always knew Sir Loin Cloth was one of my better ideas LOL
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Haha no problem! :D
NewL3o2 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the faves :D
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
No problem! Your 3D work is very impressive! :)
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Sure, that sounds awesome! I'd like to do R.O.B. if that's alright. And actually could I incorporate his 'Ancient Minister' design somehow? I know it's not an official alt. for R.O.B. but I still think it would be neat. If not, that's okay too. :)
SoyotheNerd Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's great, I added you to the list. :D (Big Grin) 
And sure, you can incorporate the other design. But maybe with the normal design, 'cause I don't think everyone knows the Ancient Minister design.
TerriblyJadedGamer Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Okay, I'll do my best! :D
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