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The Speculative categories are for creatures that have never existed, but could have evolved from real creatures, For example, the speculative creatures category of my gallery.
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How to get started & Group Rules

:skull: How to get Started: :skull:

1) To become a member of the group in order to submit your content click the "Join Our Group" near the top of the page.
2) Once you've been accepted you are free to comment & even better you can submit your artwork of your prehistoric or extinct creatures.
3) To submit your artwork to the group click the "Contribute Art" button near to top of the page then choose which gallery you wanna submit to & everyone in this group can view your latest artwork!

:skull: Here are some rules that
should be obeyed at all times:

:iconpalm3plz: :iconpalm2plz: :iconpalm1plz:

(1) Terrible folders for dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians & beasts are for inaccurately structured prehistoric creatures.
(2) Speculative folders for dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians & beasts are for uncertain structures of these prehistoric creatures.
(3) Accurate folders for dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians & beasts are for correctly structured prehistoric creatures.
(4) Only inaccurate prehistoric creatures can be featured.
(5) Submit to the right folders.
(6) We have zero tolerance for bullying & it will result in being blocked from this group.
(7) Nothing other than dinosaurs or extinct creatures are allowed to be submitted to this group.
(8) If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
(9) No stolen art it must be your own creation.
(10) Absolutely no negative talks about different races, cultures, disabilities, sex, age etc or that'll result in being blocked from the group.
(11) No blocking any of the admins, if you don't agree with what this group accepts then don't join.
(12) If your artwork has mature content in it please make sure it has a mature filter on it or it'll be removed without warning.
(13) No spamming the group with more than one of the same image please.
(14) Have fun & enjoy yourself!

Palaeontology Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Jurassic Park Stamp by MajinPat Disney Dinosaur Stamp by PouassonDeOro Stamp - Primeval by Carolzilla I love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemist Original BBC Walking with Dinosaurs series Stamp by Pyroraptor42

Gallery Folders

Jurassic Park: Pachycephalosaurus by HellraptorStudios
Jurassic Park: Microceratus by HellraptorStudios
Jurassic Park:Coelurus by HellraptorStudios
Jurassic Park: Cearadactylus by HellraptorStudios
Speculative Dinosaurs and Birds
Ptesaurus. by redrex96
TFIW - Birds of 5 Million A.D by Kingofallkongs
Sauropods of The New Dinosaurs by Kingofallkongs
Ceratosaurus by Lokill9
Accurate Dinosaurs and Birds
JWD styled acro by DierLikesDoingArt
Christmas art challenge: Old rivals by DinoDragoZilla17
Parasaurolophus walkeri by srnautilusArt
Christmas art challenge: Styracosaurus by DinoDragoZilla17
Terrible Lizards and Birds
Protosuchus by Kingofallkongs
Attack of the Terrible Claw! by Kingofallkongs
Velociraptor Vs Protoceratops (1979) by Kingofallkongs
Nomen Dubium: Dynamosaurus by SaurArch
Speculative Reptiles and Amphibians
Sisu by BluegirlWoomy
HTTYD: Gravebrute And Roughwave by LumiiDragon
Megalania. by redrex96
Go-Go Godzilla by ValhaHazred
Accurate Reptiles and Amphibians
Christmas art challenge: Pteranodon by DinoDragoZilla17
a small seabed with a mosasaur by srnautilusArt
Ice Age: Maelstrom and Cretaceous by HellraptorStudios
Indonesian Fauna: Dermochelys coriacea by TroodonVet
Terrible Serpents and frogs
Diplocaulus (1977) by Kingofallkongs
Dragon Church by OldCure
The Guardian by OldCure
Commission: Folidotos the Scaled by SaurArch
Speculative Mammals
Commission: Yeenoghu, Waheela, and Leucrotta by SaurArch
Grond Luiaard/Ground Sloth. by redrex96
Smilodon. by redrex96
Entelodont. by redrex96
Accurate Mammals
The Evolution of Horses Skeleton Study by TheDragonofDoom
Indonesian Fauna: Nycticebus borneanus by TroodonVet
Sabertooth Attack by TyrannoNinja
Leopard by TyrannoNinja
Terrible Beasts
Dunkleosteus. by redrex96
Dimetrodon. by redrex96
(Art trade) Armedmoregedon by BluegirlWoomy
Chupacabra by BluegirlWoomy
Speculative Fish
MEGALODON! by redrex96
Terrible Guppies
Retro Coelacanth by Kingofallkongs
Accurate Fish
Bonnerichthys Gladius by srnautilusArt
Terrible Bugs
Muto Male by HellraptorStudios
Accurate Invertabrates
a Hibbertopterus resting by srnautilusArt
Speculative Invertabrates
Sarmatian Sea Snail by Rhynca-Rook
Accurate Sceneries
Oh I do love to be beside the seaside by DinoDragoZilla17
Speculative Sceneries
Dromaeosauridae by Lokill9
Terrible Landscapes
Ennedi Tiger by Thrillosopher


Surprise meeting by DredHo Surprise meeting :icondredho:DredHo 35 0 If Turok son of stone had a tyrannosaurus rex. by LilburgerD4 If Turok son of stone had a tyrannosaurus rex. :iconlilburgerd4:LilburgerD4 160 17 Verdant Glade by BrennanStokkermans Verdant Glade :iconbrennanstokkermans:BrennanStokkermans 174 15 All Are Not Hunters Cover Page by Panimated All Are Not Hunters Cover Page :iconpanimated:Panimated 804 34 Split The Skies by ARVEN92 Split The Skies :iconarven92:ARVEN92 1,205 87 saber-toothed tiger by GaudiBuendia saber-toothed tiger :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 678 15 Epidexipteryx hui by EWilloughby Epidexipteryx hui :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 715 18 Megaloceros Fight by dustdevil Megaloceros Fight :icondustdevil:dustdevil 298 21 Prehistoric Sharks by KookaburraSurvivor Prehistoric Sharks :iconkookaburrasurvivor:KookaburraSurvivor 194 17 Brachiosaurus (Daily Challenge 2019 - Day 23) by AEmiliusLives Brachiosaurus (Daily Challenge 2019 - Day 23) :iconaemiliuslives:AEmiliusLives 35 0 Tyrannosaurus at Dawn by EWilloughby Tyrannosaurus at Dawn :iconewilloughby:EWilloughby 1,118 45 Xiphactinus by EsthervanHulsen Xiphactinus :iconesthervanhulsen:EsthervanHulsen 376 62 LivingPrehistory logo idea by Charlott-A LivingPrehistory logo idea :iconcharlott-a:Charlott-A 7 6 Tyrant Suplex by amorousdino Tyrant Suplex :iconamorousdino:amorousdino 243 6 Tweet of the century by griffsnuff Tweet of the century :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 2,243 158 Fleshing out bones practice by griffsnuff Fleshing out bones practice :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 2,296 122






Group Info

:iconjpt-rexplz: :iconparasaurolophusplz: Group Info :iconparasaurolophusplz: :iconjpt-rexplz:

This group is all about innaccurate dinosaurs. They should be recognisible, but also recognisably wrong. And the innaccuracies had to be thought to be true at some point. Other animals allowed. Silly ones will be favourited more.
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