Ultimate MONOPOLY Board Game

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Ultimate MONOPOLY is a fan based board game created by jonizaak of deviantART.

The board game features more houses, more hotels & more skyscrapers.it also features 4 dice (three regular dice & 1 speed die), 64 title deed cards, 4 railroad deed cards, 8 utilities, 4 cabs and more community chest & chest cards than regular monopoly.

chadws has the Ultimate MONOPOLY Action Cards Set, jonizaak has the Ultimate Monopoly rulesheet, title deed cards & Community Chest & Chance Stock Exchange Cards, njr75003 has a complete set of 6 Stock Exchange Add-Ons.

The Ultimate MONOPOLY board game has 3 boards. The outer board is based on the Super Monopoly Add-On it features

-BROWN (based on Miami, Florida)
-Florida Avenue, $130 (based on Mega Monopoly)
-Miami Avenue, $130
-Biscayne Avenue, $150

-WHITE (based on San Francisco, California)
-Lombard Street, $210
-The Embarcadero, $210
-Fisherman's Wharf, $250

-BLACK (based on Boston, Massachusetts)
-Beacon Street, $330
-Boylston Street, $330
-Newberry Street, $380

-SILVER (based on New York City, New York)
-Fifth Avenue, $430
-Madison Avenue, $430
-Wall Street, $500

-UTILITIES (worth $150)
-Gas Company
-Telephone Company

-Tax Refund

-Reverse Direction


-Bonus Square ($250 or $300)
-Roll 3
-Holland Tunnel (Ride to the bottom of the outer board)
-Squeeze Play

The middle board is based on classic Monopoly. It features properties based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.

-Mediterranean Avenue, $60
-Baltic Avenue, $60

-Oriental Avenue, $100
-Vermont Avenue, $100
-Connecticut Avenue, $120

-St. Charles Place, $140
-States Avenue, $140
-Virginia Avenue, $160

-St. James Place, $180
-Tennessee Avenue, $180
-New York Avenue, $200

-Kentucky Avenue, $220
-Indiana Avenue, $220
-Illinois Avenue, $240

-Atlantic Avenue, $260
-Ventnor Avenue, $260
-Marvin Gardens, $280

-Pacific Avenue, $300
-North Carolina Avenue, $300
-Pennsylvania Avenue, $320

-Park Place, $350
-Boardwalk, $400

-UTILITIES (worth $150)
-Electric Company
-Water Works

-RAILROADS (worth $200)
-Reading Railroad
-Pennsylvania Railroad
-B&O Railroad
-Short Line

-Income Tax (pay 10% or $200)
-Luxury Tax (pay $75)

-In Jail Just Visiting
-Free Parking
-Go To Jail
-Pass Go! (collect $200)

The outer board is customized and it's based on Mega Monopoly. It features

-LIGHT PINK (based on Minneanapolis, Minnesota)
-Lake Street, $30
-Niccolet Avenue, $30
-Hennepin Avenue, $60

-LIGHT GREEN (based on New Orleans, Louisiana)
-Espelande Avenue, $90
-Canal Street, $90
-Magazine Street, $120
-Bourbon Street, $120

-CREAM (based on Houston, Texas)
-Katy Freeway, $150
-Westheimer Road, $150
-Kirby Drive, $180
-Cullen Boulevard, $180

-TEAL (based on Atlanta, Georgia)
-Dekalb Avenue, $210
-Andrew Young International Boulevard, $210
-Decatur Street, $240
-Peachtree Street, $240

-WINE (based on Chicago, Illinois)
-Randolph Street, $270
-Lake Shore Drive, $270
-Wacher Drive, $300
-Michigan Avenue, $300 (based on Mega Monopoly)

-GOLD (based on Salt Like City, Utah)
-South Temple, $330
-West Temple, $330
-North Temple, $360
-Temple Square, $360

-PEACH (based on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
-South Street, $390
-Broad Street, $390
-Walnut Street, $420
-Market Street, $420

-MAROON (based on Los Angeles, California)
-Mulholland Drive, $450
-Ventura Boulevard, $480
-Rodeo Drive, $510

UTILITIES (worth $150)
-Cable Company
-Internet Service Provider
-Trash Collector
-Sewage Service

-CAB COMPANIES (worth $300)
-Checker Cab Company
-Black & White Cab Company
-Yellow Cab Company
-Ute Cab Company


-Auction (based on Mega Monopoly)
-Birthday Gift (also based on Mega Monopoly)

-Holland Tunnel (ride to the inner board)
-Stock Exchange

The giant game board also features 8 community chest spaces and 8 chance spaces


The game will be patented by dA. and if it does, Hasbro or Winning Moves Games will distribute the game, if it doesn't, it's just for fun.
© 2014 - 2021 TerrellButler
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can  I get a copy of all the 4 sets of cards that goes into the center of the board.  I'd to see what they are.  Thank you for your time.  I also this becomes a new game for everyone.
jonizaak's avatar
And Ute is not all caps. It is not an acronym, it is the name of a cab company in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I used to live. Pronounced Yoot after the Ute Tribe of Native Americans.
jonizaak's avatar
Oh wow, I am flattered. Chad is right, I highly doubt it will ever become a real game, but one can always hope. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. :D
chadws's avatar
This is cool.  I like your enthusiasm.  I doubt the last line will come true, though.  If it does, I think we have the copy for the back of the box, or maybe the booklet insert to go with the rules.  :D