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Beginner Chainmaille Tutorial



This is my self taught method for making basic 4 in 1 chainmaille. It may even help pros to speed up production. By starting with a chain and following these instructions you will find it near impossible to make mistakes or mess up the pattern. That's right! No need to pin down the rings or deal with a confusing mess of rings and lose track of your pattern. By pulling on the ends of the chain all of the rings will line up in the diamond shape and when adding rings it is very hard to mess up the pattern. I like how this allows me to work twice as fast, and it lets me watch TV and not have to concentrate on keeping my pattern from messing up. I definately recomend this to any begginer and it makes simple stuff like bracelets very easy. I use this pattern to make all my chainmaille and with careful thought you can even make shirts out large diamonds. I will explain how I did that in another tutorial if you are interested. For now I hope this helps all you beginers who struggle with how to start a piece or keep the pattern straight. In my opinion this method allows for an easy start, quick construction, and is twice as easy to master as other mehods I have seen. I hope it helps you as much as it has me!
I came up with this method, but for all I know it may be a common practice. I only claim it as the diamond method because I have not seen this simple method before and I see a desperate need for a simple tutorial like this one. Feel free to use this to help yourself and others learn this art, and I would love to know if this helped you or if you have any further questions!
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