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I'm not the best critique but I'm always honest. All I can do is my best! :3





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Now I know everyone worth their salt has been talking about 'THE GREAT MIGHTY FALL OF DA' and this journal is no exception. 
For the past month I have been testing the waters of other art websites and they lead me to realize the issues and struggles I've been having with this site. Before I begin, NO IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF ECLIPSE! I tried Eclipse out and personally didn't care for it, but if DA want's to change it to that well there's bum fuck I can do about it. 

So for the past month I have been trying out the rather infamous Instagram. I've seen and tried Tumbler many years ago but that was hot garbage (and still is as far as I'm concerned), I've also tried facebook which really didn't turn out that well in the long run. (Was worth a shot). This time around I said 'hey let's try Instagram and see how dumb this site is.' Well it's not as dumb as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of dumb shit and features on that site that can just go fuck right off. But there's one thing that makes Instagram TRUMP DA


Literally, the algorithm on Instagram is far superior than DA's that I'm willing to put with Instagrams bullshit because of this reason. For the past couple of years I have noticed a decline of favorites, comments, and activity in general. Needless to say, when you see less activity in your feeds you immediately start to think 'Okay, what can I do to get everything back up to speed?' So you add more groups, submit to those, you interact with other people, you pretty much do whatever you can to prevent the decline. And guess where all that extra hard work leads you too? BUM FUCKING NO WHERE!!!

I remember a time when joining 5 groups gave you 200 favorites and tons of comments. Now days you have to join 200 groups in order to get 5 favorites. (And that's if you're lucky!) It's frustrating that you put so much work and effort into getting noticed by people but nothing comes out of it in the end. That's kind of where Instagram fixes that issue. They literally do the work for you while you sit back and watch the likes and follows that come after. It's pretty amazing, I'm not going to lie. 

So that leaves with the ultimate question, do I leave DA for good or stick around? Honestly I'm not sure. I've been on DA for so long and it has been a rather wonderful place to post art, and talk to other artists. However, because I have been here for so long there have been sad memories as well. For example, meeting people, chatting with them, talking about art then all of a sudden this person who you were growing close with suddenly disappears. After not hearing from them in a year you decide to move on and chat to other people get close to them but they also disappear after some time. And the cycle continues! (I understand there a reasons why people do this but after having this happen to you about 20 times it becomes rather annoying and makes you rather reclusive, and it just sucks!) 

Another reason I want to stay on DA is because the layouts on your page are still the best compared to most art websites. You can make folders to organize your artwork, you can post journals explaining about situations or asking for commissions, etc., have a nice little feature for your favorites so other artists who come by can look and check them out as well as your artwork, and just a bunch of fun little features that I've taken for granted. Other art websites just can't even compare. Not even Instagram is that good. 

However, when uploading to DA, I feel that I have to post nothing but the best of the best because it's kind of frowned upon if you post random art of differently quality. Sketches come to mind for this. On Instagram you can post whatever you want and people will still hit that heart button. It's..... nice that my lower end quality get's just as much recognition as my high quality does. *laughs* 

I guess for now, I'm still going to be active on DA and see how things turn out. I don't think I'll be trying as hard as I used to because that clearly isn't helping me in any shape way or form. I'll be posting my high quality art here on DA since that's usually what people want anyway. I'll still be using Instagram and you can see the random sketch dumps that I lay out for the internet. And I'll most likely be more active on Instagram than here but I'll pop in once in awhile to see how things fare I suppose. 

Apologies for the long ass post but this has been on my mind for awhile and I just gotta do what I think is best. If leaving DA is the answer then so be it. If juggling between both Instagram and DA is the answer then so be it. Anyway, I'm done, just had to get this off my chest and I guess vent the struggles of being on DA. Alright seriously I'm done, see ya guys!  


Starting a new series on my youtube channel. Yay or nay?
Slowly rebranding my youtube channel with random dumb art shit. *laughs*
The second rough draft to 'Stars Among Knights' is finally complete. *phew* That took forever! What does that mean to you? Well it means, now that I'm done with the rough draft to my comic I'll be able to focus on learning more about digital art and will be making some in the future. So stay tuned for more nonsense down the road. *wheeeeeees!!!!*
Out of curiosity, who is still staying on here despite DA's eclipse?
Hello everyone. I opened up an Instagram account. I'm planning on showing off my sketches and comic rough drafts over there as well as my artwork. Feel free to add me if you have an account as well.…


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