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TerraSwallows's Profile Picture
Terra Swallows
Artist | Student | Photography
South Africa
(Currently Looking for someone who is into Extremely kinky / Open Minded stuff)

I am the owner of both a Discord and a Telegram group for Kinky people who may be interested in similar fetishes if you would like to join there are 2 links below the first is the Telegram group for those who prefer using that and the other is the Main discord group that I made for my Second Life club although if you have any ideas or thoughts on what roles or things you would like me to add let me know but please keep in mind that those who play second life and are interested in meeting me at the club sometime I would be happy to meet and get to know you better.

Discord : []Discord![/u…
Telegram : KinkyCreatures

Welcome to my profile If you have any questions about me or have any potential RP's / Ideas but aren't sure if I would enjoy them please feel free to ask me via a note or Contact me via Discord as I am usually there most of the time. Just post any of your question(s) on either of those and I'll get back to as soon as I can. As I'll try have them answered as soon as I can latest within a day or so as I am quite busy.

If you want, you can ask me anything or send me questions or ideas that you have. I am usually on at strange times, but I'll try to answer them to the best that I can :D

Note: To any of those people that see my profile, bookmarked me or thought about doing a scene/RP with me but were intimidated by my kinks or the sheer number of them or even felt they are just too kinky for your liking. please know that I am more than happy to speak to you and listen to any of your ideas or interest for an RP. This may come as a shock to most but am actually extremely submissive and you never know I might actually find that person who I could be with as I'd much rather play with you now and see what you are like than never at all.

I am a huge gamer and I mostly play Blizzard games (EU) as well as a few others such as Second Life, World of Tanks, League of legends and a few misc. steam games and such. If you ever want to play a game let me know as I may play it as I enjoy finding others who have similar interests to me. It makes me happy to find others who I can be myself around and have some fun with outside of RP and such.

I Recently got Telegram, you can find me there. though I am mostly on Discord, which is THE most reliable way of contacting me as I am on it like 90% of the time when but just say who you are from Flist as it helps me know who you are or even better link me your Flist as then id know as I'm not on F-Chat all the time. so, no need to worry also I am there to just chat not so much RP but I don't mind using it for RP if needed.

1. I don’t care if you are a Male or a Female in RL I can Role Play with you as I am extremely open minded about stuff.
2. I also like to discuss the RP beforehand (settings, scenario, characters, kink, etc) as it helps to make a better Rp.
3. My f-List will tell you my NO’s, but I am open to trying new things.
4. I do not care what you are as I like people for who they are not what they are.
5. If you add me via an invite message I’d love to chat first as to get to know you better.
6. Please if your chatting with me please try to not talk in character till we start the RP please!
7. I am a Casual Poster, so I struggle with long paragraphs, so I usually write around 1-4 lines. as for you go as wild as you like do as many as you wish. Don’t let my incapability to create pages of amazing Rp stop you from creating a masterpiece.
8. If you’re a not into Herms I can play her as a female.

Name: Terra Swallows
Age: 21
Gender: Female / Herm
Species: Kemono
Relationship Status: Single {Looking for that right person}
Type or Being: Extremely Kinky {loves Hyper and all kinds of Dirty things}
Preferred Body Type: Muscly, busty, curvy, big, HYPER! {Although I am open to anything really}
Hobbies: Mostly playing computer games (Warframe / Anything Blizzard related) with people as well as chatting with friends or often trying out new things and exploring strange kinks. I often play second life (looking for others to play it with) and I love Corruption of Champions (CoC). Trials in tainted space (TITS), League of Legends (LoL) and many more I also love Anime and hentai as well as being used and transformed in some way.


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"I Ummmm ill pick Trans.. " *but was cut off mid-sentence*

The voice responded with a different tone "Too late, times up I guess now you get both."

*She angrily grabbed the phone and yelled into it "Fine then, Give me the worst you got Cock sucker I bet you have never even had sex let alone with a girl to bet you make the boys blush"

"What you just said then gave me a kinky idea. You know they always did say your deepest more depraves desires haunt well I guess yours will become your new life from what I hear you are into some really Kinky stuff let alone the kinkiest. Oh yea I know about those profiles you made on those erotic sites don't worry your role-playing fantasy will be your new Reality.

*her voice trembled a little* "Whaa Ummm what the hell are you talking about what sites nobody knows about that." *she said taking a gulp*

"Lemi think hmm for you transform, how about that tongue of yours will transform into a nice foot long cock as you seem to just love the idea of calling others cock suckers. now, let's go for size shall we the cock will easily take up all the space in that dirty mouth of yours, although ill is kind about this you won't choke on it as you won't need to breathe anymore.
ooooh, and you won't need to eat as I am sure you will find other ways to sustain yourself. As for your breasts, they will grow to a GG cup size. Ooooh, and how about it will be filled up with sperm as I know you have a milk fetish but here is the catch its supply will be attached to your tongue cock. Now seeing as you enjoy popularity whenever someone calls out your name, Your Breasts will start to full up and grow making those lovely nipples large and fully erect and your cock will grow an extra inch.
now for your clit that won't be an issue anymore I know you have such a turn on for Trans you will grow a nice large horse cock something with a sheath as to ummm hide it you know how girls get about hiding the things they like. But here is the kicker it will have a knotted base as You know as well as I do that you're into some other fetishes and a foreskin but not just any foreskin one that is nice and long hell it is so long it may even dwarf your cock in length someday. and last but not least your body will begin to sweat and become nice and musky and maybe some uncontrollable side effects along the way as I hear that you love to get nasty with that sorta stuff judging from your collection of pictures and other media on that pic of yours.
the only way to solve this solution is to do one of three things. 1, you can masturbate using your cock. 2, you can get creative on where to shove it down. Or 3, alternatively you can just let them grow a bit and relieve yourself in some other way.  
As for your dare, I dare you to be more active and exercise more you know to build up that extra flavor but get creative on how you exercise. Most people will think all of this is weird but treat it as normal. alternatively, you can also stretch your body in other ways this can count as exercise. now have a fun day you kinky creature."
User Input Story
So I had this idea for a growing story based on comments and others input and see if it will grow from the perspective of the person getting changed and id love to see where it goes and if its good ill even link them all together and make a long kinky story from different peoples ideas collected and infused into the story to be as kinky and as wild as you like with this in the comment :) and if it does well id love to see it becomes something unique.

░▒▓█▓▒░ Furry Form ░▒▓█▓▒░


 I am an 8 foot 4-inch Kemono hybrid, with a muscular toned body yet still soft and extremely curvy with plenty of jiggles. I have a face resembling that of a humanoid, with aspects of other animals added to the features, particularly my streamline face and patterns making my piercing eyes stand out with my long, beautiful eyelashes. I have a black and light grey coloured fur that thickens noticeably on my head, looking shaggy and more than a little monstrous once laid over my visage often acting as a fluffy chest puff. I have a jaw-dropping feminine shape with extremely full and bimboish, pouting lips, hiding a pair of Canine / wolf-like teeth and an adorable nose. There are streaking hairs throughout my long or shoulder length hair that is parted to one side by a pair of protruding ears that stick out sideways. I have a long undulating cock tongue that occasionally slips from between my extremely large full lips. It hangs nearly two feet long when I let the whole thing slide out, though I can retract it to appear normal appearance when not needed.

I have a humanoid shape with a muscular torso with two sets of strong arms. although I have extremely large and wide child-bearing hips that make me look as though I have birthed many children. I have a huge, slappable ass that jiggles a lot when I walk it is still muscular and tight though voluptuous and thick. I have a long tail with a puffy tip that often swishes back and forth as if swatting at flies. My legs are muscled/toned, covered in fur, and end in a pair of large bestial pawed fluffy feet.


Sexual details


I usually have two rows of breasts but sometimes it is just one pair as I am able to shrink or grow them at will, the topmost pair starting at my chest.

—My uppermost rack houses 4 milk-udders with four 5.7-inch cock-sized nipples each that surround a larger central nipple that is usually inverted. The nipples can be inverted and are able to protrude outwards if needed as they can be penetrated to act as mouths/cunts.


Where a penis would normally be located, I have a large sheath thick in fur and musk as it hides my Shaft hidden inside an extremely long stretchable foreskin.

my cock is 49.9 inches long and seven inches thick. The crown is ringed with a circle of rubbery protrusions that grow larger as I get more aroused. The entire thing is shiny and covered with tiny, sensitive nodules that leave no doubt about monstrous nature. they are shiny, smooth and yet covered in veins, there is a large bulge of flesh nestles just above the bottom of the shaft, to ensure it stays where it belongs during mating. The knot is 11 inches thick when at full size. The 'head' of this bestial shaft flares proudly-covered by a long length of stretchable phimosis foreskin.


I have an extremely large puffy cunt, with a 5.4-inch clit that can grow or shrink based on my sexual arousal.  Often thick streams of lubricant drool constantly from my stretchable snatch, its huge puffy hyper lips slightly parted. behind my huge pair of balls


A fuzzy pouch filled with a quartet of hideously swollen and over-sized balls swings low under my obscene inhumanly distended, dick. I have estimated each of them to be about 15 inches across.



And finally, I have one Extremely huge hyper puffy drooling Doughnut pucker, that often quivers or extends further outwards, placed between my jiggly butt-cheeks where it belongs. often looking almost prolapsed at times due to how large and distended it is although it most likely just looking for some attention.


I also have a few piercings on my body and a few tattoos.

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Kinky Creature Adventures
{Getting A Promotion}
Terra & Roxy

1. Terra : It was going to be a lovely day from the looks of it. Terra sighed a little as she looked out the tinted glass window on her top floor office, she watched as the birds fluttered on by. It had been quite a few "eventful" years since she'd acquired KinkyCreatureCorp  from its previous owner and she had managed to make it into quite a proper business. The business itself dealt in all sorts of things and was the leading corporation in genetic technology and bio engineering. However that was a front as its main focus was on making ones desires and kinks become a reality with the help of a few changes or augments along the way. As such it was always often described as growing piece of dough in the oven. Ironically that's why Terra was in her office right now. She was going to be meeting one of the new trainees and let them know just how it worked around here. She even stuck a few clean air fresheners around to remove any of the previous scent from herself and her activities. Have to make a good impression after all. A few short knocks later on the door signaled the new hire was there, Terra gingerly swiveling around to face her desk. "Come in". She said looking at the shy individual entered the room.

2. Roxy : "Okay, Roxy. Deep breaths. Today is going to be your big day. You've done a lot of things you've regretted to get to this point, and some of them will haunt you in your dreams, but you made it". Promotions in KinkyCreatureCorp’s  ranks weren't uncommon at the lower levels but now she had managed to secure a position at the HQ, something most desk workers could only dream of. All she needed to do was to endure a one-on-one meeting with the owner and the job would be hers. And apparently she had been picked to meet the Owner of KinkyCreatureCorp  herself. She knew from a few hushed whispers in the cafeteria that many if not all new interns quit after having been chosen to meet with Ms. Swallows, the ones getting other executives being much luckier, and some even said that the interns didn't quit at all. They had just... disappeared, never to be heard from again. But Roxy didn't have the nerves nor a low enough rent to afford losing her job, so it was with her back straight and a handshake ready that she entered the Owner's office. And one had to give her credit Roxy didn't immediately recoil at the sight of the owner, the freakish features having gotten more than a few fired. "Good morning Ms Swallows. My name is Roxy, I am umm pleased to meet you." she said in a chipper voice as she approached the desk. "Alright Rox, don't fuck up this handshake".

3. Terra : Oh this was going to be a fun session Terra could tell. As she glanced at the air fresheners twisting gently in the air then to the air duct above her table as she waited for the door to close behind Roxy with a soft click. "Just call me Terra or Ms Swallows. But good form nonetheless". With a Soft yet stern look on her face, "more of a hugger than a shaker myself but that's just me" she stood up from her seat and shook Roxy's hand vigorously. The second that Terra had stood up a thick smell of sweat immediately started to permeate the office, the air fresheners doing their best to dampen it only to fail. "It is a pleasure to meet you Roxy, umm sorry I didn't get a last name I'm afraid". Terra said, seemingly oblivious or unaffected by the smell in the air. Once she broke off the handshake she sat back down in her seat with a wet squelching noise, as she gestured towards the seat next to Roxy. "Go on. Go on. Take a seat. Tell me a little about yourself and what makes you want to be working at KinkyCreatureCorp". She folded her hands on her desk as she pulled her chair inwards, a sort of wet noise accompanied by the movement. The vent above her desk almost noiselessly turned on, steadily pumping cool, fresh air into the room.

4. Roxy : Fuck. Roxy thought had she messed up in just three words. And in a corporate environment like this, everything ended up on your record. Luckily Roxy wouldn't have to ruminate on it much longer as Terra stood up to shake her hand, though it wasn't the handshake that caught her attention. The blonde businesswoman could understand that running a company could be harsh but the sheer smell of sweat that had hit her made her blink a few times and sniff, distracting her so much that she forgot to actually be firm with her handshake. Strike two. Fuck. "Ummm my apologies, Ms Swallows. And I am very happy to meet you too". Better work on shaping your image back up again, Rox. She sat down as instructed, taking a few breaths before composing herself. "I've never felt like I've belonged in any office environment or place in the world and working in your company has like, always been fun you know? And then I got this sup- err, ahem, superb offer to work here in the HQ and I just had to take it. I really like the sleek art style of your offices". Whoops, almost slipped up and used slang there. With the vents pumping in fresh air it became easier to think, the smell being present but not nearly as strong.

5. Terra : Normally Terra might have been much more strict towards these sorts of infractions but it was mostly just an act she did to make it look like the stern boss that most people think when going a company this large but it was Roxy's first day and was new and she was feeling pretty relaxed today. There is a time and place for being more of a stern parent than a hard-nosed, hard-boiled businesswoman. Of course that was going to be hard but it's the thought that counts right? "Good. It's nice to see a young woman with a good head on her shoulders! I can assure you that this will be super superb". Terra attempted to make joke of it with a smile but looked more creepy than anything, especially with her upbeat and cheerful voice trying to use more friendly terms. "So. Roxy. What departments did you work in before you came here? Technologies? Genetics? Infrastructure?" As she spoke Terra shifted lightly in her seat. The motion was enough to let a bit of that intense sweaty smell escape along with a few more squelches and the sound of crinkling leather. "And what have you heard about my HQ here? All good things I hope. After all it is the best location in my company to work at by far. You even get to meet with me personally!" The creepy smile returned, Terra trying her hardest not to show her true self.

6. Roxy : Ms Swallows was no doubt a terrifying woman when on friendly terms, and Roxy hoped she would never have to encounter her as an enemy. Just that smile looked like she could tear her apart, and despite her profession Roxy wasn't going to even start guessing what was up with her body and her unique appearance as it seemed as though it was not even possible just based on the looks factor. Then again, KinkyCreatureCorp  did dabble with modifying bodies as well as like, everything else, so it should come as no surprise that even their Owner was branded. "I worked with Science! Physics, mostly, but I've been dabbling in most things here and there, haha". The giggle was mostly to lighten up the mood although it felt like she was talking to an actual robot! "It should all be in my file, so I won't bore you with details. And oh of course, I've heard lots of good things about the HQ!" That you get paid fat stacks, mostly. There was no ignoring the iron hand grip the management was rumored to have here though, with even the lax branches out in the world being pretty strict comparing to other companies. Roxy's thoughts came back to the previous new hires that had been in meetings with Terra... "I was very excited when I heard I would get to meet the Owner. I doubt many get that honor". There was something off-putting by this whole ordeal, And then there was that sweaty smell, even now on the other side of the table, and for some reason it sounded like someone was mopping the floor under Terra's desk or something. Really strange was happening.

7. Terra : Roxy had nothing to worry about. After all she had worked at one of Terra's sub branches. So long as she didn't try anything funny and did her job correctly there'd be no troubles but she didn't mind any "fun" among its co workers. "Oh have you now? Good on you for the extra effort. Most tend to stay in their departments alone. And don't worry. I don't want you to detail everything yourself. The interview would be too long". Another smile crossed Terra's face but she seemed to be getting the hang of looking less threatening. Must take a bit to get it to work. Roxy wouldn't get to look for long as Terra turned to look out the window once more, starting to talk again in her soft voice. "Yes. It's been quite a long time". Casually she stood up from her chair which was accompanied by more squelching noises as she seemed to struggle for a moment due to the size of it. That already intense sweaty smell got even more so, briefly overpowering whatever fresh air came from the vent. "So very long". She glanced over her shoulder. "Roxy. Have you heard anything about my... Personal test for new hires?" Her eyes seemed to contemplate something for a moment. "You seem like a good girl and it is a very rigorous trial though the rewards for completing it would be other worldly. I would hate to have to let you go" she said pouted a little although she had no intention of doing so but... "You do seem quite capable enough. So I ask you. Would you like to try? If you succeed I'll double whatever your current pay is and allow you into more... Intimate locations not to mention any alterations, augments or changes you would like done free and hell if you want ill even make you my personally secretary".

8. Roxy : Terra was totally right the interview should not last longer than it needed to and frankly Roxy didn't want it to either. The faster she was out here the faster she could brag to the guys at the cafeteria that the CEO wasn't so bad after all. The other new hires must have been pusses. Sure, she had a creepy smile, and apparently had a perspiration or musk problem or both and had augmentations done along her whole body, but Roxy didn't see herself going up to the head office often enough for that to be a problem and if she did become the secretary she would bring extra sprays. Her thoughts on that were only reinforced as Terra stood up again, making Roxy wince from the strong scent coming from the other side of the table. Maybe she'd have to secret Santa Ms Swallows a deodorant during the holidays or something. Hiding her expression with a smile she tried to remain positive, especially when Terra started talking about this personal test. Hooo boy here it comes. Roxy seemed genuinely interested in trying it until Terra threatened to let her go, which immediately made her nod her head. "Haha I mean I don't really have a choice, do I?" she wanted to add, but that would seem to unprofessional and desperate. "If I can avoid being cut by research lasers I should be able to take whatever you want to throw at me, Ms Swallows".

9. Terra : "Oh you do have a choice. You could have said no and the interview would have been over with that. But now". Another grin flashed on her face and this one seemed almost intentionally creepy. "Now I can tell you're serious about working here". Slowly Terra turned away from Roxy but seemed content, letting out a small hum as she stared out the window. Unbeknownst to her, her chair had steadily swung back around to face her desk. The sweat smell understandably got more potent with Terra's chair now facing towards Roxy, what looked to be heat waves billowing off of the seat. And what looked to be a puddle was in the middle of the chair, the black leather glistening in the light. "Roxy. Would you be a dear and kneel for me?" Oh how good it felt to tell someone to kneel. "Just go behind my desk. Move the chair out of the way and I must humbly ask that you do not look at me while doing so understood. Otherwise I'll have to ask you to leave".

10. Roxy : If it was either getting kicked out of her home for not paying the rent or enduring what seemed like a few more minutes of "interviewing" Roxy was going to go with the latter. Terra wasn't all too intimidating and the bright scientist felt good about her prospects. "Mhm!" she replied to the comment about her working spirit, waiting with anticipation to hear what the trial would entail. Her eyes suddenly widened as Terra stood up, the smell of sweat once again getting stronger and not lessening in the slightest. And... if Roxy's sight didn't lie to her she could swear that the chair looked drenched, though she couldn't for the love of god understand why. "Kn- uh, wait, kneel?" That was the first thing that Terra had said that seemed odd, but Roxy quickly understood. This was most likely some sort of power fantasy for the Owner who demanded her employees to be loyal to the point of suppressing their pride. Or maybe Roxy was going to be knighted, who knew? Feeling that it was a blow to herself image that she could take, Roxy looked to the other side of the room as she made her way around the desk, gently pushing the chair out of its place and then looking straight down. The armrest had been moist, too moist, but she decided not to think about it or the overpowering smell of sweat that was attacking her throat and sinuses. Oddly enough she also saw that the floor was similarly wet, with the floor having been replaced with what seemed to be glazed tiles and a large grate. She then slowly started kneeling, and closing her eyes so she could keep her head straight, she got down on her knees behind the desk, keeping the same spot as the chair which surprisingly hadn't been much of a issue as she thought. Although it was becoming more difficult not to grunt or take deeper breaths because of the smell, but she kept herself steel faced while saying "I'm in place, Ms Swallows. Ummm how does this work? Can I look now?"

11. Terra : "Perfect". Terra's maniacal grin was back as she glanced behind herself, seeing Roxy kneeling in place of her chair. Said chair had rolled off and was now completely out of the way. Great for what was just about to happen. "No, Miss Roxy I'm sorry but not just yet. Please keep your eyes closed and lean yourself back a just a little bit. Ooh perfect, Umm before we start is there a last name I would much like to know it as it does help me get to know my co workers better". With Terra behind Roxy she could no doubt feel the heat coming off of Terra's asshole. In fact she could probably tell Terra was moving with how the heat source was, moving to the side of her desk with her chair. Terra gave a deep breath. She really needs to do this more often. She's out of practice and nervous. Deftly and silently she undid her dress and placed it on her soaked chair, soon enough followed by an equally soaked pair of panties. The cause of the soakage would be obvious to anyone with eyes but, of course, Roxy had hers closed for just that reason. Jutting from Terra's ass was an obscenely large puffy doughnut asshole. It was gaped open and flexing gently, thick rivers of sweat running off its many folds. But the very moment she took off her skirt the room almost immediately started to get filled with the stench of sweat and musk that completely overpowered the vent and air fresheners. Terra effortless managed to move her way in front of Roxy and to lean on her desk and bend over, placing her asshole right in front of her face. The heat was intense and the smell of sweat even more so as Terra's pucker drooled onto the ground, the occasional large droplet of sweat splattering onto Roxy's legs. "Alright. You may now open your eyes".

12. Roxy : Roxy, was blissfully unaware, and did just as Terra had instructed and leaned herself back, resting her ass onto her heels. Well, she was unaware, but the smell made it hard to be blissful. It reminded her of after a workout session, times 20 over on a hot summer day. She sat there silently and waited, even as some odd and frankly obscene squelching noises were coming from Terra's direction in the room, before the sweaty fragrance hit her again with full force. Roxy had to gasp and wipe her nose, unable to remain indifferent. Times 100! Maybe she was exaggerating but it was still strong, and only got stronger as Terra moved closer. Roxy's cheeks flushed as she felt something equivalent to a radiator placed in front of her face, pushing heat against her face. She had even begun to sweat and start panting, but not from the warmth but from the perspiration smell being so intense. Finally, finally Terra told her to open her eyes, and the sight that greeted her caused Roxy's heart to skip a beat or ten as she uttered the words. "My last name is Kayn".

13. Roxy : She could literally see streams of sweat run down the plush, doughy surface of the asshole, pooling in the folds and pouring onto the ground. No wonder the seat had been so wet, and the drain below the two was totally justified! Not only was it excessively perspiring but gaping as well which allowed her to see deep into the innards of Terra, the fleshy walls pulsating inside. To many it would be a frightening or the most grotesque thing to be presented with, not to even mention that her boss was practically pressing it up against her face, but Roxy could not have been more ecstatic! "Omg I can't believe you have this!" She couldn't stop herself, one moment she was sitting down and drooling at the tire-sized donut and the other she had pressed her face against it, mushing her nose and lips against the wet skin and taking part of it into her mouth to suck upon. Her hands went to each side and grabbed on, squeezing it tenderly without any regards to who actually owned it. "Yes, yes, yes!!!" she squealed, dragging her tongue along the anus and starting to rim it part of it. How lucky of Terra Swallows, to land an interview with the largest anal slut on Earth.

14. Terra : This had to have been one of the most startling things Terra had ever experienced in her life. She was all prepared with a speech to Roxy about how much more money she would make. About how valuable she would be to the company. About how it wouldn't need to be that long, just a few minutes and they'd be done. All of that completely worthless the moment Roxy started brazenly and eagerly fondling her plushy butthole. She had to brace herself against the desk, slamming her fist against it, as Roxy worked. "I-I'll excuse the slang just this once but miss Kayn but please! Contain yourself. Remove your mouth from my anus at once and let me explain myself". Oh how it pained Terra to yell at Roxy and tell her to stop but she had to at least seem like she was the strong stern and in control type. Even if all she wanted was for Roxy to just keep going. Her asshole tensed visibly and sweat still streamed off of it, the heat it was emitting having only increased.

15. Roxy : One would have thought that Roxy stopped the moment she heard the desk bang, but Roxy was too enamored and engorged in the folds to care about things like the most powerful businesswoman in the world commanding her. Almost. It pained her just as much if not more to pull away, leaving her panting with her long tongue out and moisture all over her face. Her hands reluctantly dropped to her knees, wet with sweat and still trying to grope the air. It wasn't easy not to respond in her casual way but she took a moment to gather herself, inhale and exhale the now tantalizing musk, before replying. "My apologies Ms Swallows. It was just so... massive and poofy and..." she stopped herself there, knowing that if she continued she'd be staying there complimenting Terra's anus until she was forcibly thrown out. Ooooh how she wanted to latch back onto that fat ring, kneading and pressing her face against it. But no, first she'd let Terra explain. Then afterwards it might be worth risking her job for another go at it like a starved animal.

16. Terra : "Thank you for the compliments. But." Terra let out a deep sigh as she pulled herself up off the desk, glancing back around to see Roxy. That was almost enough to just make her forego any sort of explanation and just tell Roxy to get back in there. Her face was a mess, covered in her sweat, her formerly well done hair having a few loose ends. Terra could even see her pink lipstick having been smeared slightly off. Taking a deep breath Terra put on a more stern face as she stood fully up from her desk, the movement making her asshole jiggle like crazy. "I.. I must explain what you are supposed to do first. Though I do love your commitment and eagerness". The smile that crossed Terra's face seemed much more normal now, almost like she was just a normal person behind the businesswoman aesthetic. "As you are a new hire here you must show just how loyal you are to me". She languidly reached a hand back to rub at her asshole, flinging a few bits of sweat to the floor. "As you may have noticed I was born with a few ummm traits and some of them are well so extensive that I had to modify my body in some areas using KinkyCreatureCorp  as a front for my umm more kinky desires I altered myself so that I would have no use for a waste expulsion organ as my body stores everything up until I need to release so I retrofitted it for another purpose. To pleasure myself and others in any way they need and to vent all the "excessive things that I store up or produce" .I call it my hot seat. And you are going to be in it for as long as I deem necessary". Which, she notes to herself, would probably be until the end of the workday. "That won't be an issue will it my dear I do take these first meetings quite seriously".

17. Roxy : It was really, really hard not to latch onto the asshole and start sucking again. Having it right in front of her face, jiggling and clenching slightly made Roxy close to swoon with adoration, but the Owner had commanded her to stay put and she would have to endure. For a few more seconds, at least. Wiping her forehead, slick with Terra's anal sweat, she tried to sit a bit straighter and nod up towards her boss. "Yes, I am listening". There was no stopping the smile back at Terra as she explained the terms of the trial. If being loyal meant playing with a hyper-sized asshole then Roxy would be the god damn flagship employee for the entire KinkyCreatureCorp company. "Oooh, that lets me be even more shameless then. Ahem, professional shameless, that is". she replied, not too surprised that the changes were far from only visual. And it may have explained the sweat too! No wonder why so many people had failed their interviews with Terra! But Roxy wasn't deterred, rather she was eager to get this going. As she tilted her head backwards a bit, offering her face as the proverbial chair, she said "I think I should be more than capable of handling a few minutes with you sitting on me. In fact, I look forward to being it I can go for hours if need be". She had gone back to staring at the gaping hole, gnawing at her lower lip in arousal.

18. Terra : Terra gave a slight shiver as she felt Roxy's breaths against her anus, the thick ring twitching gently. A thick stream of sweat drooled out from the base of her gape and splattered onto the floor. Steam was rising off of it for a few moments before it slowly traced to the grate. "Well I am glad to hear that, miss Kayn". Turning her head she grinned broadly at Roxy. "Because I might even be keen on bumping you up from the few minutes to a whole hour. Your vigorous and enthusiastic reaction before makes me think you'd settle for no less than pushing you to your limits". Plus Terra for once was feeling a perverse sort of joy from this and wanted it to last longer. Without saying another word she slowly, oh so slowly, pushed her hips backwards towards Roxy. Sweat dribbled from her hole and splattered onto Roxy's legs then up to her shirt before finally being right underneath her chin. Terra momentarily thought about procuring her new hire a waterproof suit but figured seeing her asshole sweat stains on it was kind of enticing, the thought making her asshole tense and drool a thick stream onto Roxy's chin. Not a moment later and she pushed herself fully backwards now, barely feeling Roxy's head as it slipped inside due to her gape. But she knew she was there, both from the breaths on her insides and that light tickling from her hair. Terra stopped momentarily, to tease herself and Roxy, before slowly inching herself all the way down onto Roxy's head. The thick anus resting against her shoulders quivering and squelching as it pulsated.

19. Roxy : Whether it was the heat or the arousal of being presented such a humongous asshole that made Roxy pant she didn't know, only that she was getting more eager each second to dive her face back against that wrinkly pucker. She did not even look up at Terra to meet her eyes when she looked back, at least not until she mentioned being sat upon for an entire hour. Her eyes went wide, wait a whole hour? I said it figuratively not literally. As suddenly multiple thoughts raced through her mind the huge donut got closer, ending up in her face and leaving her to stare into the flexing, doughy insides of Terra's anus. Before she got a chance to either squeal in joy or protest Terra shoved herself backwards and right onto Roxy's face, pressing the head into her asshole. It was met with a gasp as the muscles inside began to squeeze around her face, splashing it with Terra's sweat, and it was enough to finally get her hire working. As Terra started to slide down on her shoulders Roxy dragged her long tongue along the slick inner walls, giving her boss a rimjob on the inside while making various muffled sounds. Her hands went up to grasp the ring as if to push it off, but instead she began to squeeze and press it against herself, playing with the cushiony asshole and feeling it squeeze her head and neck.

20. Terra : Oh she definitely had to do this more often. She could barely hold herself up once she felt Roxy's long tongue sliding along her insides, anus tensing and almost rhythmically. In fact Terra allowed herself to enjoy the sensations for a good few moments. Unbeknownst to her while she was enjoying herself, her asshole was sliding further down upon Roxy. With its constant gape it wasn't too hard for her shoulders to slip inside and soon a good deal of her arms. By now every part of Roxy's suit had at least some sweat on it. Terra slowly came to once she felt Roxy's forearms against her huge doughy asshole, she then gave her head a little shake before slowly pulling herself back up all while her anus clung to Roxy prolapsing itself just a little in the process. "Forgive me for that. It's not often that I get someone as eager to please as you, Roxy". For a moment she thought to correct herself but figured Roxy didn't even hear her apologize. After all she knew about her thick anal walls, and typically she didn't hear people protesting once they were stuffed inside. Or maybe she just didn't care due to how much pleasure it brought her whenever she had large objects shoved up there and most of the time toys don't talk. By now she'd reached back up to Roxy's shoulders and pulled off of them with a wet "schlorp", a gush of sweat accompanying the motion though, really, sweat was accompanying every motion. It was amazing as Roxy's entire body wasn't soaked yet but that was by design. With herself in place now Terra got to work doing her "normal routine". Signing papers for new experiments and tests, looking over documents, and checking over her own wellbeing. It was then that she noticed something she'd forgotten about for quite some time, a grin crossing her face. "Miss Kayn. I mean Roxy. You don't mind if I flush my systems do you? It's been a dreadfully long time since I did it last and it has gotten quite, how shall I put this. I've built up quite the reserve". Most of that heat and sweat was no doubt from Terra's huge suction like anus but she didn't mention that.

21. The only thing that Roxy registered of the outside world was the floor she was sitting on, the relatively cold temperature of the room and some very quiet muffled sound that might have been talking but was drowned out by a constant squelching and other sounds. She was lost in a world of enormous assholes, kissing and licking the inner walls and squeezing the donut keeping her in, all while feeling salty sweat pour down her head and body. Eventually, as she felt Terra start to put more weight on her and sink down further, she let go of the fat ring so that her boss could more easily slide down as far as she wanted, almost gleefully expecting her to go past her shoulders. Which she did! without any trouble! Roxy could hardly believe it, sweating profusely herself from arousal and the heat surrounding her, as she almost expected Terra to take her all the way to the floor before the slick anus pulled back up. Flustered but not undeterred she continued with her oral ministrations, her hands now focusing on unclasping the belt to her pants so that she could have some fun on her own. Though... Perhaps that would be unprofessional? She stopped halfway through, hoping that Terra would give her some sign that it would be alright for her to continue. Perhaps this would end up being some form of torture in a completely different way? Nonetheless the loud noises Terra's asshole created made it almost impossible for Roxy to hear anything that was said so she was in the dark (quite literally) about what was about to transpire.

22. Terra : Well Terra could definitely tell Roxy didn't hear a single word she had just said. A pity that but she knew it couldn't be helped. Even if she could have heard what exactly was said what was she going to do about it? Yell up into Terra and hope she heard? No Terra figured it was for the best. However she could hear something Roxy was doing down below. Namely undoing her pants. Normally Terra might have disapproved of someone masturbating during this as but she was feeling very forgiving today. She then canceled all her meetings for the day claiming she had something urgent she needed to take care of, as she slowly lifted herself off of Roxy. Her head audibly letting out a loud "Plop" from Terra's rear as she leaned forward onto her desk, that massive gaping hole was staring right at Roxy, drooling thick sweat onto the floor. "Now. Miss Kayn. I heard you fiddling with your pants. I'll allow you to masturbate so do enjoy yourself down there and if you like after this is all done maybe we can get you some upgrades what you say". Before Roxy could really even respond or do anything Terra pushed back and swallowed up Roxy's head once more, gingerly resting on her shoulders, even sinking down a bit further so Roxy's arms would squish into her pucker were she could move them. Grinning to herself as she felt a few grumbles and herd a few sounds coming from her now growing stomach. Roxy would probably notice that Terra's asshole seemed to be getting a lot warmer than before and sweatier as well as a few new smells started to become apparent. What was once an anal sauna was now more like an anal bath house with how much steam seemed to be inside of Terra's fat pucker.

23. Roxy : It hadn't taken long before Roxy lost her sense of time, unsure if she had only been stuck for a few minutes, half an hour or more than a whole. She had stopped sucking and licking at some point due to getting tired, though she was still a great chair no doubt. After some muffled noises she felt Terra get up, dragging the anus along her face before finally freeing her from her wet prison. Panting, Roxy sat there and blinked a few times, both to clear the sweat from her eyes and get used to some light. Though the asshole was still looming above her in all its arousing glory. Unfortunately and fortunately the trial wasn't over just yet, but the confirmation that she was going to be allowed to touch herself made her light up with a grin. She was just going to reply but before she knew it the fat donut squeezed around her face and pressed down onto her shoulders once more. Gasping at the sudden weight and feeling of being inside the cavernous wet hole once again, her hands quickly began to make their way undoing the last parts of her pants not even trying to hide the large bulge that somehow hadn't broken free from its thong like prison. Her crotch was already soaking wet from Terra's fluids but there was a considerable amount of her own moisture as well, giving ample lubrication for her to plunge in her fingers and start playing with her knotted canine cock and balls. She shamelessly moaned out against Terra's inner walls and showed her appreciation by giving a few sucks and kisses. It didn't take long for her to start feeling warm and fuzzy inside, just like she was feeling outside as the warmth inside of Terra got more intense. Not that she noticed immediately, though it became apparent with each breath that air was a lot more steamy and humid. Roxy was constantly panting with her mouth hanging open now, fingers greedily playing around between her legs while still being a perfectly useable chair for her boss. The best kind of employee.

24. Terra : A needy sigh came from Terra as Roxy started working on her pucker once more, giving a wiggle to her hips to firmly anchor herself onto her shoulders. She could hear Roxy starting to go to town on herself, even over her own squelching hole. The thought made her even more hot. Luckily for her she was about to relieve herself big time. Swiping a hand across her face, she had lost to her lust. Rapidly her asshole seemed to be getting hotter and sweatier, drooling down over Roxy's body. Yet strangely there was a feeling that this was just a build up, something that could be noted by how much Terra's anus was tensing. She clenched her fists as a visible warning flashed across her face, her vision swiftly becoming more blurry as a wave of pleasure flushed throughout her body causing her to then slam her hand on the desk with a loud "Thud". Just moments before it began.

25. A loud hissing noise like a steam engine firing off resounded through the room as the process began. Waves of steam were rising off of Terra's pucker. After a few moments her tense pucker loosened itself and Roxy was going to be very surprised. Inside her asshole it was like a dam had been broken as a torrents of hot smelly gas and sweat rushed out to crash against Roxy's face before streaming out around her shoulders. In just a second her body was completely coated in the hot musky, salty fluid and gas as her clothes were completely soaked through. It was coming out intense enough that she might even have trouble moving her arms. The outside of Terra's pucker was much the same though a lot of gas as the sweat was just instantly converted to steam, making the room even hotter and sweatier and more musky along with the smell that followed. Rapidly a puddle formed underneath Roxy and spread out across the floor, the drain underneath Terra's desk trying its best but failing, not being enough to curb just how much sweat she was pouring out. Casually with an almost slutish voice that sounded completely different to how she spoken earlier Terra called out over the obscene loud noises and fluid splashes. "You are holding up alright aren't you, miss Kayn? sometimes I get a little exited and can't control myself"

26. Roxy : Since Roxy was left in the dark, literally, all she could feel was that the heat was getting stronger along with the smell. It was almost starting to seem like she had stuck her head in an oven, though one with a lot more humidity and other things. Maybe she would have called for a timeout had but Terra had gone first, the only warning she got being a few muted bangs, gurgles and hisses before it began. Then the huge asshole loosened up unexpectedly followed by a deluge of perspiration and gas that rapidly and continuously flowed down her body. The surprise got her to gasp, an unfortunate thing indeed, as it meant Terra's gasses and sweat flooded into her mouth and nose, drenching her palette along with her body. It was just so much! And it kept coming and coming, completely overwhelming her. as it flooded her and made her belly bulge a little as she gulps it down all while her drenched top clung to her expanding stomach before she was able to close her mouth but the damage was done. But there was one upside to it and that was the heat, depravity and rush of emotions, causing Roxy to tense up and climax shooting her loads across the room in the middle of the torrent of gas and perspiration. It'd be hard to tell though, with how her body was twitching from Terra's output.

27. Terra : Rather than take it negatively Terra took the non-response as a sign that Roxy was doing alright. After all if she wanted to get out she'd be thrashing more or grabbing at Terra's asshole though Terra doubted she'd be able to get a grip with just how slick it was. By now the entirety of Terra's anus was pouring with sweat, nearly enough that it obscured her skin. The thick, salty fluid poured down over Roxy like a broken faucet and continued to pool up on the floor along with a thick almost smog like cloud of gas that hid them both from visible view. Minutes passed and the anal onslaught just continued with no signs of slowing down or stopping. Terra had stopped focusing for the moment and just basked in the wonderful sensation her body was causing which was completely at odds with the room. It reeked of sweat, musk and her gas and a constant haze of humidity that seemed to cover everything, even Terra's windows having fogged up from it. By now the puddle underneath of her had spread out over onto the carpet and soak it completely, Terra then made a small thought note to get her room redone after it was all done. The minutes felt as though they had turned into hours with what seemed to be no changes in Terra's output. By now Roxy had to be soaked to the bone with her sweat. Terra however was feeling her legs getting a bit tired. To tease Roxy a bit she pushed back and swallowed the girl up even further before yanking herself off, followed by a thick hot stream of sweat arching over Roxy's head and splattered against Terra's window, the stream continuing even as Terra spoke. "Be sure to get a deep breath, miss Kayn. You're going back in there in just a moment". Thank god she made all the technology in her room waterproof.

28. Roxy : There were brief moments where Roxy got a chance to breathe, where Terra's asshole clenched or the torrent of sweat washed over her back, but otherwise she had to endure the entire time of Terra blasted her with gas and liquid. As her orgasm ended she found herself dizzy with arousal as she had never came so much before and her balls ached along with the assault on her senses, her taste and smell being nothing but the salty fluids and musky after smell along with the sheer force of the gas that lingered. Yet she endured, and as she sat there dumbstruck like the perfect little chair she felt her fingers subconsciously had started to move again, giving her a constant buzz of pleasure around the perspiration gushing down around her. She remained in her dazed state until suddenly the asshole clenched around her, Roxy feeling herself slip deeper into the gushing asshole before Terra stood up and finally let her free. Sort of, considering there was a large fat pucker dispensing its fluids on her. Roxy couldn't get a word in, just panting hard and holding up a hand to shield herself from the gushing in an attempt to get a few extra breaths. Her clothes would have to be burnt, no amount of washing would get Terra's sweat or musk out.

29. Terra : As if Roxy's clothes could be burnt with just how soaked they were now. One wonders if they'd ever get dry. Especially considering Terra was still cooling herself down, gushing hot sweat over and onto Roxy. The pleasure of it all was nearly enough to make her collapse thus Terra had to hold onto desk so she could steady while she waited. After a minute or so she figured that Roxy had had enough of a reprieve. "Alright. I think that's enough for now. I'm almost done anyway". As she spoke she slowly pushed herself backwards and placed her asshole directly onto Roxy's face, blasting her with torrent of both hot fluids and gas. Forcing a great deal of it directly into Roxy's stomach. Sighing with pleasure as she kept going and swallowed up Roxy's head and then down to her shoulders, sinking lower and lower. She only stopped when she reached Roxy's hips as a large visible bulge had formed on Terra's already huge stomach as she had to hold onto her desk for support. Her hole puckered lightly around Roxy as it struggled to force the gasses and sweat out. Terra, wanting to give Roxy a grand finale, tensed her asshole completely closed around the new hire's body and kept each and every drop of sweat and gas inside of herself. In no time at all her asshole and belly started bulging from the pressure. Small streams of sweat started to pour down Roxy as Terra neared her limit but she held on for now, wanting to induct Roxy proper.

30. Roxy : With the constant gush and the hand trying to block it Roxy had no idea of what Terra was planning or doing, only that she kept the asshole pointed her way. The deluge of sweat and gas, comical in volume yet no less intense, drowned out any noise, smell, taste, sight or feeling so Roxy did not notice that Terra had moved until she felt the warm heat of her anus envelop her hand. Before she had a chance to react Terra had swallowed her up to her neck, and by the time Roxy got her hand down she was squeezing around her now huge bulging belly. Yet the woman kept going and going, not stopping until the tractor wheel sized tire of an anus was resting on Roxy's lap, the outline of the poor employee stretching out Terra's abdomen and stomach. But if that was the worst then it wouldn't compare to the asshole clenching, as the sweat quickly pooling up and rose up along her body the air becoming more pressurized as gas filled the space. Roxy suddenly found herself with her mouth and then entire head submerged in sweat, her whole body feeling hot for several reasons. Her legs twitched and shook, mostly because of the warmth unrelentingly pressing against her nethers.

31. Terra : Terra managed to steady herself on the incredibly slick sweat covered floors. Otherwise she'd have ended up swallowing Roxy completely and while that might be good for Roxy it would have been bad for Terra. After all she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to get the anal loving hire out of her ass after that. A small chuckle comes from Terra as she imagines it, hearing her asshole squelch as she untenses it a little bit. She shudders and glances at the clock, sighing as she fully untenses herself. It was like a dam being burst once again as her asshole opened, an explosion of gas flooded the already filled room along with the hot sweat streaming by the gallon along Roxy's crotch and splashing into the pool below. By now there couldn't have been any dry part on Roxy's body and Terra made sure of that as her body amped up the sweat production once more. Despite her asshole being fully opened now enough sweat and gas was being produced to keep Roxy almost completely underneath it. After a few more seconds of intense sweating it began to slow down, Terra slowly lifting herself off of Roxy. By the time she reached her head it had slowed down to a trickle, much like how it was before. Her pucker was noisily pulled from Roxy's head and Terra straightened herself up as best she could although wobbly, along with her constantly gaped asshole pointing directly at Roxy. "I have to say" panting and gasping with pleasure as she utters the words "that was the most satisfying experience I've had in weeks".

32. Roxy : How Roxy had not drowned in the lewd perspiration was anyone's guess, but the few twitches, squirms and spasms from her body indicated that she hadn't gone out completely just yet, despite her entire upper body being swallowed up by an asshole. Not to mention that this went on for the several minutes that Terra had kept her locked inside, until finally the flow started to slow down. The most obscene noises could be heard as the sweat-slick pucker dragged along her body, dragging some of the soaked clothes with it, only to pull off and leave Roxy completely free. With nothing to support her body, which had now been forced to sit for hours and what with her belly now being as though she had swallowed an entire beanbag chair in size. not to mention the floor that was now a pool of slippery wet fluids, the new hire fell backwards with a splash making her belly jiggle a little. It almost looked like she had passed out had she not been smiling from ear to ear like a fool. All she could do was lie there on the floor and grin, the rest of her world spinning with visions of puckered donuts flashing before her eyes.

33. Terra : For the briefest moment Terra was indeed worried Roxy she had passed out, turning around to face her. Seeing that look on her face made Terra flash a small grin at Roxy before turning away, quickly slipping on her soaked clothes. "I can already tell this was as enjoyable for you as it was for me not to mention that lovely belly you now have". She couldn't be sure if they actually landed in the puddle below or if it was just that sweaty feeling in the air but it didn't matter. It take quite a while before either of them even manage to try and move or attempted to dry themselves to no extent. Terra seemed different as though she was finally able to show her true self to Roxy, aside from her hair being a bit messed up, something she didn't even try to fix. Sighing Terra sat back down in her chair before looking back towards Roxy. "Normally I would say get up and get back to work but you performed your duty above and beyond. So stay as long as you like for now but do be sure to come by anytime you would like to talk or discuss anything. You are allowed any upgrade or augment you so choose". A naughty grin then popped onto Terra's face as she spoke. "Oh and be sure not to change out of your uniform, Roxy. Have to stay in dress code you understand now have a nice day".

34. Roxy : The best describe the next few weeks as pleasant would be an understatement. It had seemed like ever since Roxy's initiation Terra had taken a much more relaxed tone with everything. Everyone knew it had most likely been because of Roxy and her being taken on as Terra's personal secretary but figured it was because of the decreased workload on the company. Something that lead a lot of them to that conclusion was just how sweaty Roxy had become and how she smelled of musk and gas all the time. Along with a few other changes one being her now obscenely huge noticeable bulge that somehow manages to stay inside its prison and her thighs and rear becoming so huge that sometimes she didn't fit though doorways and had to get a specially made chair similar to Ms Swallows, although everyone just assumed that they were augments and that because she was always working triple overtime at KinkyCreatureCorp although it wasn't unusual to say the least. However they'd never dream to think of the real reason being Terra doing her weekly meetings now with Roxy eagerly assisting every time and often came out with a large belly. In fact she'd gotten an even bigger present from Ms Swallows than even her current high paying position and augments. She'd gotten a special, signed picture of Terra. Or, well, a certain piece of Terra's anatomy anyway. A very swollen, sweaty piece of Terra's anatomy that Roxy had gotten very, very close to.
Terra and Roxy in Getting A Promotion
I Know its been a while since I posted a story and figured id finally release it as during my free time I have been working on this for the past few months when not doing an assignments so fingers crossed hope I don't disappoint.

I do warn this does contain a few kinks that some may not like but if you like them let me know and ill try and do some more stuff as this was quite a fun one to do and I have been working on my writing skills and taken a few helpful tips into consideration along with changing how I wrote as rather than last time where I would do 1 paragraph a day this time i went for a almost role play 1 on 1 style and hope it works and clears up a few issues my last one made
been dealing with irl stuff mostly university and all the work load but I am going to be making another story and ive been thinking about adding a few more kinks to it if yall have any ideas id love to hear them and may add them to the story :D
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so essentially the image was me messing around and in the end ill explain what is going on so the center of the image is a brain and the misconception is that people use one side of there brain at any given time but actually we use both sides all the time then the other is that the outer sides create a design that draws the viewers eyes to the center of the image and also forms the shape of an eye but this is the part i like so the brain is actually the iris of the image and this is the thing as we see things with our eyes and process it with our mind this is how i saw it that we see with our mind :D


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