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TerraSwallows's Profile Picture
Terra Swallows
Artist | Student | Photography
South Africa
(Currently Looking for someone who is into Extremely kinky / Open Minded stuff)

I am the owner of both a Discord and a Telegram group for Kinky people who may be interested in similar fetishes if you would like to join there are 2 links below the first is the Telegram group for those who prefer using that and the other is the Main discord group that I made for my Second Life club although if you have any ideas or thoughts on what roles or things you would like me to add let me know but please keep in mind that those who play second life and are interested in meeting me at the club sometime I would be happy to meet and get to know you better.

Telegram : KinkyCreatures

Welcome to my profile If you have any questions about me or have any potential RP's / Ideas but aren't sure if I would enjoy them please feel free to ask me via a note or Contact me via Discord as I am usually there most of the time. Just post any of your question(s) on either of those and I'll get back to as soon as I can. As I'll try have them answered as soon as I can latest within a day or so as I am quite busy.

If you want, you can ask me anything or send me questions or ideas that you have. I am usually on at strange times, but I'll try to answer them to the best that I can :D

Note: To any of those people that see my profile, bookmarked me or thought about doing a scene/RP with me but were intimidated by my kinks or the sheer number of them or even felt they are just too kinky for your liking. please know that I am more than happy to speak to you and listen to any of your ideas or interest for an RP. This may come as a shock to most but am actually extremely submissive and you never know I might actually find that person who I could be with as I'd much rather play with you now and see what you are like than never at all.

I am a huge gamer and I mostly play Blizzard games (EU) as well as a few others such as Second Life, World of Tanks, League of legends and a few misc. steam games and such. If you ever want to play a game let me know as I may play it as I enjoy finding others who have similar interests to me. It makes me happy to find others who I can be myself around and have some fun with outside of RP and such.

I Recently got Telegram, you can find me there. though I am mostly on Discord, which is THE most reliable way of contacting me as I am on it like 90% of the time when but just say who you are from Flist as it helps me know who you are or even better link me your Flist as then id know as I'm not on F-Chat all the time. so, no need to worry also I am there to just chat not so much RP but I don't mind using it for RP if needed.

1. I don’t care if you are a Male or a Female in RL I can Role Play with you as I am extremely open minded about stuff.
2. I also like to discuss the RP beforehand (settings, scenario, characters, kink, etc) as it helps to make a better Rp.
3. My f-List will tell you my NO’s, but I am open to trying new things.
4. I do not care what you are as I like people for who they are not what they are.
5. If you add me via an invite message I’d love to chat first as to get to know you better.
6. Please if your chatting with me please try to not talk in character till we start the RP please!
7. I am a Casual Poster, so I struggle with long paragraphs, so I usually write around 1-4 lines. as for you go as wild as you like do as many as you wish. Don’t let my incapability to create pages of amazing Rp stop you from creating a masterpiece.
8. If you’re a not into Herms I can play her as a female.

Name: Terra Swallows
Age: 21
Gender: Female / Herm
Species: Kemono
Relationship Status: Single {Looking for that right person}
Type or Being: Extremely Kinky {loves Hyper and all kinds of Dirty things}
Preferred Body Type: Muscly, busty, curvy, big, HYPER! {Although I am open to anything really}
Hobbies: Mostly playing computer games (Warframe / Anything Blizzard related) with people as well as chatting with friends or often trying out new things and exploring strange kinks. I often play second life (looking for others to play it with) and I love Corruption of Champions (CoC). Trials in tainted space (TITS), League of Legends (LoL) and many more I also love Anime and hentai as well as being used and transformed in some way.


Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

I thought id finish up this old story I was working on to get my creative juices flowing again along with trying out a more Dom side to my sona along with helping me to express some kinks I thought of doing for a while but never got a chance to do and stuff. My main ideas for this was that it was going to be a story like "the daily life of an "assistant" or helper to Terra when she's on missions out in space. and the ideas just kind of rolled off that. I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on it and what I could do or change and if I should try and make this into a thing or try and build a sort of kinky universe as reference to the Kinky Creature Corp being some kind of company that works on lots of strange and bizarre kinky things.

"The Diary entries of Terra's "Assistant"

Story by: (Terra):…


Entry log: Day 176

Kinky Creature Corp was willing to do anything to give them the lead in the realm of business, and with the latest augmentations having vastly improved over the years. It was clear that nothing was off limits. The augmentations that were given to Terra gave her stronger physical abilities, higher endurance, superior strength, and the only downside was her increased libido, along with a new "attachment". The only price that had to be pair was one poor soul to take the brunt of her wrath. And the company had paid that price with me. I was her stress relief. We are on a deep space mission to find rare materials that could be used or tested for the Kinky Creature Corp and came across a planet that seemed to have a lot going for it, so we decided to take a closer look and see what we could find.
Her personal shuttle hummed to life, Terra had finally come back from her mission to a new and exotic planet. I was in the regular spot. Unable to go very far thanks to that thick metal chain attached to the collar around my neck. She kept me under the cockpit controls, tight under the pilot seat. Ready to service her on long flights. I could smell her as she stood in the doorway. The foul augmentations kept her libido in a constant state of overdrive. That meant a cock that never stopped dripping and drooling pre-cum. "Mmmmm, all that action really got me going". She reached for her suits controls. "The heat in that place, the fighting and collecting of exotic materials, I gotta warn you, Hun, it's a swamp down there" She pressed a button and the skin tight fabric covering her large cock bulge instantly deactivated along a glowing blue line of her bodysuit. With the seal broken, her musk flooded the room, and to add emphasis, the cabin door sealed shut. "You know the drill".

That bitch, every mission, she wanted me to clean her, forcing me to suckle on her clammy sweaty package. She always took the shower after, only once the thick layers of cum and sweat had been lapped up by my tongue. She grabbed her seat, and with no other option, I took her into my mouth. I started with her balls, the two grapefruit-sized orbs. I lathered them with my spit, tasting her salty essence. They were always the worst, the lowest piece of her suit, they tended to get soaked as the fluids gathered around them, sweat and cum trapped in a skin-tight fabric. After what felt like hours of worship, I moved onto the cock itself.

Even with the suit off, you could see the thick blobs of gel-like "splooge" that was trapped under Terra's cock. Cum had dribbled from her cockhead down the underside of her cock, trapped by the fabric and forced to solidify. I lapped up the white cream, working myself up the tip of her dick. I swapped what must have been litres of the white gel, and her shaft looked like it was finally clean. I wrapped my lips around the cockhead, and gently suckled, if I'd done my job right, then I knew what happened next, and on cue. I felt Terra grab my head, and start stroking her cock, in mere moments. My mouth flooded with her thick sticky batter, much fresher and warmer than the matured white cream I had just cleaned from her cock. I swallowed her load, and pulled away, panting with exhaustion.
Satisfied, she grabbed the detached fabric and tossed it to me. "Now clean that, maybe if you do a good job. I'll get a replacement". She always said that she would get a replacement, always lied though as I knew how to pleasure her like no other, She'd had me for months and still, she only had the one codpiece. She never replaced it, or even washed it, this spit shine she was letting me do was the only time it got cleaned. Still, I knew better than to argue and licked the puddles of juice that were trapped in the cock shaped impression. Letting the foul concoction run over my tongue, I tipped back the fabric, drinking the stew that had been marinating her balls for the entirety of her mission. Finally, with the juices gone, I got to work on the stains, licking them clean the best I could.

With her shower done, she walked into the room, chuckling as she saw me cleaning her sodden fabric. She was back in her bodysuit, the only piece missing from it was the one that I was busy cleaning. I knew better than to hand it back to her, as she wasn't going to be needing it for a while, so I put it beside me on the floor of the cockpit. In the few moments, it took her to walk from the door to her seat, she had shoved the tip of her cock back into my waiting drooling mouth, instantly flooding it with a steady flow of sexual juices. I swallowed the first mouthful, hearing as she played with the controls. Dear god, please let it be a short flight I said in my head. As I bobbed back and forth, dutifully cleaning Terra's thick girl-cock. "The Coordinates are locked in, ETA 4 Hours'.

What felt like an eternity was over as the system announced "Destination Reached" Jesus Christ my jaw ached, four hours of nonstop cock worship, my mouth still stretched and taut over her thick shaft. She powered down the ship's engines, and pulled her seat back, drawing her cock free from my throat. I was pulled along with her, the airtight seal between my maw and her thick girl-dick refusing to be broken. My chain leash ended that though, and Terra was finally able to undock her gargantuan member. I coughed a little before gasping as I sucked in some fresh air, the room reeked of sweat and musk with a mix of sex in-between, but it was still fresher than what I had got while I was buried in Terra's crotch. Her cock loomed in front of me, thick glistening strands of spit and saliva hanging from it with a slight cum coating her stinking cock. My stomach was filled with her jizz and other things as she had to "relieve" herself a few times along the trip causing it to bulge quite a bit making me look a few months pregnant, but seeing her dick now, it was clear that she still had leftover spunk. Terra just smiled, and grabbed her codpiece, dragging it over to her cock, refusing to wipe away any of her discharge. "Don't worry honey, I'll save this for you, so you can lap it up once I get back". She fiddled with the controls, and the fabric locked itself back into place, sealing away her cock with a sudden "Squeesh" sound that followed, letting it stew with the sexual juices she had just trapped inside her suit.

Getting ready for another mission, she unhooked my metal leach, and led me through the shuttle doors and into the Prepping room, "Time to check that all the "equipment" is working before I go out, So I need to do some stretching, a quick workout should fix that, this way slut" She grabbed her weights and squatted slightly, pushing out her massive rear. I knew what was next as she often did this to make sure that nothing could go wrong. I crawled behind her and pried apart her huge fat ass cheeks, digging my way to her fat puckered out doughnut of an anus, its brown star-like entrance pushing in and out softly. Terra lowered her weights for a second before, pressing at her suit controls. "One-second honey, I can't keep up with you being so eager" I wasn't eager to clean her asshole, I just didn't want her angry at me, regardless, I pulled back. The small blue lines of her suit that covered her pucker slowly faded away, and I swear I could see steam push its way out, eager to escape the sauna-like confines of her suit. "There you go, now dig in Hun". I complied, and buried my tongue in her behind, licking her swampy asshole clean.

I burrowed deep, the pungent smell of her ass filled my nose, and the small supply of air that I was able to breathe was thick with Terra's overpowering aroma. It was intermingled with the bitter taste of her pucker. I reached around and slowly stroked her cock, the tight fabric of her suit slid easily, lubricated by the thick layer of cum and spit that was sandwiched between it and the cock. I could feel her cock twitching, tensing up as it readied a fresh payload of thick creamy cum. I kept frantically stroking, while my tongue was buried deep inside her, exploring the inner folds of Terra's Sphincter, I felt her cock suddenly pulse, as strong jets of cum erupted from her enclosed cock, my hand could feel the fresh load helping to lube her cock, making it easier for me to pleasure her. The whole time, my tongue continues its taste, exploring and cleaning her fetid ass.

By now, her codpiece was filled to the brim with her cum, my hand was now struggling to feel her dick under the litres of sloshing jizz, yet still, I stroked. Finally, she stopped shooting, and the ship lowered. She tugged on my leash, and led me back to the cockpit, fastening my leach back to its usual post. "Get some sleep honey, you earned it, I want you nice and rested for when I get back" She reached for my bowel, a self-heated dish that kept my meals nice and warm, and lowered herself over it, Squatting over it. She grabbed her cock and milked it down, forcing the warm fluids to move into her suit, finding the path of least resistance. This forced all the juices to go to the only hole in her suit, the only way to escape the dripping confines of her suit. It flowed over her swollen sack. Through the moist confines of her suit, she pushed it closer to its destination. She kept milking her cock, and I was rewarded as the soupy gunk oozed from the hole I had been worshipping. Thick strands of jizz and juice filled the bowel as it trickled past her spit-shined pucker. Finally, the flow stopped, but I knew there was still so much sexual gunk trapped in her suit, there always was. Still, I was happy that she had left me a snack. With her workout and stretches done she and her pet tended to. Terra left her shuttle, sealing her suit shut as she left, leaving her white good to mature during the mission. I fell asleep, saving my bowl for later, after all, there was always going to be more once she got back.

Entry log: Day 177

After the mission, Terra had returned back to the shuttle, quite happy to see that my bowl had been licked clean. She tugged on my leach waking me in the process as she removed her codpiece, greeting me with her usual ritual. As she took her seat, I got to work, running my tongue along her package, the taste of matured spunk and sweat flooded my mouth. I was lost in my task, and eventually, her cock was sucked clean, the vile juices that once coated it now resided comfortably inside my stomach. I pulled myself off her, and glanced up, meeting her gaze.
I could hear the glee in her voice as she read the mission details, "Guess what Hun, we've been assigned a deep cover mission, and you know what that means!" Fuck, deep cover meant minimal power usage, and that was bad news for me. It meant no use of warp, making hour-long trips turn into days, worst of all it meant only essential ship functions would be powered. On cue, the lights dimmed, the air cycling lowered from a breeze to almost nothing, and Terra unclipped my leach, leading me out the cockpit. Normally she would take a shower after I was done sucking her cock clean but not when we were deep cover. This was why I dreaded deep cover, showers were considered by Terra to be a "non-essential ship function".

She giggled softly while leading me to the bathroom before locking the door. My exit locked, she peeled off the rest of her suit, the pieces falling to the ground piece by piece as I waited for her. The smell of her was overpowering, a while magnitude above the usual musk of her cock. The lack of air cycling didn't help, the room just filled more and more with her essence. She stepped into the shower, taking her seat on the seat allocated inside it and I quickly followed, ready to be of service.

I started on her feet, figuring I should start from the worst. My assessment of the worst was pretty accurate, as her juices had trickled down thanks to gravity, gathering below. I worked myself up to her legs, licking her skin clean. As I reached her crotch, she raised her legs, giving me a clear view of her puckered anus. Unlike before, I was now tasked with cleaning everything, not just her brown star. I lapped up, running my tongue through her crack, catching every drop of her. I kept licking, tongue fucking her anus as I passed by it, until finally, she was satisfied. She lowered her legs and let me continue my work.

As I worshipped her body, I could see her rubbing her cock, its thick-skinned meaty folds hanging off the tip drooling, although standing at attention. I worked myself around her cock, not wanting to disturb her as she played with her cock, my tongue tickled her navel, and her strokes became more desperate, as soft moans came from her mouth. She kept going as I finally made my way to her Massive Tits. I grabbed one of her breasts and slowly lifted it, giving me better access to the hidden flesh below. I ran my tongue along the groove of her under the breast, her salty tang was overwhelming my taste buds. I reached over with my free hand and grabbed her other mammary and licked under it, before cleaning her large nipples with the size and thickness of an average penis and similar in shape to honest. Her breasts were so soft, they were teardrop shaped, but kept their shape although soft and squeezable. I took my time as I sucked on her arm, and I quickly ran my tongue over her sweaty pits, eager to get it over and done with, she must have sensed that, and grabbed my head. burring my face into her armpit. "Savor it, and lick it clean" I kept lapping up the fluids until her grasp loosened. I pulled away and lifted her other arm, gesturing towards it, I drove in, not needed further "encouragement".

Finally clean, I pulled away, I wanted to wash away the strong taste of her, but not really, I didn't know anything else. I'd been living off her since she got me months ago, everything I ate had come from her, Hell, I didn't even remember what water tasted like. My thoughts were quickly interrupted as she finally reached her climax. Her cock erupted with thick sticky strands of white fluids. Pulse after pulse, string after string, her orgasm just kept going. Even with how huge her balls were, the amount of cum that she shot out was unimaginable. She lay on her back, the steamy hot spunk landed all over her body, coating her skin with an extra thick layer of white cream. I was shocked, all my hard work, gone. She just smiled at me with a wicked grin, "Oops, looks like you'll have to start over". Wordless to what had just happened, I got back to work, ignoring the fact that she was now stroking her cock once more, ready to repeat what she had just done.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

"I Ummmm ill pick Trans.. " *but was cut off mid-sentence*

The voice responded with a different tone "Too late, times up I guess now you get both."

*She angrily grabbed the phone and yelled into it "Fine then, Give me the worst you got Cock sucker I bet you have never even had sex let alone with a girl to bet you make the boys blush"

"What you just said then gave me a kinky idea. You know they always did say your deepest more depraves desires haunt well I guess yours will become your new life from what I hear you are into some really Kinky stuff let alone the kinkiest. Oh yea I know about those profiles you made on those erotic sites don't worry your role-playing fantasy will be your new Reality.

*her voice trembled a little* "Whaa Ummm what the hell are you talking about what sites nobody knows about that." *she said taking a gulp*

"Lemi think hmm for you transform, how about that tongue of yours will transform into a nice foot long cock as you seem to just love the idea of calling others cock suckers. now, let's go for size shall we the cock will easily take up all the space in that dirty mouth of yours, although ill is kind about this you won't choke on it as you won't need to breathe anymore.
ooooh, and you won't need to eat as I am sure you will find other ways to sustain yourself. As for your breasts, they will grow to a GG cup size. Ooooh, and how about it will be filled up with sperm as I know you have a milk fetish but here is the catch its supply will be attached to your tongue cock. Now seeing as you enjoy popularity whenever someone calls out your name, Your Breasts will start to full up and grow making those lovely nipples large and fully erect and your cock will grow an extra inch.
now for your clit that won't be an issue anymore I know you have such a turn on for Trans you will grow a nice large horse cock something with a sheath as to ummm hide it you know how girls get about hiding the things they like. But here is the kicker it will have a knotted base as You know as well as I do that you're into some other fetishes and a foreskin but not just any foreskin one that is nice and long hell it is so long it may even dwarf your cock in length someday. and last but not least your body will begin to sweat and become nice and musky and maybe some uncontrollable side effects along the way as I hear that you love to get nasty with that sorta stuff judging from your collection of pictures and other media on that pic of yours.
the only way to solve this solution is to do one of three things. 1, you can masturbate using your cock. 2, you can get creative on where to shove it down. Or 3, alternatively you can just let them grow a bit and relieve yourself in some other way.  
As for your dare, I dare you to be more active and exercise more you know to build up that extra flavor but get creative on how you exercise. Most people will think all of this is weird but treat it as normal. alternatively, you can also stretch your body in other ways this can count as exercise. now have a fun day you kinky creature."
User Input Story
So I had this idea for a growing story based on comments and others input and see if it will grow from the perspective of the person getting changed and id love to see where it goes and if its good ill even link them all together and make a long kinky story from different peoples ideas collected and infused into the story to be as kinky and as wild as you like with this in the comment :) and if it does well id love to see it becomes something unique.

░▒▓█▓▒░ Furry Form ░▒▓█▓▒░


 I am an 8 foot 4-inch Kemono hybrid, with a muscular toned body yet still soft and extremely curvy with plenty of jiggles. I have a face resembling that of a humanoid, with aspects of other animals added to the features, particularly my streamline face and patterns making my piercing eyes stand out with my long, beautiful eyelashes. I have a black and light grey coloured fur that thickens noticeably on my head, looking shaggy and more than a little monstrous once laid over my visage often acting as a fluffy chest puff. I have a jaw-dropping feminine shape with extremely full and bimboish, pouting lips, hiding a pair of Canine / wolf-like teeth and an adorable nose. There are streaking hairs throughout my long or shoulder length hair that is parted to one side by a pair of protruding ears that stick out sideways. I have a long undulating cock tongue that occasionally slips from between my extremely large full lips. It hangs nearly two feet long when I let the whole thing slide out, though I can retract it to appear normal appearance when not needed.

I have a humanoid shape with a muscular torso with two sets of strong arms. although I have extremely large and wide child-bearing hips that make me look as though I have birthed many children. I have a huge, slappable ass that jiggles a lot when I walk it is still muscular and tight though voluptuous and thick. I have a long tail with a puffy tip that often swishes back and forth as if swatting at flies. My legs are muscled/toned, covered in fur, and end in a pair of large bestial pawed fluffy feet.


Sexual details


I usually have two rows of breasts but sometimes it is just one pair as I am able to shrink or grow them at will, the topmost pair starting at my chest.

—My uppermost rack houses 4 milk-udders with four 5.7-inch cock-sized nipples each that surround a larger central nipple that is usually inverted. The nipples can be inverted and are able to protrude outwards if needed as they can be penetrated to act as mouths/cunts.


Where a penis would normally be located, I have a large sheath thick in fur and musk as it hides my Shaft hidden inside an extremely long stretchable foreskin.

my cock is 49.9 inches long and seven inches thick. The crown is ringed with a circle of rubbery protrusions that grow larger as I get more aroused. The entire thing is shiny and covered with tiny, sensitive nodules that leave no doubt about monstrous nature. they are shiny, smooth and yet covered in veins, there is a large bulge of flesh nestles just above the bottom of the shaft, to ensure it stays where it belongs during mating. The knot is 11 inches thick when at full size. The 'head' of this bestial shaft flares proudly-covered by a long length of stretchable phimosis foreskin.


I have an extremely large puffy cunt, with a 5.4-inch clit that can grow or shrink based on my sexual arousal.  Often thick streams of lubricant drool constantly from my stretchable snatch, its huge puffy hyper lips slightly parted. behind my huge pair of balls


A fuzzy pouch filled with a quartet of hideously swollen and over-sized balls swings low under my obscene inhumanly distended, dick. I have estimated each of them to be about 15 inches across.



And finally, I have one Extremely huge hyper puffy drooling Doughnut pucker, that often quivers or extends further outwards, placed between my jiggly butt-cheeks where it belongs. often looking almost prolapsed at times due to how large and distended it is although it most likely just looking for some attention.


I also have a few piercings on my body and a few tattoos.


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