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After recently finding *AphexPhoton- a great friend that is incredibly interested in night photography, we've decided to get our sparkling teamwork together to get some awesome photos. It's not the best place in the world, but the Stanlow Refinery makes for some incredible lights and effects.

This is a long exposure photo of the M56 motorway (near Frodsham, UK) during the evening rush-hour. Now the clocks have gone back, after-work treks are much easier for night photography, and this was taken in rain and high wind on a bridge over the motorway near Stanlow.

I have to give MASSIVE thanks to *AphexPhoton, since his height is advantageous for keeping cameras steady on high and windy bridges :B We've mastered some kind of uber-teamwork complex while working in the lab together, which certainly comes in handy when working in not-so-awesome conditions! Epiczeit.

More night photography to come in the not-too-distant future <3
Check out another photo from our treks

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Nothing short of brilliant. Amazing piece of work.

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Thank you so much. Still one of my faves

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This is an awesome photo, gave me nostalgia and gave me an inspiration to travel the world.
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I love works like these. :)
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You're very welcome!
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I Love It.
Do you Remember How Many Time you Used to?
Eight seconds maybe? :D
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Eight seconds it was. very glad you like! thanks
EdenAzrael's avatar inspire me :")
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I'm so glad to hear it! You have a wonderful gallery :)
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Aw! You're too sweet :)
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Nice! I love shots like this. It's really cool to see the detail in the lights and ground. Very cool!
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Thanks, hun! It was kinda weird to see the amount of texture in the road that the lights picked up!
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Long exposure pictures always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love how the red and white eventually blend together in the background. :)
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thanks so much! i do much admire long exposure photos too :)
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The speed of light, blinding at that!
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Glad you like it! Thanks =D
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And oh, wait! How long was this exposure, do you remember?
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The exposure was 10 seconds :)
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Haha awesome. Also, it occurred to me that if I do this, the colors will be backwards! That's funny. =P
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Yeah- You can always tell what country a pic like this is taken due to the direction of the lights :D
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This is massively cool. I love doing night photography. =D I've always wanted to take a photo like this (not just of cars, like THIS, as I've done the whole car light thing) but I've never had the opportunity yet. I have to find an overpass to play on I guess. =D One day, one day. =D
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