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Terra (ET-UFP)


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Contact between earthly life and wider cosmic civilization was established in AD 1972 shortly after humanity's first test of a rudimentary "curvature space-drive"—radiating paracausal undulations out into geometric spacetime like a cry in the darkness, detectable within days by deep-space monitoring platforms and certain extra-physically hyper-aware creatures as remote as Tau Ceti. In the eons-past Shadow Era, such an undulation in the fabric of spacetime often proved fatal to emerging world-societies as they instantly painted their sun red for scores of superweapons shot by nearby stay-at-home civilizations, paranoid of foolish upstarts attracting resurgent Precursor or Sentinel attention.

Bedlam reigned over the spirit of humanity in the weeks after the 1972 emanation. It did attract a score of radio-telescopic and radar pings, descending on the system erratically from all sides. Then came an inexpressible wave of relief. It was a massive welcoming occasion, ill-advised, but spontaneous and self-organized; some arriving to proselytize, a few to exploit, but most to explore. All bore gifts and songs. Accompanying the celebrants from a nearby joint contact coordinating center came a regulatory mission detached to cooperate with local institutions to uphold their laws and customs.


Another graphic I started tinkering on back in early June, 2021.
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I like the change of perspective on Earth you make by putting Antarctica on "top".