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Neu Prague



Physical specifications
Mean Radius: 6552.66 km
Mass: 6.9857 * 10^24 kg
Surface Gravity: 10.856 m/s^2
Composition: 28.3% iron, 27.9% silicon, 23.9% oxygen, 15.4% magnesium, 1.6% aluminum, 1.1% sulfur, 1.1% calcium, 0.9% other elements

Orbital Period: 552 d, 20 h, 57 m, 50 s
Rotational Period: 22 h, 45 m, 7 s

Surface Temperature: 292.6125 K
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.0695 atm
Atmospheric Composition: 79.4% nitrogen, 15.4% oxygen, 1.8% argon, 1.3% water vapor, 2.2% other gases

Regarded as one of the most important planets in the German Empire, Neu Prague -- settled primarily by the Empire's Czech citizens -- is orbited by an extensive system of moons, each rich in precious minerals, and its nearest astronomical partners include a number of planetoid belts; against which, the planet is defended by a number of high-mass gas giants, which also have their own extensive moon systems. Because of this, the whole system is of extreme economic and military importance to the Reich.

The planet was originally dominated by a species of proto-sapient tool-users called the 'Knajult', however, due to the high value of the planet and system, it was decided by the, of the time, conservative Imperial German government that Neu Prague couldn't be left to be defended by savages, and so the planet was extensively settled, and its confused and culture-shocked natives herded into restricted areas concentrated in isolated regions.

Neu Prague's economy is primarily based in shipbuilding as well as mineralogical and agricultural exports. Originally, the planet had a rotational period of 9 hours, 8 minutes, and 4 seconds, but following a particularly large local economic decline linked to mass stress and sleep deprivation caused by the planet's short days, the young colonial government commissioned the aid of the Imperial Navy to redirect a number of comets and other large bodies into a trajectory in low orbit of Neu Prague to slow the planet's rate of rotation. While the planet's velocity incrementally declined over the course of five decades, the planet experienced a boon to tourism, as countless from across local space flocked to watch multiple low-orbit asteroid redirect missions.
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