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Astronomical Profile: Pocket 417C5
Pocket 417C5 is a notable pocket universe located on the outskirts of the Delta Azromli Main located 11.7 KLYs from the Sol System. Based on the analyzing and decay-dating of the pocket's content particles, Pocket 417C5 is estimated to have come into existence approximately 2.5-3 billion years PT.
Pocket 417C5 is connected to its parent universe by an umbilical-cord-like wormhole - designated W-417C5-0 on its parent end, and W-417C5-1 on its exit end into pocket 417C5 - through which vessels and other objects can travel. Pocket 417C5's total volume of folded space consists of an estimated 1,480-1,520 cubic LYs and its contents have a total cataloged mass of 17 solar units and holds 11 star systems, among which are a number of megastructures. The 11 star systems within pocket 417C5 are surrounded by nebulous gas, illuminated by the 14 stars of the pocket, brightening the night skies of 417C5's planets.
Federation expeditions into Pocket 417C5 have been sporadic
:iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 6 0
Cotdua System by TerranTechnocrat Cotdua System :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 25 6
Technology Profile: Cybernetic Augmentation
Cybernetic augmentation is the deliberate alteration of an organic entity's structure via the introduction of synthetic non-organic structures, as opposed to the introduction of synthetic organic structures in biomechanical augmentation. Cybernetic augmentation could range from the simple replacement of a toe in a Human with a prosthetic to the replacement of an entire damaged hemisphere of a brain with a computer.
Because of the danger to individuals caused by the lack of absolute cryptosecurity in modern computers - thus, the possibility that any implants can be infected with a computer viruses that can disrupt trans-cyber-neurological signals, causing potentially extensive damage to the body's neuro-biological systems - computer-inlaced cyber augmentation is highly stigmatized, and although originally seen as the catch-all solution for the future of Human civilization, cybernetic augmentation steadily declined in popularity over the centuries within the United Systems' Federation, w
:iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 5 0
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Apples are delicious
Mon Dec 11, 2017, 7:21 PM
And with strange aeons even death may die.
Thu Nov 23, 2017, 5:02 PM
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
Thu Nov 23, 2017, 5:02 PM
"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"
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tits ahoy, m80
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5500 - Pax Solaris
The Solar Union - spreading out from Mars - had its sights, at the earliest of its efforts to recivilize the solar system, on the planet Earth. Even after over three millennia to recover on its own terms, the planet's ecology still bore the marks of the interplanetary war. Across the surface of Earth, various regions had redeveloped sophisticated civilizations, the most advanced of which were at the cusp of the industrial revolution. These regions included Bharat, Patagonia, far Western Eurasia (namely Nippon), Mexico and Eastern Eurasia (particularly the West Slavs).

When Union probes, and eventually vessels, first began arriving in the Earth-Luna system, the first pushes of expansion were to Earth's moon, Luna, itself to serve as a staging point. In a swift campaign, Solar Union forces subdued and took over the various Lunar subterranean city-states that dotted its surface with little resistance, dug their feet in, and quickly turned their attention to Earth.

Through a series of invasions, the Solar Union conducted pacification campaigns across the equator of Earth; territories closer to the equator, where the first Union spaceports would be assembled, would be integrated easier and quicker than territories further away. After several decades of expansion and consolidation, all Earther resistance would be effectively destroyed.


A random thing I've been working on sparingly while bored. Idea closely inspired by this piece:
The Years of Silk and Vanilla (Part 2) by ART5EC
Sinking World
An old planet with life; in its current geological epoch, almost all of its continental plates have sunken down below the surface of its oceans, leaving behind scattered, isolated rocks that were once great mountaintops, and three defiant plates that still remain at least somewhat surfaced.

The Lowlands- an expansive region of great plains and open prairie with some scattered coastal and montane temperate forests - it is the most widespread region on the Mainland. It is the home region of Sinking World's only sapient species and is inhabited by a number of agrarian cultures.

The Midlands- a mixed region of mountainous terrain and lush river-valleys, while Sinking's World only sapient species originated in the Lowlands, it does not rule from there. The Midlands is the home of a number of advanced industrial cultures, capable of extensive maritime exploration.

The Highlands- a region of labyrinthine foothills and low mountain ranges, the Highlands is home to a number of agrarian and hunter-gatherer warrior cultures which remain isolated from the rest of the Mainland. It is guarded against the rest of the continent by the 'Great Squid' - a mountain range named as such because, starting from its base in the Lowlands, when viewed from high above the world, it appears to be a great squid with protruding tentacles, and is spewing forth a great volume of ink.

The Hinterlands- A cluster of uninhabited islands, the wildlife of the Hinterlands is very alien to that of the Mainland, as it has been separated from life on the primary continent for somewhere around 200-400 million years without any contact. The Hinterlands is actually the highest point of a great submerged landmass, and its study by Mainlandic naturalists from a variety of universities is cause for great, almost continuous scientific breakthrough.

Old Nook- An extremely isolated, lush, intimidating tropical island, 'Old Nook' was first recorded by famous maritime explorer Cosrius the Brave but was discarded as a fable until a lost Imperial fleet - blown into the Great Expanse by a cyclone - returned to the Mainland with official documentation and specimens as evidence of the expedition. The sailors reported a jungle rich in truly otherworldly plants and animals and vast cyclopean ruins, forbiddingly ancient, made from an oily black stone - vast in scale, and overgrown with plant and animal life - left behind by an unimaginably ancient civilization; probably older than any mountain, older than the Mainland's native intelligence itself. A disturbing thought. As an old 'nook' or 'cranny' from an ancient, truly otherworldly landmass lost to the waves, multiple attempts after its rediscovery were made to rediscover Old Nook - only a handful of which has returned in success, while many of which haven't returned at all, leading to a theory that Old Nook actually rapidly shifts positions out in the Great Expanse by anomalous means.

The Great Expanse- the general name for the vast, unbroken expanse of salt water surrounding the few refuges of terrestrial life left on Sinking World. Those unfortunate or foolhardy enough to venture out into the Expanse either receive the nickname 'the Brave' or 'the Foolish' depending on whether or not they simply return. The Great Expanse is not the realm for sailors and ships; it is the realm of ancient, colossal sea monsters - eons-old - vast sea serpents, giant squid, and other marine behemoths that eventually consume all that stray too far from the sight of land...


This is a random map of an odd world I worked on for personal amusement; I actually started working on it back in ‎14 November, ‎2017. I'll admit, in hindsight, this post looks pretty barren. Sweating a little... I may work on fixing that.
Khiana is the fourth planet from a class-G main sequence star locally known as Xalkali. A lone, barely habitable ball of rock barely standing out from a group of tiny balls of rock and just two gas giants of moderate size, Khiana's mean surface temperature is just shy of 5 degrees celsius. It is 83 percent the size of the Earth, 58 percent of Earth's mass, and 85 percent the gravity of Earth. It is home to an indigenous biosphere with a conventional biochemistry specialized for cool, especially dry conditions and is the homeworld of an intelligent starfaring species integrated into the Federation.

Had it not been for the fact Khiana has been the homeworld a relatively developed civilization for millennia, the planet probably never would have grown much past a population in the tens of millions given its relative isolation and hostile surface conditions. Significant portions of the planet's surface is covered with ice or arid and no moons are present in orbit, because of this, Khiana receives 5 to 10 times the number of annual impacts that the planet Earth receives.

Because of the frequent impacts and other hostile factors, lifeforms on Khiana are hardy and adaptable, having developed external carapaces over the eons to protect themselves from their environment and actual impact shockwaves and sensitive organs which cause them to drop to the ground and assume a protective position if there's even a slight tremor.

Khianan civilization was slower to develop than most recorded civilizations; development always ran the risk of being annihilated in an impact or geological incident, and the growth of Khianan settlements were almost always slowed by the fact the majority of cultures assembled and grow at least partially subterranean habitats to be protected from the harsh conditions of their planet. Development into rocketry and space exploration was hampered by the lack of any visible satellites orbiting the planet and it was relatively late that any Khianan physicists considered the possibility of leaving their world for the dark, star-specked night-sky.

The Khianans experienced a brief, near-fatal collision with thermonuclear physics. By the time of the development of a workable theory for fission, the planet had split into two effective civilizations in the northern and southern hemisphere, divided by the equatorial ocean. These two dynamic associations of nations had very different governing systems and cultural groups, and these differences fostered misunderstanding, distrust and eventually an outright thermonuclear exchange which destroyed a number of major cities on Khiana at the time.

Despite this, the planet's natives recovered; the northern hemisphere's practices of civilization subsumed the southern hemisphere's, the planet was finally a globalized civilization and was beginning to recover. By the time of the world's discovery by a scout vessel investigating irregular radio patterns emitted by the civilization centuries ago, Khiana had grown into an interplanetary culture and was making gradual forays to neighboring stars.


Finished in 26 ‎February, ‎2018, better late than never.
Mediterranean Workers, Unite!
No clear point-of-divergence; largest noticeable divergence occurred in 1934 and butterflied out. The purge within Nazi Germany that was the Night of the Long Knives reached the public more widely and in particular the Wehrmacht. In early 1936, a faction of the German armed forces gained enough influence to stage a coup and national uprising, pitted against the Nazi Party and subsumed civilian government. After almost half a year of armed conflict, the German Civil War ended in a Wehrmacht victory, with the majority of high-ranking Nazi officials incarcerated - sentenced to life imprisonment to distinguish the military from the murderous Nazis - and Adolf Hitler himself executed for what the military called crimes against Germany and her people, and the Nazis demonized in German propaganda for their evils.

The resultant military-led transition regime, and following civilian government, in Germany was largely conservative and consisted of significant monarchist elements; because of this, there was a brief debate within Germany as to the nature of its new civilian government. The compromise between the civilian conservatives and the military royalists was a British-style constitutional monarchy, with the reigning monarchy serving as a ceremonial role. With this, Wilhelm II of the House of Hohenzollern was invited back to Germany from exile in the Netherlands, and Germany began preparations to restore the monarchical system with stability and sustainability of the structure in mind.

The elections of 1938 - the first free and open elections since the NDSP came to power - saw the rise of Konrad Adenauer from Nazi-destitution and persecution to Chancellery; his ordoliberal economic strategy and political methods resulting in the post-civil war German Economic Miracle. Through the remaining two years of the '30s, the German government would focus on the growing threat of the USSR to the east and the growing danger of communism - especially the strain headed by Joseph Stalin - to European civilization, both from the east and the west. In Spain, by 1939, the Republicans - supported by the Soviet Union and French - had triumphed over the fascist Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, and by 1940, France's government was taken over by the French Communist Party.

Using anti-communist rhetoric, by 1940, Germany had built up a prominent, unified alliance system in Europe - the first-ever in history. Initially called the Union of Central Europe, it soon composed of the nations of Belgium, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, and Yugoslavia. With this, it was renamed the European Union. Sweden was invited to join but had declined for reasons of neutrality. Portugal joined in 1941 under threat of possible invasion by the militarily industrializing Spanish. The European Union was initially simply a military pact and trading union, but its functions grew as its benefits became more wildly accepted. In mid-1940, Austria was annexed into Germany following a national vote that saw the Austrians overwhelmingly favor unification with their northern counterparts.

The EU was pushed further; in late 1941, the Baltic states, and then in early 1942, an uncomfortable Finland, joined the alliance - putting the Union's borders directly against the Soviets. Startled, the USSR initiated a delayed invasion of the Polish nation as to secure their borders against the Union's expansion. Poland's eastern territories fell away within weeks of the advance of the Soviet colossus, and Germany and the whole of the EU rushed to Poland's defense - having guaranteed Poland's independence in the face of communist aggression, Germany and the whole of the EU formally declared war on the USSR in 1942. Months following this, Red France aligned itself with the USSR and declared war on the EU and Germany. Spain, at the time, remained neutral.

Facing a two-front war, the German military worker harder than it had ever on economically growing the member nations of the Union and consolidating their military commands into a unified European defense force. Very early into the conflict, analysts quickly realized Germany and the Union nations could not survive a protracted two-front war with both France and the USSR - regardless of what they were fighting for, such a thing could not be done in 1914 or 1941, even with central Europe on their side.

With this in mind, Union research and development programs shifted from traditional science and technology to military innovations; pooling the knowledge of Europe to grow the technological disparity between EU and Soviet-aligned forces. The brilliant German scientists Werner Heisenberg and Wernher von Braun, in particular, were placed in charge of the development of two branches of the greater gefahrwaffe program; the Norway Project and the unified ballistics effort, the hope of the most imaginative German scientists being the merger of the two projects to create the ultimate weapon.

The United States remained neutral in the war until 1943, although the American nation - especially President Franklin D. Roosevelt - was sympathetic to democratic Europe. While the U.S. remained neutral, it quietly supported the Germans and the EU with weapons and ships being traded to democratic Europe, pushing against the American neutrality. The tipping point of the balance was in 1943 when a Soviet cruiser sank an American heavy freighter without warning in the North Atlantic in the vicinity of Iceland in international waters, killing 42 Americans. This incident caused outrage and directly led to the United States entering the war on the side of Germany three months later.

The EU's great turning point in the war was in 1948 when the Germans initiated the Ragnarok Test; an early, 25-kiloton nuclear device was detonated in the cover of the rocky mountains of northern Norway. This technology was swiftly merged with the German military's advanced, experimental rocketry to develop the G-5 rocket, or 'Gefahrwaffe-5'. The G-5 was the first mass-produced long-range nuclear missile, powered by an early solid-propellant rocket engine, the G-5 was the fear weapon the Germans had imagined from the start of the war; combining the immense destructive capabilities of atomic fission, the aerodynamic potential of the rocket, and the speed and precision of the jet engine, with 100% of tested G-5 rockets falling within just 2 kilometers of their target. Held off until a number of the rockets were manufactured by 1950, the first G-5 rockets were launched toward Soviet armies in Ukraine and French armies in northern France.

Despite the utter confusion and rout of advancing and entrenched Soviet-aligned forces in target areas, the Soviet bloc refused to surrender, and so the last active G-5 rockets were utilized to flatten the cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, and Reims, forcing the Comintern to unconditionally surrender, fearing total devastation. The Germans replaced the governments of the USSR and France with democratic, pro-european governments.

Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, an unprecedented regional economic crisis that formed during the 1920s resulted in communist coups and uprisings in Anatolia, Greece, and colonies in North Africa. Although the uprisings within the colonial regions were quickly quashed, the movements and groups remained underground. During the chaos of the 1940s, the colonies within North Africa finally severed ties with their European oppressors. Initially various disparate communist states, Republican Spain - having unified Iberia militarily - rallied these various socialist regimes to form a unified workers' commonwealth of the Mediterranean. This nascent state supplied a communist coup in Italy, which resulted in civil war, with southern Italy joining the newly formed "Custodia of Socialist Republics".

While the Second World War ended in German-aligned victory, the Custodia held onto southern France and southern Italy and further centralized its control over the Mediterranean by the 1950s. The Germans saw little threat in the impoverished Mediterranean state and instead focused on rebuilding Europe, dismantling the USSR and rebuilding Russia, and coordinating with the Americans to end the war in Asia and southern Africa, letting the 'military unification of Iberia' by the communists slide. The CSR took in a sizable portion of the Soviet military command and assets; claiming to defect to the Custodia from the crumbling Soviet Union. In the postbellum Mediterranean, a new variation of communist ideology developed; custodian socialism. Integrating the state capitalism of Leninism and the repression and military focus of Stalinism, the Mediterranean would see fast industrialization under the CSR regime and by the 1970s, with the development of nuclear weapons by the CSR, Germany and its close American allies finally realized the gradually amassing danger of the CSR/FCSA-aligned international communist bloc.


Dumb little thing. This timeline was a ton of work spread over my break, vaguely inspired by a Hearts of Iron 4 game. :c

Points of interest will be finished up later.


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