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So here's a quick little update!

First off my monitor broke recently and I'll be getting a new one within the next few weeks.
I've only done a little bit on OctopusLight, due to really really loving the RabbitRabbit and TankTank forms.
PhoenixRobot & SmartphoWolf are still at the same bit of completion, Rogue is quite a bit done.

What does this mean for submissions? Well I'll bust myself into full throttle to finish up OctopusLight, put up all the Touto hazard forms in one submission and then finish everything else.
So, first off I'd like to say sorry about the long streak of inactivity if anyone actually waits for my submissions.

The reason for said inactivity is because I wanted to make everything from Build in order of their debut apperances.
... However I underestimated my ability to procrastinate and also skip ahead. as such, a few forms will be missing temporarily.
Those forms being (In order of completion status): KaizokuRessha, SmarphoWolf, PhoenixRobo, OctopusLight and any of the other Hokuto & Seito bottles.
And if anyone is wondering, I am eventually going to do Night Rogue, Blood Stark & all Kaiser's. Just don't know when yet.
I will also be submitting everything that's ready and updating everything that is currently finished with a few fixes and changes.
Side note: I'll be doing a few compilation submissions too, such as an all forms for Build, the secondary riders and something like all the hazard forms and trial forms that will be updated as I make new forms.

I apologize for the wait once more, and I hope you're all looking forward to everything!
- Ishimoto Kaze/TerranMarine117