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SW - Aestas

[edit] Bioware featured this picture in one of their Fan Friday updates! I'm so ecstatic!

A portrait of my Chiss Sith Inquisitor, Darth "Aestas", Spectre of the Wraiths of Dromund Kaas. Currently participating in the closed RP available for reading here!: [link]


Soon to follow will be the portraits of my guild-mates!

Pose referenced from the lovely :iconsenshistock:
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I like her expression, and the outfit should be available in-game. It's a nice, subtle twist on the Imperial uniform.
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Waaah, I'm so happy this is possible now through the Legacy system/Cartel Market. :heart: CHISS EVERYTHING (like someone else already said..).
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She looks amazing!!! :wow: Great job!!!
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I totally agree. I want Chiss everything. That awesome inquisitor makes it more irritating. She looks incredible.
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God, me too. I love the Chiss. ): Darn you, Bioware, for limiting my options!

Also, thank you!
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Wow!!! This totally resparked my love for Chiss!!
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Thanks! I'm so glad it gives inspiration. :D Chiss are awesome!
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Chiss Sith bad-ass? Count me in! :D
Great work by the way ;)
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Holy shit that's pretty hard core. I'd have something snide or clever to go with that but I'm just totally shocked right now.
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So glad the stock was helpful! This looks amazing!!
I've been really pushing for the Inquisitors to be available as Pauans, thoughts on that?
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Darth Desolous exists as a Pau'an Sith, so why shouldn't we be able to? My same rationale for the Chiss, too. Force-users exist in their race, GIMME!
I'm all with you, I want my unique races. A Pauan Inquisitor would be PERFECT with how destructively evil they would look.
You do great work. I can't wait to see what else you create.
You do amazing work. Can't wait to see what else you create.
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Thank you very much! :)
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